Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holiday of Color

When the holidays roll around this year, DCA may be the place to be...

Regardless of all those walls, the Christmas holiday season may offer a great reason to skip the fireworks over at Disneyland. Unless the plans change between now and October, the World of Color show that you watch in December will be filled with a lot of green and red, with sugar plum dreams to dance in your head.

They've been testing selections and musical pieces over the past couple of months for it, as well as a Halloween show. That show has been postponed till next Halloween when the park will be fully open, sans walls. It's pretty impressive, from what I've been told, but for now it appears that the Christmas/Holiday show will be the only one. Which isn't a bad thing at all.
(above comes from the BLUE SKY DISNEY Blog)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

WDCC Announces Fall 2011 Releases!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection announced today the Fall 2011 Releases!  This announcement included three (3) new releases from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

This latest announcement includes Mr. Hyde ("Macabre Madman") and the Cyclops ("Myopic Monster") plus Jack Skellington's House ("Surreal Estate").  

These two classic monsters join the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington and those two Nightmare Before Christmas favorites Undersea Gal and the Devil.

Jack Skellington's House, reminiscent of the Enchanted Places comes complete with real lights that flicker inside the windows!

Mr. Hyde and the Cyclops (sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons) and Jack Skellington's House (sculpted by Larry Nikolai) are Limited to Production Year 2011 and scheduled for a November 2011 release date.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Walt Disney Classics Collection Announces Latest Suspensions & Sold Out Status!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection announced today the Suspension and Sold Out Status of the following releases:

Suspended (No immediate plans to re-order, currently Sold Out, may return to the active line in the future):

  • Mrs. Potts & Chip (Enchanted Size) from Beauty and the Beast
  • Brother Bear Opening Title Plaque 
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame Opening Title Plaque 
  • The Incredibles Opening Title Plaque 
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Opening Title Plaque 
  • Peter Pan Opening Title Plaque

Sold Out Production Year Limited or Numbered Ltd Edition Sculptures (Closed editions, will not return to the line):

  • Jafar & Iago ("Villanous Vizier") from Aladdin - Limited to Production Year 2006
  • Lilo ("Hawaiian Hula") from Lilo & Stitch - Limited to Production Year 2010
  • Walt Disney and Oswald ("True Originals") - WDCC Authorized Retailers Version, Limited Edition of 1,500
Please contact your authorized dealer and/or the Disney Theme Parks for availability. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Enter the Zone!

Check out my latest article at WDW Fan Zone ... Insuring Your Collection.

WDW Fan Zone is your open invitation to join others in sharing their passion, knowledge, and memories of Walt Disney World. It’s a meeting place for longtime fans, those who are new to the community, or people looking to plan their first trip to the “Most Magical Place On Earth.”

Each day you’ll find fresh insights and information on all aspects of Walt Disney World from a diverse group of columnists. The writers are eager to share their perspective on vacation planning, Disney history, bringing Disney into everyday life, and more.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Evil Witch is Making Her Way to Retailers!

The latest release from the Summer 2011 Announcement, the Evil Witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is making her way to retailers!

Disguised as an old peddler woman, the sinister Queen stealthily steers her boat through the tall reeds of the swampy water. The epitome of evil, this wicked witch has a precious but poisonous cargo aboard: a cursed apple intended to destroy innocent Snow White. 

Of this striking scene animation historian Al Kilgore declared that, “the Witch’s trip from her castle to the forest in the fog-shrouded dawn is the most underrated scene in the entire film. It is the most subtle use of multiplane, color, and realistic animation.” 

A truly dramatic sculpture, this powerfully crafted piece (plussed with a pewter basket handle, pewter hands, wooden oar and resin reeds), conveys the darkness of animation’s most wicked villain, as well as the passion and grandeur of Walt Disney’s first full-length animated masterpiece.

"Poisonous Plot" sculpted by Ruben Procopio is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750 and measures 7-1/2” H x 13-7/8” L x 7-5/8” W (at widest point).

Below are some photos that Ruben Procopio posted on his blog, Masked Avenger Studios.  Please click on each image for a larger view.  Thanks Ruben!