Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spotlight Tinker Bell: Special Event Backstamp!

Were you aware of a special backstamp Spotlight Tinker Bell?

Fellow collector Jason emailed me after purchasing one recently and upon receipt, noticed the outer box had a special gold sticker and the piece had a special backstamp -- a full silhouette of Tinker Bell waving her wand and spreading pixie dust over the WDCC logo.

I inquired and had it confirmed there was a special backstamp on 300 sculptures of the Spotlight Tinker Bell ("Playful Pixie"). The backstamp was done for Flicks of Hollywood in Bloomingdale, IL for a special event they had in 2004. The outer box also contained a special gold sticker.

Thanks Jason for both the backstamp image and the special backstamp sighting!

Festival of Fools!

2007 is seeing a new scene release from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame! The scene made it's debut in March, 2007 with the release of Esmerelda ("Bewitching Beauty"), the 4th release (and rumored to be final release) in the Leading Ladies Series. Esmerelda was sculpted by Kent Melton and Limited to Production Year 2007.

When Esmerelda was unveiled, collectors were given a sneak peek at
Quasimodo ("King of Fools") and Clopin ("Harlequin Host"), scheduled for 3rd Quarter 2007 plus an Opening Title. Quasimodo, Clopin and the Opening Title are all Open Edition releases. Quasimodo and Clopin were sculpted by Tony Cipriano.

Very excited about this new scene, one that has been much requested by collectors. Hoping they all do well and we'll see more characters added such as Phoebus, Frollo and Djali.

Quasimodo has arrived at authorized dealers on schedule but there seems to be a delay in Clopin and the Opening Title. It looks like they will be arriving at dealers in August.

Donald & Daisy: First WDCC Dancing Couple?

When we think of WDCC Dancing Couples, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel come to mind. In a recent discussion with fellow collector friends about Mr. Duck Steps Out, the Jitterbug sculpture featuring Donald and Daisy Duck came up and believe they are the frontrunner/first Dancing Couple release!

Donald & Daisy ("Oh Boy, What a Jitterbug!") was a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release of 5,000 in 1992. As with many of the first WDCC releases, no sculptor was assigned to this piece since more than one sculptor was involved with each sculpture for the first releases of the line. The sculpture was originally to be an edition size of 7,500 but reduced to 5,000 due to production difficulties.

Depending on which sculpture you may have, you may notice the following variations:

Rug Variations:
  • Smooth and painted two variations of green.
  • Textured and painted as if braided.

Donald's Left Hand Variations:
  • 3rd finger sticks out.
  • 3rd finger does not stick out.
The Mr. Duck Steps Out scenes is one of my favorite of the animated short releases done by the Walt Disney Classics Collection and only animated short I have on display all year round in my collection.

Duckman's Blog: MIA

Where has the month gone?

I began the installation of new accounting software at work right after the 4th of July. Many days I feel like Donald scratching my head and looking at my computer wondering who this new life form is that has consumed my life these past few weeks and taking away from my blog time :)

Thankfully there hasn't been WDCC updates during this time and my daily email exchanges with my WDCC friends has helped me keep my sanity .. you guys ROCK!

July Release Update: Snow White & Dopey and Quasimodo arrived at dealers this month and there seems to be a delay with Clopin and the Opening Title from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Haven't heard of any sightings of Scotland from the It's a Small World Series.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rats Invade Red Bank!


(Red Bank NJ)-Aug. 11—Sept. 8

Mix French rodents, a gourmet cake, prizes from Disneyland Paris, and the premiere of new art from the Disney/Pixar film “Ratatouille”, and you’ll find a simply ‘delicious’ show at CEL-EBRATION! Gallery in Red Bank.

CEL-EBRATION! is the first animation gallery on the East Coast to premiere artwork from “Ratatouille” , Disney/Pixar’s newest animated feature film. Show dates are August 11 through September 8. A variety of vintage-flavored “Ratatouille” posters and photo-real giclee images will be available for fans and collectors to view and purchase through September.

Food Network TV Chef Buddy Valastro from Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken has been commissioned to create a ‘themed’ gourmet cake for the Kick-off Party on Saturday August 8th, 3-6 PM. Buddy and fellow baker Mauro Castano most recently appeared on the Food Network Challenge ‘Villain Cakes’ competition filmed at Disney World in Florida. The show aired throughout June of this year. Buddy and/or Mauro will appear at CEL-EBRATION! Gallery on August 8th for the “Ratatouille” Kick-Off event. The public is invited but RSVP’s are a must.

Be watching for a future blog update for a special drawing for readers of The Duckman's Inside Report and Duckman's Blog!

CEL-EBRATION! Gallery is located at 30 Monmouth Street, Red Bank NJ.
For more information please call 732 842-8489, or visit the website at

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Castle China Signing Event with Ruben Procopio!

Castle China will be hosting the U.K.'s only Premiere Signing Event for 2007!

The WALT DISNEY CLASSICS COLLECTION presents their 2007 Premiere Signing Event as they welcome Ruben Procopio to Warwick.

Ruben will be appearing to sign his latest Walt Disney Classics Collection release, Ursula and Vanity ("Devilish Diva"). Ursula is the 2007 Members-Only Villains Series release and also the latest Villain to be sculpted by Ruben joining Chernabog ("Symphony of Evil") and Hades ("Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead").

Ruben will be able to sign the WDCC sculptures that he has worked on as a sculptor or as a feature film animator. He will be available to meet and greet and for questions and answers.

Date & Location:
Saturday - September 22, 2007
Lord Leycester Hotel
Jury Street, Warwick, CV34 4EH

(The Lord Leycester Hotel is located next door to Castle China)

Signing Times:
11.30am - 1.30pm
2.30pm - 4.30pm

During the afternoon, the first 50 guests will receive a FREE Disney goody bag. All attendees will be entered into a FREE WDCC prize drawing and have a chance to bid for that long retired sculpture they have been looking for at our GRAND ANNUAL WDCC AUCTION with guest auctioneer.

Saturday night is your opportunity to join Ruben & the Castle China Crew for an evening of Medieval food and entertainment inside the Historic Warwick Castle. Seating for the evening meal are very limited so please contact Castle China ASAP.

For more information, please contact Castle China on 01926 400513 or visit their website at www.castlechina.com.

For a complete listing of Ruben's Walt Disney Classics Collection releases and his bio, please visit his Sculptor Listing page.

Monday, July 9, 2007

A Sweet Send-Off!

Walt Disney's Masterpiece Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs celebrates its 70th Anniversary this year! The film premiered on December 21, 1937 with a wide theatrical release by RKO Radio Pictures on February 8, 1938.

In honor of its 70th anniversary, Walt Disney Classics Collection released this special sculpture featuring Snow White and Dopey.

"A Sweet Send-Off" (6-3/8") sculpted by Kent Melton is an Open Edition release with a SRP of $199.00 US and bears a 70th Anniversary Backstamp.

Snow White and Dopey began to ship last week and started to arrive at authorized dealers this week.

Gallery of the Lakes Signing Event with Dusty Horner!

Mark your Calendars! Gallery of the Lakes will be hosting a Signing Event with Dusty Horner on August 11, 2007 at their store location in Rock Hill, NY. Current information available regarding the event is as follows:

  • The most important Beauty and the Beast Limited Edition to Date will be available and signed by sculptor, Dusty Horner.
  • Afternoon Spell Breaking Party & Picnic which will include prizes, silent auction and rare finds.
  • Beauty & the Beast Ballroom Soiree in the evening.
The Curse is Broken," the 2007 Signature Series release features the WDCC debut of the Enchanted Objects in Human Form! This magnificent release features Belle & Prince (11-1/4"); Mrs. Potts & Chip (7-1/2"); Lumiere & Cogsworth (8-7/8") and Babette (8-1/4"). I had the opportunity to see this year's Signature Series release while at WALT DISNEY WORLD® in May and the sculptures and base are truly amazing as those who had the opportunity to see it as well can attest.

This Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 1,000 has a SRP of $1,750.00 US. The Base consists of two sections, allowing you to display either separate or together (the balcony portion attaches to a groove in the ballroom section). The overall height is approximately 15" and the combined length (balcony section aligned with the ballroom section) is approximately 26". The width is approximately 13".

Recent blog postings have shown additional angles of Belle & Prince and Babette.

Recent key releases from Dusty have included the following:
  • Peter and the Mermaids - 2007 'Of Dreams & Magic' members only release.
  • Tank Gang Scene - Open edition scene release from Finding Nemo which includes the members only figurine release of Nemo & Gurgle.
  • Crush & Squirt - Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) from Finding Nemo.
  • Pleasure Island Scene - Open edition scene release from Pinocchio marking the WDCC debut of Lampwick!
For a complete listing of Dusty's Walt Disney Classics Collection releases and his bio, please visit his Sculptor Listing page.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

In the United States of America, Independence Day (commonly known as "the Fourth of July","July Fourth", or even simply "The Fourth") is a federal holiday celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain.

Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, picnics, baseball games, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Fireworks have been associated with the Fourth of July since 1777.

Amos Mouse (pictured at right), the "Pint-Sized Patriot" from the 1953 animated short, Ben and Me was limited to one year of production (2003 only) and was available exclusively through Independent Retailers. Ben and Me recounts the relationship between Benjamin Franklin (one of founding fathers) and Amos Mouse and how together they assisted Thomas Jefferson in writing the Declaration of Independence.

Happy 4th of July to all who visit either the blog and/or website today.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Susie, The Little Blue Coupe: Inspiration for Pixar's Cars!

As many know, Susie from the 1952 animated short, Susie the Little Blue Coupe is one of my favorite characters and celebrates her 55th anniversary this year.

The story of Susie belongs in the realm of soap opera: from a brand new car in a showroom that draws every eye, to a discard in a second-hand lot and ultimately Skid Row, Susie's story has the highest of highs, and plummets to the lowest of lows... and finally she attains salvation, when rescued and given a new lease on life.

In 2006, Susie was given yet another new lease on life. What many may not know, she was the inspiration for Pixar's 2006 hit Cars. In Cars, Pixar artists were compelled to use their imaginations to make the characters' movements and gestures fit with the design to achieve the fullest range of performance and emotion possible. Crucial was the design of a special eyelid and eyebrow for the windshield to communicate expressiveness that cars don't have.

You can definitely see how she inspired the Pixar artists and it's too bad that she wasn't given a cameo in the film. Hopefully with the popularity of Cars, we'll see some new Susie merchandise!

Susie ("Isn't She a Beauty?") sculpted by Valerie Edwards made her Walt Disney Classics Collection debut in 2001 as part of the Transportation Series (unofficial title) and was honored with retirement in 2004.

Check with authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection dealers for availability.