Friday, October 2, 2015

Review: Walt Disney Archives Collection - Pinocchio

I've included in this blog entry, photos of the actual sculpt I received this week.  I went with close-up shots vs. full body since my earlier blog entry included full body shots provided by Enesco LLC.

The sculpture is resin, so doesn't have that smoothness that you might be used to in porcelain figurines. I like that the actual paint palette of the original was used and it captures the roughness of the original.

I displayed my Pinocchio Maquette with the WDCC Pinocchio in Cage with Jiminy Cricket and Blue Fairy Event Sculpture. The maquette blended in very well and complimented the grouping.

Size: 4.49" W x 9.25" H
Edition Size: 3,500
Price: $ 75.00

Additional Angles

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