Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Are You Celebrating?

As you enter the parks, you are still greeted by the 'What Are You Celebrating?' banners. This past November, our BFF's Bob & Toni celebrated their 10th Anniversary and living miles apart, we were unable to celebrate with them.

We had dinner reservations on Sun. night with our other BFF Terry at the Kona Cafe at The Polynesian Resort and were able to adjust our ADR's with no problem. I contacted the Polynesian early Sat. morning to see if possible to have a cake at dinner but all that was available was a basic cake but they offered to put me in touch with The Grand Floridian Bakery.

I spoke with Pat, who said they can usually do a cake within a 24 hour notice and it wouldn't be a problem. We went over some options, cake flavors, icing choices, etc. and she assured me that it wouldn't be a problem having the cake delivered to the Polynesian. This was the first time we've ordered a cake on Disney property, so was not only a new experience for us but hopefully a magical evening for a special couple.

After dinner, our server Amy brought out the cake. Whoa! What a beautiful job The Grand Floridian Bakery did. All heads were on our table as the cake was presented to Bob & Toni.

The cake was a three layer, almond flavored cake with one layer of pudding and one layer of creamy icing in between the layers, covered in off-white and chocolate swirl icing. The cake was decorated with shaved white chocolate around the base of the cake and an edible Cinderella's Castle, rose and banner atop the cake.

The cake was one of the best tasting cakes we've ever had. The almond flavoring of the cake mixed with the pudding and icing served with Kona Cafe's famous coffee made for a perfect ending to a great dinner.

We'd like to thank Amy (left) for making it such a special evening and was great meeting Nina (center), our hostess and Debi (right). Nina, major props for taking part in the Marathon the weekend before and hope you all enjoyed the cake.

If ever in need of a cake for a special presentation, I highly recommend contacting The Grand Floridian Bakery at (407) 824-2474.


Babette said...

Did y'all save me a piece??? Looks deelish!

dopey926 said...

Little did we know that surprising our BFFs would lead to such a beautiful anniversary celebration! It was an amazing night with great friends, wonderful servers, and the most delicious cake we have ever had! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that magical evening!

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Babs-The cake was out of this world, one of the best cakes I've ever tasted! Sadly, it all went :(

BFF-So glad that you and Bob were not only surprised but had a magical evening. It was such an awesome week with you guys!

WDCCPatrickRomSim said...

Congratulations to you both and thank you for the wonderful wine! Peace.

jmbunkyjr said...

Congrat guys! Didn't even know you were all down there! hope you all had a good time.

Bob said...

Don & Mary as Toni said it was such a wonderful surprise.
Thank you again.
Wish I had a piece of that cake right now...LOL

Bob said...

Thanks Patrick. Glad you enjoyed the wine.

Also thank you for the wonderful new pieces you sculpted for the first quarter. We have ordered them already and can't wait to add them to our collection.

Bob said...

Thanks Jimi.
We had such a great week!!!!!