Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Walt Disney & Oswald D23 Backstamp

D23, the first official community for Disney fans (launched 03-10-09), included a General Limited-Edition figurine from the Walt Disney Classics Collection at Boutique 23 of Walt Disney and Oswald.

Before Mickey came to be, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit hopped to animated stardom from the pen and ink of the early Disney Brothers Studio. This dapper Walt Disney sculpture celebrates his seminal success with the happy-go-lucky hare. Plussed with pewter ears, it is presented on custom hardwood base with inlaid porcelain plaque commemorating "Walt Disney and Oswald'' in a vintage art font. The sculpture can be removed from its base.

Sculpted by renowned Disney artist Ruben Procopio, the sculpture is a General Limited Edition of 1,500. 400 of the General Limited Edition will be produced with an exclusive Walt Disney Archives Collection/D23 backstamp (pictured above) and has begun to ship this month with many collectors receiving theirs last week.

This special backstamp version is available only at
DisneyShopping.com. The remaining portion of 1,100 will be available to authorized WDCC retailers and will begin shipping to them in September.

Special Note: When uploading the image, noticed a typo in the backstamp. The word edition is spelled incorrectly. I have notified Enesco of the typo.

I would like to thank Michelle/Babette for taking the photo above to share with other collectors.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet the Hatbox Ghost!

In our discussions today on the Haunted Mansion Organist, the Hatbox Ghost was mentioned as a potential release should their be more releases from the Haunted Mansion Attraction.

Who is the Hatbox Ghost you ask?

There was a character in the original Haunted Mansion attic scene which was removed almost immediately after the attraction opened to the public. The mysterious Bride has always been there, waiting for guests at the atic window, with a lonely flickering candle and eerie glowing eyes. But at one time, she had a suitor, of sorts.

Standing to the right of the Doom Buggies near the attic window, where the Bride had been standing (until she was replaced at Disneyland in 2006), was an elderly ghost in a cloak and top hat, leaning on a cane with a wavering hand and clutching a hatbox in the other. As the Bride's heart would beat, this "Hatbox Ghost's" head would disappear from his body, and appear in the hatbox he held in his hand.

Doing some research, there is a great article at Doombuggies.com that gives you a little history on the Hatbox Ghost, talks with Imagineers Tony Baxter and Chris Merritt plus a video clip of Tony Baxter talking about the original attic scene (which included the Hatbox Ghost) when the attraction first opened.

The Walt Disney Classics Collection would be a perfect medium to release a sculpture of the Hatbox Ghost as they've released lost moments and/or characters in the past .. Soup Scene and Snow White dancing with her Prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Hortense the Clock from Pinocchio. Am still hoping to see Rocky the Rhino from The Jungle Book.

Review: Gaston

I recall being at the International Collectors Exposition (ICE) in Rosemont, IL (June 2000) when Gaston and LeFou were announced. At the time of the announcement, show samples were not available and only concept drawings were available for preview.

Gaston ("Village Heartthrob") and LeFou ("The Fool") made their WDCC debut in May 2001, both were sculpted by Kent Melton, Limited to Production Year 2001 and had a special 10th Anniversary backstamp in honor of the film's release. Gaston came with a Beast Castle pin and LeFou was packaged with a Rose Table pin.

Their release coincided with Belle ("Dreaming of a Great Wide Somewhere") and the Fountain Accessory, both released earlier that year as the Spring Premiere Event sculpture (Belle) and purchase with purchase (Fountain), March 01-31, 2001.

Initially passed on the sculpture as I wasn't a fan of the Belle sculpt. Gaston and LeFou could work well together on their own, but felt you needed Belle to complete the grouping, maybe knowing that is how the releases were intended. I know she was 'dreaming of a great wide somewhere' but there was something vacant in her facial expressions when I saw the sculpt in person, that I passed. Coincidentally followed suit when Gaston and LeFou were released.

Fast forward to Summer 2007, two years after the release of the Village Girls and LeFou ("Sitting Pretty"), decided to 'go on the hunt' for the 2001 release of Gaston. Stock exhausted at dealers, not one you see show up often and most times commanding a high secondary price. Felt very fortunate a couple weeks ago to finally be able to add this sculpture to my collection.

Kent Melton did an amazing job capturing the arrogance and self-importance of this character. I came into Disney through The Little Mermaid to Aladdin years, both these films and Beauty and the Beast being films much watched and loved by Amanda during her growing up years. Having Ursula and Jafar, felt something was missing by not having Gaston and both of them done in the event style that I'm very much a fan of, was glad to be able to secure this version of Gaston. Pose, capturing him in 3D and the coloring .. spot on!

I think that is part of the fun of collecting, not purchasing something as soon as it comes out and let time pass, then deciding if something you truly need and/or want in your collection and the thrill of the hunt as you seek it out and that sweet taste of victory when you're able to secure one!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meet the Leading Ladies!

Last week we were guessing as who would be the next release in the Leading Ladies Series. Guesses ranged from Jane Porter from Tarzan, Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet to Giselle from Enchanted, even a few Princesses were included .. Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Tiana from the upcoming The Princess and the Frog. When the 3rd Quarter announcement was made a few days later, we found out the next release in the series would be Jasmine from Aladdin.

Jasmine, sculpted by Dusty Horner will join the Leading Ladies Series in September 2009 and will be Limited to Production Year 2009.

What characteristics define a Leading Lady?

They are daring and brave. They are fighters and protectors. They are stealthy and seductive, sacrificial and heroic. On top of it all, they are women.

These are but a few of the characteristics the Disney Leading Ladies embody. Of course they've been blessed with loveliness, but what is really beautiful to behold is how they wholeheartedly express a spectrum of emotion. Whether they are steering small animals from harm or matching wits with evil, showing a little leg or a lot of vulnerability, these heroines have vividly complex intellects that reach far deeper than their gorgeous shells.

Still, you can't celebrate leading ladies without addressing their near perfect physical traits. What's different about a Disney Leading Lady, however, is that looks aren't just for show. In this Kingdom, make that queendom, of heroines, there is a reason for every detail. For example, long, flowing hair symbolizes a certain air of freedom. When Pocahontas is first discovered by John Smith and he raises his gun toward her, her facial expression and body language remain stoic and self-contained. But as her hair swirls around her, it's as if she has summoned the spirits of the earth to protect her.

Then there's Megara. Her hippy sway and over the shoulder glances communicate both unequivocal self-reliance and a romantic heart. And when her constant glare eventually widens to a hopeful stare as she
strives to save Hercules, while her own fate is at risk, we feel promise right along with her.

Look deeper, though and you'll see their incredibly beauty is surpassed by an even greater element - sacrifice. It's what makes them so extraordinary yet refreshingly ordinary. it's what makes them different. It's what makes them Disney.

On the silver screen, where glitz and glamour are typically the female lead's load to bear while all guts and glory triumphs are inherited by the males, a Disney Leading Lady get to play all parts. She is a mixture of Tinseltown and tomboy, with a heaping helping of warrior and a splash of girl next door. She is a representation of our aspirations because while she gets the guy if she chooses, she more importantly
overcomes fear, misjudgment and jealousy. We are fascinated by her multiplicity and ever hopeful we might learn a thing or two.

One thing we know for sure, she will live happily ever after. What we don't know is how she will get herself there, for more often than not, it is because of her dreams and actions that happy endings are truly
possible. And she does it all without ever asking for credit.

Whether she's a friend, love interest, teacher, student, mediator or fighter, the Disney Leading lady never gives up until all is right with the world. Especially Megara who, facing the loss of her very soul, steps up to take one last hit for the team, quite a heavy burden for such delicate shoulders to withstand. Nevertheless, if these ladies can triumph against such insurmountable odds, perhaps we can too. For hope is what we find at the leading lady's core, hope that fuels courage, ignites love and seals victory bringing forth something rather
beautiful indeed.

To honor these extraordinary heroines, the WDCC proudly presents the Leading Ladies Series.
The Leading Ladies Series made its debut in March, 2004 and Jasmine joins the following previous releases:
  • Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit-1st release in series, sculpted by Kent Melton. Jessica was the 2004 Spring Event sculpture (March 26-28, 2004), a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 5,000.
  • Megara (Meg) from Hercules-2nd release in series, sculpted by Kent Melton. Megara (Meg) was Limited to Production Year 2005, released in May 2005.
  • Pocahontas from Pocahontas-3rd release in series, sculpted by Margi Wray. Pocahontas was Limited to Production Year 2006, released in April 2006.
  • Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame-4th release in series, sculpted by Kent Melton. Esmerelda was Limited to Production Year 2007, released in March 2007. Esmerelda was joined in July 2007 by Quasimodo and Clopin.
Special Note: Content of this blog entry is from Sketches (Volume 13, Number 1) when the Leading Ladies Series made its debut. Special Thanks to Matthew for researching out this article. Thanks Matthew!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Release Groupings

Over the past couple days, discussion has been on the new releases and possible groupings of new releases with previous year releases. I thought it might be fun to play around in photoshop this evening and do some groupings and add a background with them as well.

Apple Hand-Off!

Many have suggested displaying the upcoming Snow White ("Sweet Temptation") with the 1995/1996 Hag/Old Witch Event Sculpture ("Take the Apple, Dearie"). The Hag/Old Witch was available from 09/01/95 thru 03/31/96 and also received the 1996 NALED Award of Excellence. Snow White is an Open Edition release sculpted by Margi Wray and scheduled for release in September. The Hag/Old Witch was sculpted by Kent Melton.

Racing to the Rescue!

In my presentation pages, treated Aladdin and Jasmine separately based on the type of release. Aladdin ("Racing To The Rescue") is Limited to Production Year 2009 and Jasmine ("Daring Distraction"), also Limited to Production Year 2009, is the Fifth (5th) release in the Leading Ladies Series. Both sculptures, sculpted by Dusty Horner, are from the sequence when Aladdin returns from the ends of the earth to rescue Jasmine from the evil grip of the wicked Jafar!

The above grouping features the upcoming Aladdin and Jasmine with Jafar ("Villainous Vizier"), sculpted by Kent Melton, Limited to Production Year 2006.

Special Note: Please note the sculpture of Aladdin photographed was a sample. In the sample, the patch on his pants was not included. It will be included in the final production pieces. The gold color used on the treasure is an antique gold rather than shiny gold.

Delivering A Message!

Creating this image was a lot of fun. Another of my favorite releases from this quarter's announcement, Scrooge and Marley sculpted by Ruben Procopio.

This single sculpt tells so much of the meeting between Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley, from the way Scrooge is crouched in his chair (almost ready to fall out of it), to the way the opalescent paint gives Goofy such an ominous appearance as he warns Scrooge he must change his ways. The second release in the Mickey's Christmas Carol Series is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750.

Monday, June 22, 2009

WDCC Dealer Listing Updated for 2009!

The Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection Dealer Listing for 2009 has been updated. This update is for authorized dealers located in the United States, Canada and Overseas as of June, 2009.

Retailers who are currently part of the Walt Disney Classic Collection's Gold Circle Program are indicated with an asterik (*). You can access the updated Authorized Dealer Listing by clicking on Dopey (2009 WDCS Membership Gift) and Snow White Apple Ornament (2009 WDCS Members Only Ornament).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho! It’s Home from Work We Go!

With Doc leading the way and lovable Dopey bringing up the rear, the SevenDwarfs merrily march across a picturesque ravine using a fallen log as anatural bridge.

The Dwarfs marching across the log is the Ninth (9th) release in the Signature Series. Plussed with eighteen (18) pieces of pewter for tree roots, six (6) pieces of pewter for pick axes, brass wire lamp handle, one (1) piece glass frame two (2) pieces on the tops of trees are resin. A Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750 it is scheduled for a Fall 2009 release.

One interesting thing to note is the color application -- the sunlight is hitting one side of the Dwarfs and log in the film so the paint technique fired onto the sculpture recreates this shading.

This year's Signature Series release was sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons who also sculpted the First (1st) Signature Series release in 2000, the Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 1,937 Soup's On (the lost moment) also from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Why, I'm the Ghost of Christmas Past!

Wisecracking and wise, Jiminy Cricket has given plenty of guidance ever since he was first appointed as Pinocchio’sconscience.

Given how often his spirited counsel has lighted the straight and narrow path, it’s appropriate this clever cricket sits beneath a glowing candlestick in his sterling role as the Ghost of Christmas Past.

The Ghost of Christmas Past was the first of the three spirits (after the visitation by Jacob Marley that haunted the miser Ebenezer Scrooge in order to prompt him to repent. He showed him scenes from his past that occurred on or around Christmas, in order to demonstrate to him the necessity of changing his ways, as well as to show how Scrooge came to be the person he was and his particular dislike for Christmas – most of the events which negatively affected Scrooge occurred around the Christmas holiday season.

Jiminy, sculpted by Ruben Procopio (a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 2,000) is the Fall Spirit of the Season Premiere Event sculpture. He will be available through all participating Walt Disney Classics Collection dealers and the Walt Disney Theme Parks, September 25-27, 2009.

Also available will be a Whiteware version exclusive to Gold Circle Dealers. The whiteware version will be a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 150.

Tonight You Will Be Visited By Three Spirits!

Marley’s Ghost rattles the chain of notorious holiday-hater Ebenezer Scrooge—but since Marley is played by that kooky klutz Goofy and Scrooge is portrayed by Scrooge McDuck, this famousscene is more hilarious than haunting.

Marley may have his hands full turning Scrooge from a miserable old miser to a warmhearted merrymaker, but these classic characters offerholiday cheer every day of the year.

The Mickey's Christmas Carol Holiday Series made it's debut in July 2008 with the Open Edition releases of Mickey Mouse (as Bob Cratchit), Donald Duck (as Nephew Fred) and Scrooge McDuck (as Ebenezer Scrooge) all sculpted by Ruben Procopio. This first scene release was an instant hit with collectors! Ebenezer Scrooge was just honored with retirement last week!

As one Scrooge leaves, we're treated with a new release! The second release in the series (also sculpted by Ruben) depicts Scrooge when he first meets the ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley.

In life, Marley was the business partner of Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is described as Marley's "sole executor, his sole administrator, his sole assign, his sole residuary legatee, his sole friend, and sole mourner". He has been dead seven years by the time the story begins.

Jacob Marley preys upon Scrooge's mind in a variety of different ways. First, his face appears in place of Scrooge's doorknocker as Scrooge approaches his lodgings; secondly, Scrooge gets the impression of a "locomotive hears" ascending the stairs before him as he climbs; thirdly by making his face appear to engulph the whole design of the fireplace in Scrooge's bedroom; next by making every bell in the house ring of its own accord and then, most famously, by appearing before Scrooge in the form of a ghost himself delivering a message of the three hauntings that will help redeem Scrooge of the same punishment.

This Numbered Limited Edition (NLE of 750) is scheduled for an October 2009 release. Also included in this announcement is the release of an Opening Title, scheduled for September 2009.

Snow White is Given a Sweet Temptation!

Lovely Snow White is about to taste an apple she believes to be a magic wishing apple that will make herdreams of love come true.

Snow White is a princess of noble birth who is forced into servitude by her jealous stepmother, the Queen. She is innocent and a bit naive, but she never loses faith that one day her wish for true love will come and take her away someday. She remains cheerful and kind, no matter how poorly her stepmother, the Queen, treats her.

When the Queen discovers that Snow White is still alive, she disguises herself as a hag and finds her in the dwarfs' cottage while they are out at the mines and offers her a poisoned apple. If only Snow White knew the apple has in realitybeen poisoned by her evil stepmother, the Queen.

Disney's first Princess, sculpted here by Margi Wray is an Open Edition release scheduled for a September 2009 release.

Daring Distraction!

As that heroic diamond-in-the rough Aladdin skillfully surfs down a mound of gold coins in the Sultan’s palace towards Jafar, quick-witted Jasmine enticingly walks towards the villain, distracting the evil Vizier into thinking she has fallen hopelessly inlove with him.

When she is first introduced, Princess Jasmine is a few days short of her 16th birthday. She is the daughter of the Sultan who has issued, by law, that she must choose a husband (a prince) to marry. She is a spirited young woman with a mind of her own. She can be headstrong and impetuous. She has a bottomless supply of willpower, and is very clever.

When she is Jafar's slave, she is forced to wear a red and golden slave outfit, with midriff revealing top, red pants, golden earrings and, later on, a golden crown as shown in this year's Leading Ladies Series release, the 5th release in the Series.

Jasmine, sculpted by Dusty Horner, joines previous Leading Ladies Jessica Rabbit, Megara (Meg), Pocahontas and Esmerelda is Limited to Production Year 2009.

Racing to the Rescue!

Aladdin has made it back from the ends of the earth just in time to rescue all of Agrabah—and the beautiful Princess Jasmine—from the evil grip of the wicked Jafar.

When Aladdin is introduced initially, he is 18 years old. He never received a formal education, and has only learned by being on the streets of Agrabah. He steals to survive, making him a sort of Robin-Hood type thief.

Aladdin is portrayed as clever, and ultimately a good-hearted person. Like most Disney male protagonists he is a brave young man who seeks to win the affection of many other characters, which demonstrates his insecurity. He can be selfish and indignant at times, which is shown through the wishes he makes. He is not above lying and stealing, but never with evil intentions, but in order to survive. The biggest difference from the norm is that, unlike most youthful Disney heroes, he's a doer rather than a passive character.

Aladdin, sculpted by Dusty Horner is Limited to Production Year 2009 and scheduled for a September 2009 release.

Fiendish Fans and a Terrifying Tyke!

Here come more comically creepy creatures, busily scaring up somescreams. The Vampire Quartet really knows how to sink their teeth into a tomb-ful song. Hovering nearby is the fantastical Bat Kid, always ready to fly in the face of holiday fun.

The latest offerings from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas come from the Fountain Scene. The Vampire Quartet, a Numbered Limited Edition of 750 and the Bat Kid, Limited to Production Year 2009 were both sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons.

Patrick sculpted the first scene release from the Fountain Scene, released in August 2007 which consisted of Jack Skellington, the Corpse Child, Fountain (all Open Edition releases) and the Werewolf (Limited to Production Year 2007). They were joined in July 2008 by the Mummy Boy and Witches (both Limited to Production Year 2008).

The Corpse Child was retired in August 2008 and the Fountain was suspended in May 2009. The Vampire Quartet and Bat Kid are scheduled for a September 2009 release.

Allillanchu from Peru!

The “happiest cruise that ever sailed” is now a little happier with this little charmer from Peru. Wearing the traditional brightly colored and multi-layered petticoats known as polleras, this festively outfitted youngster is a SouthAmerican must-have.

Accompanied by a lovable llama, this winsome Peruvian miss is all set to join the Small World pageant of international harmony and joyful song-and-dance.

The latest release in the Disney's It's a Small Series is the Peruvian Girl and her Llama. Scheduled for release in September 2009, it will retail for $99.00 for the set.

As Matthew pointed out, this is a great value given the Llama accessory is a 3D sculpture and not flat like the traditional accessory item that comes with the doll-like child.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WDW Update: Haunted Mansion Organist

Hard to believe it's already been 2.5 weeks since we've returned from WDW. What an amazing trip! Didn't get a chance to blog while there, we were on the go constantly and it's been nonstop busy/craziness since getting home.

Over the next week hope to recap from the trip .. DVC updates, Vinylmation and Restaurant Reviews. First up, we were very fortunate to see prototypes of the upcoming Haunted Mansion Organist. Photos truly don't do this sculpture justice. What caught my eye (and those in our group) was the attention to detail in the way the dust was depicted on the organ and base. Below are some close-up photos of the Organist and Organ:

In honor of the Haunted Mansion's upcoming 40th Anniversary, the Disneyland® Resort will be hosting a Haunted Mansion Event on 09-09-09.

The event will include the Walt Disney Classics Collection two-piece sculpture set of the Organ Player and Organ (click on image at left), presented in a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of only 500 pieces. Faithfully recreating this spirited musician and instrument from the famed ghost-bound abode attraction, Disney artists have referenced original attraction models and designs to bring to life the Organ Player and Organ sculpted by Dusty Horner.

Of the 5oo edition size, only 300 pieces will be on hand at the Disneyland
® Resort, the remaining quantity will be released at WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort to be announced at a later date.

Additional information on the upcoming event, merchandise offerings, package and itinerary offerings can be found at Disneygallery.com.

Special Thanks to our photographer, Bob Fortino .. Thanks Bobbi :)

Scrooge Doesn't Look To Happy About This Retirement??

Honored today (06-17-09) as a dry retirement is Scrooge McDuck from Mickey's Christmas Carol. Scrooge McDuck ("Mirthless Miser"), was released in July 2008 as an Open Edition release from the classic Counting House Scene that also included Donald Duck as nephew Fred and Mickey Mouse as timid clerk, Bob Cratchit. The complete scene was sculpted by Ruben Procopio.

To coincide with the retirement, please be watching later this week for more new releases from this terrific short to be announced!

Mickey's Christmas Carol is an adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, featuring Scrooge McDuck as his namesake and inspiration Ebenezer Scrooge and Mickey Mouse as Bob Cratchit. This film was based on a 1972 audio musical entitled Disney's A Christmas Carol. Mickey's Christmas Carol was the first new Mickey Mouse cartoon made in 30 years after The Simple Things.

Please check with your authorized dealer for availability.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Third Quarter Teaser ]:)

As we near the end of June, it's getting closer to the announcement of Third Quarter releases from the Walt Disney Classics Collection.

Third Quarter marks the return of the Leading Ladies Series (5th in the Series). Any guesses on who that might be??

The Leading Ladies Series made its debut in March, 2004 with the release of Jessica Rabbit (2004 Spring Event Sculpture, a NLE of 5,000) from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Jessica was followed in May, 2005 by Megara (Hercules), Limited to Production Year 2005, in April, 2006 by Pocahontas (Pocahontas), Limited to Production Year 2006 and in March, 2007 by Esmerelda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Limited to Production Year 2007.

We will find out by the end of this week the next release in this series but in the meantime, let the guessing begin!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

On Alert!

The Vultures from The Jungle Book ("Things Are Right Dead All Over"), a Members Only Numbered Limited Edition of 1,000 for 2009 has been put on alert! It is recommended for any WDCS member who hasn't secured theirs yet to contact their retailers!
The Vultures are part of the 2009 members only assortment that included two releases from Disney's 1967 classic (and last film under Walt), The Jungle Book:
  • Members Only Limited Edition-Vultures
  • Villains Series-Shere Khan
The Vultures, rarely portrayed in any other medium mark not only their WDCC debut but the return of the Members Only Limited Edition. This Numbered Limited Edition (NLE), in an edition size of 1,000, was sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons.

"Things Are Right Dead All Over" is plussed with pewter plant stalks and branches as well as well as the feathers on Flaps, Buzzie, Ziggy and Dizzy.

Updated Info on Jessica Rabbit Bust Series Release!

Sideshow Collectibles had posted on their website a preview of Jessica Rabbit, an upcoming release in the Disney Bust Series by Grand Jester Studios as reported in a previous blog entry. Images and information is now available!

From Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), she's not bad - she's just sculpted that way! The star attraction at the Ink and Paint Club, Jessica Rabbit has a talent for turning heads and stealing hearts. Now the sultry torch singer has been captured in all her curvaceous splendor in this character authentic, polystone mini-bust designed and sculpted by Disney animator Ruben Procopio.

There will be two (2) versions of Jessica Rabbit, a NLE of 1,500 and a Sideshow Exclusive Version. The NLE version of 1,500 (pictured at right) stands at 8-3/4" tall and depicts Jessica in her red dress. For additional angles, please check out Sideshow Collectibles Gallery.

The Sideshow Exclusive (pictured at left), a Limited Edition of 250, includes a unique feature available nowhere else: 'Ink and Paint Club' Version.

This exclusive Jessica Rabbit bust variant (standing 8-3/4" tall) features a pink dress designed to dazzle the eye with a unique application of sparkling glitter and paint. Worn only on-stage in the landmark 1988 feature film (the very same stage which inspired her stunning art deco base).

These dynamic busts are designed to capture all the grandeur and power of The Walt Disney Studios’ noblest heroes, loveliest heroines, and vilest villains. Brought to life by Disney and Grand Jester Studios under the creative direction of animator and sculptor Rubén Procopio, these limited edition polystone busts offer collectors and Disney fans alike the opportunity to bring home and display their favorite animated and live-action characters in this detailed collectible format.

For additional angles, please check out Sideshow Collectibles Gallery. According to Sideshow Collectibles website, this Sideshow exclusive is already on wait list status.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two Retirements & the Suspension of Cogsworth Announced!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection has announced two retirements today (06-11-09):

Lucifer ("Catnap Interrupted") from Cinderella (1950). Lucifer was released in February, 2005 as part of an Open Edition scene release which also included Cinderella, Mice in Basket and the Dress Mannequin. The following year, in February 2006, Gus and Jaq with Ribbon was released as an add-on to the 2005 scene release.

The Mice in Basket were retired in August, 2007 and the Dress Mannequin was retired in March, 2009. Lucifer was sculpted by Chris Peterson.

Also retired was Buzz Lightyear ("Space Ranger") from Toy Story 2 (1999). Buzz Lightyear was released in May 2006 along with the Alien.

The Alien was retired in August, 2008. Buzz Lightyear was sculpted by Tony Cipriano.

In addition to the two (2) retirements, there is also a suspension, Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast (1991). Cogsworth was released in March, 1997 as part of an Open Edition scene release that included the Opening Title, Dancing Belle and Beast, Lumiere and Mrs. Potts & Chip.

Cogsworth joins Lumiere who was suspended in February, 2009. Cogsworth was sculpted by Valerie Edwards.

Please check with your authorized dealer for availability.