Monday, June 23, 2008

Christmas in July with the Upcoming New Holiday Scene!

You'll be thinking Christmas in July with the upcoming scene release from Mickey's Christmas Carol, an Open Edition release sculpted by Ruben Procopio, scheduled for July, 2008. This holiday scene includes Mickey Mouse (as Bob Cratchit), Donald Duck (as Nephew Fred) and Scrooge McDuck as Ebenezer Scrooge in this adaption of the Charles Dicken's classic, A Christmas Carol.

Back Views have been made available of each release plus check out Ruben's Blog for additional angles (unpainted) to see the detail and composition of the different components used to create these exciting pieces in particular, Mickey Mouse.

More Views & Angles for Upcoming Nightmare Releases!

A much anticipated piece for Fourth Quarter 2008, is the "All Hail the Pumpkin King!" sculpture featuring Jack Skellington (rarely seen as the Pumpkin King) and the Behemoth. A Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500 sculpted by Ruben Procopio.

This amazing sculpture will be launching at the Disney Theme Parks with an event in the fall celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the film. A portion of the edition size will then be made available after that event through select Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection Dealers in a very limited supply.

Added today are close-up views of Jack, the Behemoth and the Bridge. To view additional angles and images (unpainted prototype) plus early concept drawings, check out Ruben's Blog!

As part of the Third Quarter 2008 announcement, collectors were treated to more from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas with 3 new additions to the Fountain Scene released in 2007. Added were the Mummy Boy and Witches. The witches are sold as a boxed set. Both releases, sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons are Limited to Production Year 2008. Added today were back views of the Mummy Boy and Tall Witch plus an additional angle of the Small Witch.

A clip of the Opening Sequence from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (courtesy of can be seen in this earlier blog entry.

A Close-Up of the Blossom Fairy

A much requested and very well received Blossom Fairy from Disney's Fantasia was unveiled as part of the Third Quarter announcement last week from the Walt Disney Classics Collection.

The Blossom Fairy is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500, sculpted by Kent Melton to be released in August, 2008. At left is a close-up view of this truly amazing sculpture!

A clip of the Nutcracker Sequence from Fantasia featuring the Blossom Fairy (courtesy of can be seen in this earlier blog entry.

Backview of Dumbo Added!

Dumbo, the newest member of the Mickey Mouse Club will be joining the rest of the gang in September, 2008. Sculpted by Bruce Lau (who has sculpted the rest of Mickey Mouse Club gang to date) is an Open Edition release.

A back view has been made available (pictured at right) of that loveable pachyderm plus a close-up of Jiminy Cricket and Timothy Mouse. What struck me when I first saw this image was the detail in Dumbo's spine.

A clip of the Mickey Mouse Club Opening Sequence (courtesy of can be seen in this earlier blog entry.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

June is 3D Art Month at CEL-EBRATION! Gallery

Join CEL-EBRATION! Gallery for a Disney double-header and meet 2 Special Guests June 21, 2008 from 2:00-5:00pm EST.

Bruce Lau, Sculptor (pictured at left) for Disney Studios and the Walt Disney Classics Collection and Licia McClary, Armani Expert and Executive Vice-President, Miller Imports.

Bruce Lau is one of the talented sculptors who give shape and form to magical moments from classic Disney animation for the Walt Disney Classics Collection.

Don't miss the fun, food and fantastic opportunity to meet two great guests!

This special event also marks the premiere of Armani Figurines, Olszewski Gallery of Light, Disney Fine Art Glass, new releases from the Walt Disney Classics Collection and some one-of-a-kind surprises!

Visit to preview the Armani Disney line and a complete listing of Walt Disney Classic Collection sculptures by Bruce Lau.

30 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Phone: (732) 842-8489

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads who visit either the Blog, Website and/or Cafe today. The Walt Disney Classics Collection has released some significant sculptures over the year's depicting that special moment of a father and child.

One that has personal meaning for me is
King Triton & Ariel ("Morning, Daddy!"), a 2004 Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) Gold Circle Exclusive sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons.

Also released were the following:
  • Pinocchio & Geppetto ("A Father's Joy" - pictured at right) released as both a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) with a gold-tipped feather in Pinocchio's cap and an Open Edition release with a yellow-tipped feather sculpted by Dusty Horner.
  • Pongo with Pepper & Penny ("Proud Pongo"), the first Disneyana release by the Walt Disney Classics Collection, a Numbered Limited Edition and then followed as an Open Edition release as well sculpted by Chris Peterson.
  • Mufasa & Simba ("Pals Forever"), first release in the Tribute Series, sculpted by Chuck Williams.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Truly Gruesome Gathering: This is Halloween!

Collectors were treated to a preview of a Fourth Quarter 2008 release, featuring the Pumpkin King (actually Jack Skellington in his rarely seen costume) riding through the night being pulled my monstrous Behemoth.

"All Hail the Pumpkin King!" is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500 sculpted by Ruben Procopio. This amazing sculpture will be launching at the Disney Theme Parks with an event in the fall celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the film. A portion of the edition size will then be made available after that event through select Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection Dealers in a very limited supply.

Elaborately plussed with over twenty-five separate elements of pewter, resin, metal, metal wire and rope. Several elements are resin to provide the necessary texture that would smooth out if done in porcelain.

Also announced was the Third Quarter 2008 release of the Mummy Boy and the Witches. The Mummy Boy and Witches gather around the eerily elaborate Drinking Fountain joining the Werewolf, Corpse Child and Jack Skellington as they celebrate the most horrible Halloween ever! Both the Mummy Boy and the Witches (sold as a set) were sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons and are Limited to Production Year 2008. Patrick also sculpted the Drinking Fountain Scene which was released in 2007.

Below is a short clip (courtesy of from the opening sequence of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is ©Disney, ©Tim Burton Productions and ©Touchstone Pictures

The Blossom Fairy Shedding Some Incandescent Magic!

The long awaited fourth fairy, the Blossom Fairy is finally making her debut as part of the Walt Disney Classics Collection.

The first to be released was the Autumn Fairy ("The Touch of an Autumn Fairy") a Members Only Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 5,000 released in 1998. The Dew Drop Fairy ("Celebration of Spring"), a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 2,002 was released in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Classics Collection. The Frost Fairies ("Delicate Dance of Winter"), a Numbered Limited Edition of 500 was released in 2005.

The wishes of many were answered with the Third Quarter 2008 announcement which included the Blossom Fairy ("Incandescent Magic"), a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500 which is scheduled for August, 2008. All Four Fairies were sculpted by Kent Melton.

Below is a clip (courtesy of featuring the Blossom Fairy:

Fantasia is ©Disney

Tinker Bell: Fall Event Sculpture and First in New Artist Series!

Introduced in Walt Disney’s Peter Pan, Tinker Bell has a glowing nature that has made this pert little pixie a shimmering symbol of all things Disney. As feisty as she is cute, this bright little sprite sometimes gives off more heat than light, but there’s no denying her loyalty or her loveliness,especially as she fetchingly poses on a colorful Never Land leaf.

Tinker Bell is the Fall Premiere Event featured sculpture taking place worldwide on October 17-19, 2008. This sculpture is a Limited Edition of 2000 and the First Release in the new Disney Artist Series.

The First Release will honor David Pacheco. The artists name will be included in the backstamp. Future releases will either be limited or subject to retirement. Blithe Spirit is sculpted by Margi Wray who also sculpted the 2005 Tinker Bell ("A Touch of Magic") Disney Bank One Visa Credit Card Exclusive.

Mickey's Christmas Carol: A New Holiday Series!

Bah, humbug! That’s Ebenezer Scrooge’s not-so-jolly attitude toward the holidays—and seeing as it’s mega-miser Scrooge McDuck who’sportraying his tight-fisted namesake, this is one skinflint you can count on to count Christmas out. Luckily this classic counting house scene includes Donald Duck as nephew Fred and Mickey Mouse himself as timid clerk Bob Cratchit, just as they appear in Disney’s 1983 AcademyAward®–nominated featurette.

Mickey ("Earnest Employee"), Donald ("Festive Fellow") and Scrooge ("Mirthless Miser") are the first releases in this series. The next release in this series is scheduled for next year. The complete scene was sculpted by Ruben Procopio and scheduled for a July, 2008 release.

Mickey's Christmas Carol is an adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, featuring Scrooge McDuck as his namesake and inspiration Ebenezer Scrooge and Mickey Mouse as Bob Cratchit. This film was based on a 1972 audio musical entitled Disney's A Christmas Carol. Mickey's Christmas Carol was the first new Mickey Mouse cartoon made in 30 years after The Simple Things.

Below is a short clip (courtesy of showing the classic counting house scene featuring Mickey, Donald and Scrooge:

Mickey's Christmas Carol is ©Disney

Spell It Out: M-I-C-K-E-Y!

Straight from the Big Top, here comes Dumbo, the world-famous flyingelephant. The beloved baby pachyderm soars onto the scene to join the all-star parade of Disney characters from the animated title sequence of Walt Disney’s classic TV show The Mickey Mouse Club. With a little help from his little friends Timothy Mouse and Jiminy Cricket, Dumbo celebrates “the leader of the Club that’s made for you and me.”

As with the previous releases from this series, Dumbo ("Spell it Out) an Open Edition release was sculpted by Bruce Lau.

The opening theme, "The Mickey Mouse March", was written by the show's primary adult host, Jimmie Dodd. It was also reprised at the end of each episode, with the slower "Now it's time to say goodbye" verse. A shorter version of the opening title was used later in the series, in syndication and on Disney Channel reruns. Dodd also wrote many other songs used in individual segments over the course of the series.

Although the show was filmed and broadcast in black and white, all of the animated segments - the opening theme, Mickey's introductions and farewells, the Jiminy Cricket shorts, etc. - were filmed in color. Below is the opening sequence (in color) courtesy of

The Mickey Mouse Club ©Disney

G' day Mates! - More from Australia!

Joining the Australian Boy and the Koala Bear from Down Under are the Kangaroo Mother with her Joey and the Platypus.

The latest additions to the It's a Small World Series have been the animals which are very nicely fleshing out the countries. We've seen Africa fleshed out with the Hippo ("Jungle Blossom") released in November, 2007 and the Zebra ("Jungle Percussion") scheduled for release this month.

With this latest release, we're now seeing Australia being fleshed out. The Australian Boy and Koala Bear in Tree Accessory ("G'day Mate!") were released in July, 2006 and will now be joined by the Kangaroo with Joey ("Motherly Marsupial") and the Platypus ("Outback Oddity") in September, 2008.

Will be interesting to see if the next release(s) from this series will be either new countries added or more countries fleshed out as we've seen with Africa and Australia.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Third Quarter 2008!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection is proud to announce an exciting line-up for Third Quarter 2008 including the much requested Blossom Fairy from Fantasia and a new Christmas Series from Mickey’s Christmas Carol!

The announcement also included two releases for Fourth Quarter 2008, the Fall Premiere Event sculpture and First Release in the new Disney Artist Series (Tinker Bell) plus a special anniversary release from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas featuring Pumpkin King Jack and the Behemoth.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Paul Bunyan Mention in Latest Newsflash!

2008 marks the return of the American Folk Heroes Series, a Members-Only Series that was available to members of the Walt Disney Collectors Society from 1994-1996.

The series made its debut in 1994 with the release of Pecos Bill and Widowmaker (Melody Time), followed by Slue Foot Sue (Melody Time) in 1995 and Casey at the Bat (Make Mine Music) in 1996, at which point the series was suspended.

Over the years since its suspension, collectors have been asking for the return of this series and in 2008 that wish was granted with the release of Johnny Appleseed (Melody Time). In the most recent Newsflash (available only on-line at in response to a collector question, it stated the following:

"If Johnny proves to be a collector favorite we may continue with Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. So the American Folk Heroes Series may go marching on!"

Special Note: The image above is one I found on the Internet and included in my blog entry strictly for reference purposes to show readers what Paul Bunyan and Babe look like. The image is NOT a concept drawing of a proposed sculpture.

For those unfamiliar with Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox (pictured above), I've included a clip of the animated short (courtesy of below:

Part One:

Part Two:

Paul Bunyan ©Disney

Friday, June 6, 2008

Update on Third Quarter 2008

Today, Enesco held a sales conference with their account executives in Chicago and updated them on the new Walt Disney Classics Collection releases for Third Quarter.

Janeene alerted me after speaking with her rep regarding the upcoming releases. Like her, haven't received any images as of yet but have been inquiring on the specifics in the meantime.

Here is an update on that information. Please note release date corrections and product release information below:


Mickey's Christmas Carol Scene

Mickey Mouse at Desk ($275.00)
Donald Duck with Wreath ($135.00)
Scrooge McDuck ($135.00)

Open Edition
Sculpted by Ruben Procopio

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mummy Boy ($50.00)
Witches ($250.00/2-piece set)

Limited to Production Year 2008
Sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons

Note: On initial release information, these were incorrectly stated as an October, 2008 release. They are scheduled for July, 2008 as noted above.


Blossom Fairy ($499.00)

Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500
Sculpted by Kent Melton


Mickey Mouse Club

Dumbo, Timothy Mouse and Jiminy Cricket ($175.00)

Open Edition
Sculpted by Bruce Lau

Disney's It's a Small World After All
Kangaroo with Joey ($65.00)
Platypus ($40.00)

Open Edition
David Pacheco


Fall Premiere Event (Oct. 17-19, 2008)
Tinker Bell ($99.00)

First in Disney Artist Series (more information is forthcoming)
Sculpted by Margi Wray

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack (as the Pumpkin King) & Behemoth ($750.00)

Special 15th Anniversary of Film Release
Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500
Sculpted by Ruben Procopio (Ruben was also Concept Artist on this sculpture)

Note: This piece is launching at Disney Theme Parks with an event in the fall celebrating the 15th anniversary of the film -- more information to follow shortly from Disney Theme Parks. A portion of the edition will then be made available after that event through select participating WDCC authorized dealers, in very limited supply.

I will update both the blog and website once images and additional information is available. Thanks for your patience.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bacchus & Jacchus Showing Up At Retailers!

Bacchus and Jacchus, a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750 from Disney's animated classic Fantasia, is starting to arrive at retailers!

I'd like to thank my friend Matthew for taking pictures of his sculpture that arrived today to share with fellow collectors. Featured on this page is Bacchus and Jacchus with the Opening Title and the Dew Drop (2002 Numbered Limited Edition) and Autumn Fairy (1998 Members Only Numbered Limited Edition). All three sculptures were sculpted by Kent Melton. Great photo Matthew! Was envisioning Bacchus & Jacchus with the Centaurettes like the photo on the Presentation Page but really like how it looks with both the Fairy sculptures.

Matthew also shared two additional angles which can be viewed at the Cafe. Thanks Again Matthew!

Disney and NASA Send Buzz Lightyear into Space..To Infinity and Beyond!

Cape Canaveral, Fla., May 29, 2008 - The countdown has begun for Buzz Lightyear's dream come true.

Disney Parks and NASA - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration - are sending the beloved action figure "to infinity and beyond!" Buzz Lightyear will buckle in and blast off aboard Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-124. Liftoff from Kennedy Space Center is scheduled for 5:02 p.m. ET on May 31.

With Buzz will launch the aspiration of millions of schoolchildren who dream of space travel. STS-124 will coincide with the kickoff of the Space Ranger Education Series - part of NASA's "Toys in Space," an educational program for teachers and students. The program builds on NASA's educational goals of encouraging students to pursue studies in science, technology and mathematics (STEM) subjects, which are vitally important in sustaining US economic competitiveness and technological leadership.

During the mission, the 12-inch-high, self-proclaimed defender of the galaxy will join in mission activities, including a spacewalk in zero gravity, and experience the same G-forces and weightlessness the astronauts do, helping to introduce fun elements from space into science and math classrooms across the country.

Buzz's groundbreaking mission into space also coincides the launch of his latest debut on Earth in Toy Story Mania!, Disney Parks new attraction which opens May 31 at Walt Disney World, Florida and June 17 at Disneyland Resort, California.

"NASA is excited to help students understand the science and engineering currently underway on the International Space Station," said Dr. Joyce Winterton, NASA Assistant Administrator for Education. "The educational games and resources from this partnership will allow students to explore the science and math behind space exploration with a beloved character."

Developed by Disney's Youth Educational Series (Disney Y.E.S.) and NASA, the program will feature materials for educators to download and integrate into their classroom curriculum as well as fun online educational games. Upon visiting the site, educators and school kids will find interactive lessons on testing zero gravity, critical thinking and simple mathematical problem-solving equations tied to each key component of the mission. The program will be hosted at from launch until the end of 2008 as part of Buzz's mission to the International Space Station.

"The Space Ranger Education Series will give teachers an opportunity to incorporate a fun and engaging moment into the classroom with a character that children really love," said Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. "We're pleased to join NASA in creating a program that can help keep kids excited about math and science.

Buzz's Space Itinerary
Buzz will spend several months in space at the International Space Station (ISS) testing the limits of zero gravity before returning home to a hero's welcome at Disney World later this year. While in space, Buzz will participate in an experiment flying in zero gravity and appear in a video downlink from the ISS.

The Space Shuttle Discovery mission STS-124 will travel with seven astronauts to install Kibo's large Japanese Pressurized Module (JPM) and the lab's robotic arm system.

For additional information about the educational series and NASA programs, please visit .

This article courtesy of Thanks Babs for the heads up!