Sunday, October 4, 2015

Review: Walt Disney Archives Collection - Elephant

When I viewed the Walt Disney Archives Collection at the D23 Expo held in Anaheim, CA. in August, I immediately knew I wanted this sculpture for my collection.

What I like most about this sculpt, it shows what you can accomplish in resin that you lose in porcelain. 

Notice the detail of the backbone (photo at left) and the overall texture of the skin. 

I was glad to see in person, how nicely the Elephant maquette worked with previous Dance of the Hours characters done in the Walt Disney Classics Collection (see photo below). 

I hope future releases work as well and can be blended in existing WDCC setups as the Elephant and Pinocchio maquettes have.


Size: 7.5" W x 12" H
Edition Size: 1,940
Price: $ 99.00

Additional Angles

Elephant Maquette with the Walt Disney Classics Collection releases of Hyacinth Hippo and Ben Ali Gator from The Dance of the Hours sequence.


Justin Lopez said...

This is my absolute favorite! And I'm not even a huge Fantasia fan. The realistic yet whimsical nature of this piece just grabs you. I agree that the look of this just couldn't have been replicated in porcelain.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

This too is my absolute favorite of the new line. Initially was not a Fantasia fan, so didn't have this film represented in my collection. Through friends who are huge fans, I gained a new appreciation for the film (around the time the Fairies begun to be released) and eventually went back and picked up all the earlier pieces.

Agree, something about this piece does grab you. I like the sense of movement in the piece and the detail that is apparent by being done in resin. Very pleased how it worked in so well with Ben and Hyacinth.

Unknown said...

Where can you purchase the elephant?

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Have not seen an official dealer listing as of late. Product is starting to arrive at retailers.

At this time, I know the following former WDCC retailers will be carrying the line:

Gallery of the Lakes
Art Partners Collectibles Inc.

Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

I found one near, in Studio City! Called "Fantasies Come True".....had to buy it. The elephant looks great with my Fantasia scene.

Justin Lopez said...

Hi there! My partner surprised me with this piece last week and it is stunning! So excited to have this be the first piece I got from this collection. He's hooked on them now too! The details are amazing!

Any word on sales of this collection and when the next release would be? So looking forward to see where they take this collection next.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Thanks Art! Glad to see Fantasies Come True will be carrying the line as well. They were always a strong supporter of the WDCC line.

The Elephant is Great and blends so nicely with the WDCC Fantasia pieces. Hoping all future releases blend as well.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Congratulations Justin! The Elephant was my first piece as well. I also did Pinocchio.

Haven't heard anything as far as sales go, how the line is doing. It seemed initial interest was very strong. Talking with Ray, I know many are anticipating the release of Elsa and Anna.

At this time, I don't know when the next releases are planned but like you, look forward to see where they go with this line.

Justin Lopez said...

Anddddd we lost control and bought them all! Ray at the Gallery of the Lakes was saying the line is shooting for two releases a year. Kind of bummed about that! Was hoping for a Classics-esque release schedule even if it was two pieces.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Congrats Justin!

I recall when talking with Enesco during D23, it sounded like 2 announcements currently planned per year. I wonder if all announcements, releases will like this first go-round, so many come out at one point, the balance at a later date?

As mentioned, I only did the Elephant and Pinocchio but trying to figure a way to work Elsa and Anna into my current collection.

Unknown said...

No news yet on future releases?
I love this statue, i bought Pinocchio, Jiminy, elsa And THE elephant!

So curious about new releases!

DC Pop Fanatic said...

No information available at this time Bartt 3002.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

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