Thursday, September 3, 2015

Walt Disney Archives Collection - Elsa Maquette

Elsa Maquette
'Frozen' (2013)

'Frozen' Art Director, Michael Giaimo supervised the maquette painting of Elsa.

Size: 11.6" H x 15.35" L x 8.57" W
Edition Size: 5,000
Price: $ 350.00

Additional Angles


Justin Lopez said...

The amount of detail in this piece is stunning! My only concern with this new line is the size of some of the maquettes. Do you think they will scale some of them down or are they all going to be exact replicas?

DC Pop Fanatic said...

From what we were told at Expo, they cannot make the exact same size as the original maquette (per their contract). The new line has to be a certain % more or less in size. Sorry I can't recall what that specific % was.

Justin Lopez said...

That's actually great news :) some of those maquettes are huge and was worried if they were exact size as the originals that it would take up lots of space fast :)

DC Pop Fanatic said...

In the case of Elsa, if one you're interested in, it will command a lot of display space due to her sweeping cape. Think of the Sprite from Fantasia 2000 to gauge amount of display space needed.