Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Additional Angles of Belle & Prince: 2007 Signature Series Release

Here is a grouping of additional angles of Belle & Prince from the upcoming Signature Series release for 2007. "The Curse is Broken" is after the Beast is transformed into the Prince and includes the following Enchanted Objects in human form, Mrs. Potts & Chip, Cogsworth & Lumiere and Babette.

Additional angles of the Enchanted Objects in human form are forthcoming. Am learning it takes a lot of time and patience in cleaning images but am really enjoying this new learning experience.


Matthew said...

Nice new images. Piece looks very detailed. Thanks!

Timon said...

Would you happen to know if the other Dancing Couple pieces fit size wise with this Signature Series piece? It would be fun to really show the whole transformation.

It would be really neat to have a "Cinderella-rags-to-ballgown" transformation piece kind of like the sericel. The same could be done for Belle and Adam.

Duckman said...

Checked the sizing on the 2 Dancing Couple pieces compared to Belle & Prince from the Signature Series and found the following:

Original Belle & Beast - 10"
Belle (in gown) & Prince - 9-1/8:
Signature Belle & Prince - 11-1/4"

I only have the original, am unable to compare :(

I believe Babs has both, she may be able to give a better comparison.

Thanks Tim for the trivia on the Beast's real name. It sounded familiar when I read your post but not sure something I would have remembered.

Michelle said...

Babs only has the transformed Belle/Prince (aka Adam).

sparklingrose said...

I would have to guess that the original piece would go with this set. My rep said the base alone is almost 26" long, so that's a pretty big space to fill plus she did mention that the pieces were full size.

Ray-GOL said...

The Sig Series Base is an intricate true Disney Film Stage that will allow for multiple display possibilites with previous B&B releases, but it is really the Celebratory free-spirited Belle & Prince Couple that is the centerpiece of the LE. WDCC explores relationships better than anyone & they've applied the new risky sculpting techniques to achieve this awesome in-air spin of emotion & trust. Similar detailed construction sculpting made Philip & Briar Roses' open-handed touch possible.

Jason S. said...

Thanks for the new angles. You can really get a sense of the twirling motion going on with Belle in the film moment by being able to view all the different angles. Very magical, indeed!