Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WDCC Sneak Peek & Retirements!

Today was the sneak peek of fall and winter releases from Walt Disney Classics Collection currently on display at the Art of Disney Gallery located in the Downtown Disney® Marketplace from Tuesday, May 22nd thru Monday, May 28th plus a number of significant retirements. The following were retired:

Captain Mickey: "Welcome Aboard!"
Pinocchio & Geppetto: "A Father's Joy"
Snow White: "Whistle While You Work"
Dwarf's Cottage Bench
Deer with Laundry: "Spring Cleaning"
Turtle: "Ticklish Turtle"
Belgium: "Gathering Friends"
Spain: "Hola, Amigos!" (Boy) and "Aldea" (Village)


Snow White Kissing Dopey's Head: "A Sweet Send-Off"
70th Anniversary Release
SRP $199.00 US
Kent Melton


Little Hiawatha and Bunny: "Mighty Hunter"
4-1/2" (Little Hiawatha); 2-3/4" (Bunny)
Silly Symphony Series
SRP $175.00 US/Set
Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales

Jack Skellington: "Accolades All Around "
$160.00 US

Corpse Child: "Ghoulish Glee"
$50.00 US

Werewolf: "Howling Horror"
$175.00 US
(Limited to Production year 2007)

Fountain: "Frightful Fountain"
$150.00 US

Nightmare Before Christmas Town Fountain Scene sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons

German Girl with Dachsund: "Guten Tag!"
5-3/4" (German Girl); 2-1/2" (Dachsund)
It's a Small World Series
$99.00 US


Mulan: "Perfectly Poised"
$150.00 US

Mushu: "One Family Reunion Coming Right Up"
$140.00 US
Mulan and Mushu sculpted by Margi Wray

Pirates of the Caribbean Series

Pirate on Archway Bridge: "A Parrot's Life for Me!"
5th Release in Series
$250.00 US
Concept and Sculpt by Ruben Procopio
Fall 2007

Pirate on Canon: Peligro, Explosivos!
Registered guests of the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon will have first opportunity to make Wish List requests for this Walt Disney Classics Collection sculpture.
Numbered Limited Edition of 500
$350.00 US
Concept and Sculpt by Ruben Procopio
Available September/October 2007

Jail Scene with Dog: "Here, Give Us the Keys ya Scrawny Little Beast!"
6th Release in Series
Price TBA
Concept by Ruben Procopio and Sculpted by Tim Bruckner
Winter 2007/2008

There are a number of other Third Quarter new introductions not shown as part of the Sneak Peak which will be announced soon as part of the official Third Quarter Launch including a full new scene. There is at least one more unveiling that will take place at the event.


Jason S. said...

Great image of Donald and the parrot!

Surprised at the number of pieces that were retired; still need to pick up a couple of those.

Lots of wonderful new pieces announced though, including ones I've been hoping to see done, like the Werewolf and Fountain from NBC and Mushu. Plus another outstanding release in the new Silly Symphony series: just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait to see what else awaits us in the 3rd quarter, especially the new scene.

Am a bit surprised by the Pirate on Cannon as he isn't actually a commission sculpt and will be available to non-conventioneers assuming the entire edition is not covered by the conventioneers on the wish list. Speaking of which, how many sculpts can a conventioneer reserve via the wish list? And when will non-conventioneers be able to put their names down on the list, assuming pieces remain?

Timon said...

I'm very happy about many of the new releases, especially for Mulan, Mushu and the NBC scene. I love that fountain. I'm still waiting for the Vampires!

It's great that the Disney archives are rich with many characters. There is so much that still can be done with WDCC that makes every quarter like waiting for Christmas!

And if anyone can jog my memory, I'd appreciate it. I don't ever remember seeing a Daschund with the German kids in either SW attractions in the US. Is there one in any of the other Parks?

Duckman said...

My favorite is Little Hiawatha. Seeing all 3 pieces displayed together (Ugly Duckling & Mother, Old Mill and Little Hiawatha) this is shaping up to be a great series!

I was surprised how much I liked Mulan. Never a huge fan of this film but the sculpture is quite stunning. Not sure if the pictures caught it but in her sleeve that hangs below her arm and hands, you can see the detail of her hand through the fabric. It's detail like this that sets WDCC apart from anything else.

Can't speak for Disneyland but did ride Small World after seeing the German Small World sculpture and WDW doesn't have a daschund in there version of the ride.

Magic Mirror said...

Do we know if Snow and Dopey has a 70th aniversary backstamp? And if so what does it look like? I love this piece.

Duckman said...

According to the most recent Sketches (currently mailing), the sculpture will bear a 70th Anniversary backstamp.

I haven't seen an image of the backstamp but assume it will be a scripted backstamp as they've done in the past recognizing an anniversary year.