Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mickey's Fire Brigade: Clarabelle

Last evening, was watching Mickey Mouse In Living Color (Volume 1) from the Walt Disney Treasures which included the 1935 animated short, Mickey's Fire Brigade which I hadn't seen in some time and had me thinking of the Walt Disney Classics Collection releases from this short.

In many discussions with fellow friends, the addition of Clarabelle Cow has been brought up. The last I saw this short was on VHS which is long gone but for some reason, seemed to recall Clarabelle with exposed udders throughout the short which were missing when I viewed on the Walt Disney Treasures tin .. hmm. Clarabelle's exposed udders (at least what I recall) always had me not giving a yes vote on seeing her added when that topic came up for discussion. Based on last night's viewing, would now jump on that campaign to see Clarabelle added :)

Here is a recap of those releases thus far from that short:

In 1999, the Walt Disney Classics Collection released Fireman Mickey ("Fireman to the Rescue") an Open Edition release sculpted by Bruce Lau with a SRP of $125.00 US.

2002 saw two more releases from this animated short plus an Opening Title. First was Donald Duck ("Duck! A Fire!") and Open Edition release sculpted by Bruce Lau with a SRP of $125.00 US and the Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release of Goofy ("All Wrapped Up") in an edition size of 2,002 (in honor of the year the sculpture was released) sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons with a SRP of $185.00 US.

Interesting Note: To date, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Opening Title have NOT been retired. Curious as to how many others would like to see Clarabelle added?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Old Mill: Pastoral Sunset

From my blog entries, it's quite obvious what a fan I am of the Silly Symphony Series :)

Yesterday I added the second release in the series to my collection with the arrival of the Old Mill, a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750 sculpted by Larry Nikolai. The Old Mill is very reminiscent of the Enchanted Places, introduced in 1995, beautifully crafted sculptures that recreated unforgettable film settings made of a special blend of resin and alabaster. Unique touches, termed "plussing" add to the incredible level of detail found in every sculpture. Oil and water based paints are used to convey textures, shadows and special effects.

The Old Mill is plussed with pewter, wire, felt and wind sails that actually turn. Included with each sculpture are instructions for the windmill assembly. An image of these instructions have been added to Image Gallery and Secondary Guide. Also included with each sculpture is a soft cloth to wipe the wood base of any fingerprints.

The Old Mill was released on November 05, 1937. The film depicts the natural community of animals populating an old abandoned windmill in the country, and how they deal with a violent thunderstorm that nearly destroys their habitat and introduced Disney's technical innovation, the multiplane camera. The Old Mill won the Oscar in 1938 for Best Short Subject: Cartoon.

The Old Mill can be found on the Walt Disney Treasures: Silly Symphony released in December 2001.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Captain Barbossa and Jack Sparrow Update!

Additional information and clarification was received today regarding the releases of Captain Barbossa and Jack Sparrow that were unveiled as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon Event held at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort.

Captain Barbossa: "Black-hearted Brigand"
Type of Release: Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 2,500
SRP: $275.00 US
Event Date: Winter Premiere Event December 1-2, 2007
Sculptor: Tim Bruckner

Captain Jack Sparrow
: "Swashbuckling Scoundrel"
Type of Release: Open Edition
SRP: $275.00 US

Sculptor: Tim Bruckner

Jack Sparrow will be making his debut with Captain Barbossa December 2007 at authorized WDCC dealers participating in the Captain Barbossa Event. There will be at least one dealer display of Captain Jack Sparrow offered to participating dealers in the Captain Barbossa Premiere Event, possibly more quantities available at these participating dealers to purchase and take home during that winter premiere weekend. Captain Jack will then be more widely available following the event at authorized WDCC dealers.

Each piece can be displayed on its own, or together as a pair. With Pirates plundering the year, a Winter Premiere Event will be held in lieu of the traditional Fall Premiere Event.

Photography not available yet.

Little Hiawatha: 'Backside' View :)

Received today an additional angle of Little Hiawatha from the upcoming Little Hiawatha & Bunny, a 2-piece Open Edition release scheduled for August 2007. "Mighty Hunter" is the 3rd release in the Silly Symphony Series and sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

This new angle shows a bit of a 'coppertone' moment. A portion of his behind is revealed but one can only really see this from a top view, which the sculpture was not photographed from since the lip of his pants block this when viewed from the back at ground level.

Additional angles are forthcoming, once received and cleaned, will update both here and the blog.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father''s Day to all the Dads who visit either the blog and/or website today.

The Walt Disney Classics Collection has released some significant sculptures over the year's depicting that special moment of a father and child.

One that has personal meaning for me is King Triton & Ariel ("Morning, Daddy!"), a 2004 Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) Gold Circle Exclusive sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons.

Also released were the following:

  • The recently retired Pinocchio & Geppetto ("A Father's Joy") released as both a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) with a gold-tipped feather in Pinocchio's cap and an Open Edition release with a yellow-tipped feather sculpted by Dusty Horner.
  • Pongo with Pepper & Penny ("Proud Pongo"), the first Disneyana release by the Walt Disney Classics Collection, a Numbered Limited Edition and then followed as an Open Edition release as well sculpted by Chris Peterson.
  • Mufasa & Simba ("Pals Forever"), first release in the Tribute Series, sculpted by Chuck Williams.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Gruesome Gathering: New Scene from Nightmare Before Christmas!

Part of the 3rd Quarter announcements was a new scene from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The scene depicted is from the beginning of the film when Jack enters as the Pumpkin King made of wicker on top of his wicker horse being pulled by the Behemoth. Jack jumps into the fountain and emerges as the Jack Skellington we are most familiar with. The denizens of Halloweentown surround Jack in the town square.

Jack Skellington: "Accolades for All" (8-5/8"), Corpse Child: "Ghoulish Glee" (3-1/4") and the Fountain: " Frightful Fountain" (13") are Open Edition releases. The Werewolf: "Howling Horror" (5-3/4") is Limited to Production Year 2007. All four pieces were sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons.

Scheduled Release Date: August 2007.

Matchmaker Mulan: A Leading Ladies Release?

Since Matchmaker Mulan was unveiled during sneak peek of the upcoming fall and winter releases during the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon Event held at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort, I've been asked "is she is part of the Leading Ladies Series?" It's been confirmed, Matchmaker Mulan is NOT part of the Leading Ladies Series.

Mulan: "Perfectly Poised" and Mushu: "One Family Reunion Coming Right Up" (making his WDCC Debut) are Open Edition releases scheduled for September 2007. Mulan was sculpted by Margi Wray and Mushu was sculpted by Bruce Lau.

Hoping this expands into a larger scene. There are a lot of possibilities and a chance to introduce more of the secondary/esoteric characters from this sequence in the film.

This marks Mulan's fourth release in the Walt Disney Classics Collection:

1999 - She made her debut in 1999 as part of the Tribute Series (Mulan: "Honorable Decision").

2003 - A Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release and first in the Heroes & Heroines Series with her horse Khan (Mulan & Khan: "Triumphant").

2004 - A Limited Edition release and part of the Gallery Edition Series (Mulan & Khan: "Triumphant"). This sculpture was the same mold as the previous year Heroes & Heroine release done in a bronze finish.

Mickey to the Rescue!: A New Scene from 'Fun and Fancy Free'

Part of the 3rd Quarter unveiling was a new scene that wasn't part of the sneak peek of the upcoming fall and winter releases during the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon Event held at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort last month from Fun and Fancy Free.

This new scene captures the moment when Mickey Mouse frees Goofy, Donald and the Singing Harp who were locked in a box by Willie the Giant, owner of the Castle. This 5-piece Open Edition release features Goofy: "Tread Lightly" (8-1/4"), Donald Duck: "Not a Peep" (5"), Mickey Mouse: "Shhh!" (4-3/4"), the Singing Harp: "Beautiful Diversion" (8") and Willie's Chest Accessory (Height TBD). All pieces sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

Special Note: The Mickey and the Beanstalk scene are all prototypes. In particular the Singing Harp is a first porcelain prototype and the colors will be adjusted slightly including on her face. Willie's Chest will also change colors slightly, the spool of thread coloration is not correct, etc.

Trivia: Fun and Fancy Free (first released on September 27, 1947) is a feature film produced by Walt Disney and released by RKO Radio Pictures. It was one of the "package films" (feature-length compilations of shorter segments) that the studio produced in the 1940s.

This film features two fanciful stories:

* "Bongo," the story of a circus bear cub, who runs away from the circus to the wild and the adventures there that follow.

* "Mickey and the Beanstalk," a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy as peasants who discover temperamental Willie the Giant's castle in the sky through the use of some magic beans. This was the last cartoon in which Mickey Mouse was voiced by Walt Disney.

Once additional angles and/or information becomes available, I will update both here and the website. Look forward to seeing the prototypes in August. Scheduled Release Date: September 2007.

Walt Disney Classics Collection 3rd Quarter Update!

Walt Disney Classics Collection gave a sneak peek of the upcoming fall and winter releases during the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon Event held at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort last month.

We were told today at Noon (EST) we could unlock the key at left and showcase those releases! This update will include all those releases showcased for 3rd Quarter 2007 plus the unveiling of a brand new scene being shown for the very first time!

This update will not include the upcoming Pirate on Archway Bridge ("A Parrot's Life for Me!"), Pirate on Canon ("Peligro, Explosivos!") and Jail Scene with Dog ("Here, Give Us the Keys ya Scrawny Little Beast!") slated for Fall 2007 or the upcoming Special Event and Open Edition releases of Barbosa and Jack Sparrow.

Silly Symphony Series

2007 marked the debut of the Silly Symphony Series with the release of the Ugly Duckling and his Mother in February. "A Loving Embrace" is an Open Edition release, sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

The second release, The Old Mill and an Opening Title started to arrive at retailers last week. "Pastoral Sunset" is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750, sculpted by Larry Nikolai. The Opening Title is an Open Edition release.

For those who attended the Sneak Peek of Fall and Winter releases from Walt Disney Classics Collection at the Art of Disney Gallery located in the Downtown Disney® Marketplace from Tuesday, May 22nd thru Monday, May 28th had the opportunity to see the upcoming third release in this exciting new series! Little Hiawatha and Bunny will be making their WDCC debut in August. "Mighty Hunter", is an Open Edition boxed set, sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

This new series, is not the WDCC's first time where a Silly Symphony short was the subject of a WDCC release. Silly Symphony Releases: Past & Present was a blog entry I made back in April on those releases.

A complete listing of the Silly Symphony shorts can be found at The Big Cartoon Database.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Make Your Collection Famous with CIB's Official YouTube!

Collectors are invited to be a part of an exclusive video for CIB's 25th anniversary!

GRUNDY CENTER, IA, June 5, 2007 – Do you have an unusual collection? A large collection? An unusually large collection? An unusually large collection that is displayed in a unique way? You could be part of the Collectors' Information Bureau's official 25th anniversary YouTube! CIB, a trade association comprised of the top manufacturers of limited edition collectibles, invites all collectors to submit digital still photographs of themselves with their collections. From there, judges will decide on the 25 best collections in America and compile them into an official video.


· Submitted still photographs should include close-ups of several interesting items, as well as at least one wide shot encompassing as much of the collection as possible, with the collector in the shot as well.
· Images must be no smaller than 500 x 400 pixels, and must be clear
· Images must be sent electronically to the Collectors' Information Bureau at
· Submissions must include the collector's name, what he/she collects, how long he/she has been collecting, city and state of residence, and the number of items in the collection. This information may appear in the final CIB video. Additionally, please provide sufficient contact information: phone number, address, and e-mail address. (These will NOT appear in the video).
· By submitting, the collector hereby acknowledges that CIB may use his/her name and likeness in a public, online video. Submitted material will become the property of CIB.
·Materials must be submitted no later than Monday, June 25, 2007 at 5:00 PM EST, to
·For additional information, contact Professional Marketing at 616.949.9104 or Collector's Information Bureau at 800.352.8039.

About Collectors' Information Bureau:
The Collectors' Information Bureau (CIB) is a trade association comprised of the top manufacturers in the field of limited edition collectibles. CIB reaches out to collectors all across the country with news, information, and insights about the fun and fascinating world of collecting. For more information about the Collectors’ Information Bureau, contact Pioneer Communications, Inc., P.O. Box 306, Grundy Center, IA 50638, call 800.352.8039, or visit

Monday, June 11, 2007

Dry Retirement: India Girl & Taj Mahal Accessory Item!

Honored with retirement today, Monday, June 11th is the India Girl and Taj Mahal Accessory ("Aashirwad" which means "Blessing") from Disney's It's a Small World Series.

India Girl (6") and Taj Mahal Accessory (7-3/4") were released in January 2006 and honored with a 'dry' retirement. A 'dry' retirement is when there is no longer stock in inventory.

The India Girl's costume is plussed with opalescent and shiny gold paint. The India Girl & Taj Mahal Accessory are sold as a boxed set with a SRP of $99.00 US.

Collectors should check with their retailer regarding availability since the India Girl and Taj Mahal Accessory are no longer in inventory.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Redemption Form Help/Clarification!

Have received some questions regarding Redemption Forms for the following:

1. Ursula-2007 Villains Series Release
2. Horace & Jasper-2007 Commissioned Release
3. Plane Crazy-Charter Member 15th Anniv. Sculpture

Ursula-A redemption form was included in Sketches (Volume 14/Number 4 2006) in the Members-Only Certificate Coupon Book. This coupon book included redemption forms for Bruno, Peter Pan and the Mermaids, Ursula and Tinker Bell. This mailing also included the 2007 wall calendar and 2006 Fall Catalog Supplement which included 4th Quarter 2006 releases and 2007 Members Only releases.

Horace & Jasper-A redemption form was included in Sketches (Volume 15/Number 1 2007). This mailing also included the 2007 Spring Catalog Supplement which included the remaining non-member 1st Quarter 2007 releases and sneak peeks of two 3rd Quarter 2007 releases.

Plane Crazy-The 15-Year Charter Member Plane Crazy redemption form is included in Sketches (Volume 15/Number 2 2007) which is currently mailing for Charter Members who have already renewed for 2007 (Cinderella). Those that have not renewed will not receive their redemption certificate until after the renewal is processed. This mailing also included the 2007 Summer Catalog Supplement which included the 2nd Quarter 2007 releases and a Retailer Listing. Your retailer listing would depend on where you are located (United States, Canada or Overseas).

Chernabog: Symphony of Evil-Additional Angle!

Chernabog made is second Walt Disney Classics Collection appearance during the 4th Quarter of 2006 as a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release. The Image Gallery and Secondary Guide was updated with an additional angle (pictured at right) of this amazing sculpture.

I had seen the painted prototype last summer and finally seen the final sculpt while at WDW this past May. Owning the original, feel this version doesn't take away at all from the original and gives you another perspective and sculptor's take on this amazing character!

"Symphony of Evil" (10-1/2") is a Numbered Limited Edition of 1,000 sculpted by Ruben Procopio with a SRP of $650.00.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hint to Upcoming New Release!

Sketches, Volume 15, Number 2, 2007 and Newsflash, Spring 2007 has landed! This latest issue of Sketches features Ursula, 2007 Villains Series Release on the front cover and included within Newsflash was a hint for a soon-to-be-unveiled sculpture!

The hint was given in response to a readers question if there are any plans on releasing a sculpture of the Snowflake Fairies? The response was as follows:

"Although we currently have no plans to release a sculpture of the remaining 'seasonal' sprites, we've heard from many collectors how much they enjoy the earlier releases, so we are keeping these fanciful characters in mind for a future release.

In the meantime, as a Fantasia fan, you may want to keep your eyes open for a soon-to-be-unveiled sculpture featuring two characters from Walt Disney's "Concert Feature" who have never before been featured by the Walt Disney Classics Collection. It's too early to announce exactly who these characters are but once we do, we're sure you'll feel like celebrating!"

Let the guessing begin!

WDCC Pirates of the Caribbean Collection!

Unveiled during the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon Event were exciting new sculptures from the Walt Disney Classics Collection from Pirates of the Caribbean!

Unveiled were the following: Pirate on the Archway Bridge, Pirate on Canon, Jail Scene, Barbosa and Jack Sparrow. Pirate on the Archway Bridge is slated for Fall 2007, Pirate on Canon was the Special Wish List Release from the event slated for Sept./Oct. 2007, Jail Scene slated for Winter 2007/2008, Barbosa (2007 Fall Event Sculpture) and Jack Sparrow slated for Dec. 2007.

Official images will be available soon but in the meantime concept drawings (Jack Sparrow, Barbosa, Pirate on Archway Bridge, Jail Scene and Pirate on Canon) and unpainted resin prototype (Pirate on Archway Bridge and Pirate on Canon) images are available at Masked Avenger Studios.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Surprise Retirement!

One of the retirement announcements on May 23rd included the retirement of the Snow White Cottage Scene (pictured at right) that caught many by surprise!

Snow White ("Whistle While You Work") and the Dwarf's Cottage Bench were unveiled during the 2004 Celebration of Walt Disney Art Classics Convention. Snow White (8") with a SRP of $150.00 US and the Dwarf's Cottage Bench (5") with a SRP of $75.00 US were both sculpted by Kent Melton.

Third Quarter 2005 saw the addition of Deer with Laundry ("Spring Cleaning") and Turtle with Chipmunk ("Ticklish Turtle"). Deer with Laundry (7-1/2") with a SRP of $150.00 US and Turtle with Chipmunk (3-1/2") with a SRP of $50.00 US were both sculpted by Bruce Lau.

Please check with your authorized dealer for availability.

2006 Numbered Limited Edition Belle & Prince Displayed with 2007 Signature Series!

This year's Signature Series release is from Disney's animated classic, Beauty and the Beast and depicts that rarely portrayed moment when the enchanted objects are in human form.

"The Curse is Broken" is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 1,000 boxed set sculpted by Dusty Horner that includes Belle & Prince (11-1/4"), Mrs. Potts & Chip (7-1/2"), Cogsworth & Lumiere (8-7/8") and Babette (8-1/4") plus the combination balcony/ballroom base with a SRP of $1,750.00 US.

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of this animated classic, Walt Disney Classics Collection released the first sculpture release of the Beast in human form with the 2006 Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release of Belle & Prince, "The Spell is Lifted" (9-1/8") sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales. This NLE of 2,000 has a SRP of $295.00 US.

The base consists of two sections, allowing you to display either separate or together (the balcony portion attaches to a groove in the ballroom section). The overall height is approximately 15" and the combined length (balcony section aligned with the ballroom section) is approximately 26". The width is approximately 13".

The overall length and width of the base will allow you to display the 2006 Numbered Limited Edition Belle & Prince with this year's Signature Series release (pictured above). The 2006 Numbered Limited Edition of Belle & Prince is sold separately and please check with authorized dealers for availability.