Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: 'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...'

The final review of the three pieces from the latest announcement is Ariel with Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.

When I read the announcement information and description of the piece (prior to seeing any images), I thought, 'Another Ariel' ::sigh:: and figured, I already have her under the sea on a rock and above the sea on a rock, do I really need another?

Then I saw the initial image and really liked the amount of detail to this piece and Ariel & Sebastian in more of an environment setting vs. previous releases (on the rock).  

Now what to do? As I was pondering my decision, the additional angles came through and when I studied the close-up of her face and saw the lines of the piece from the back view, there was no hesitation.  My decision was made, I pre-ordered and since they're arrival on Friday, have not had one regret.  This piece is phenomenal!

As many know, over the years, am very much a face person. When it comes to the human characters, it's not easy to get that exact likeness to how you see them in the film.  Characters like Snow White, Belle and Ariel seem to be the hardest of the lot.  For me personally, studying this piece from every side, honestly feel the best likeness to Ariel of all the pieces done of her to date.  From the roundness of her face, the wide-set eyes and of course, the signature hair, she is spot on!

Some have asked me, is it the same rock as the original 'Under the Sea' Ariel?  If you look at both pieces together, it is.  This version has more detail and more exact to the film.  In the original sculpt, she is sitting on the same rock and you can see the coral and floral behind her (not as elaborate) and at her feet.  The underside (where Sebastian is sitting) is there in the original but there is no depth.  She is closer to the sea floor vs. elevated as in the latest sculpture.

Then there is Sebastian!  I've noticed in the past couple years, the amount of detail that has gone into the miniatures (Timothy Mouse and Jiminy Cricket in two of last year's releases) and now Sebastian.  His expression is priceless and you can almost hear him saying, "Someone's gotta nail that girl's fins to the floor!

Ariel and Sebastian are a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 1,500, sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

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Chadwick Land said...

Great reviews! Others have said she was better that other Ariel versions and combined the best elements from the others as well. I enjoy the "buddy" pieces very much. I would like to see what she looks like with "Under the Sea" pieces. PS: Noticed all your great displays and wondered what you dust them with.

Matthew said...

This is a terrific sculpt! The detail on the base is amazing and the Sebastian miniature is great.

You're right to point out how difficult Ariel is to get just right... but Jacqueline has captured her look perfectly in this sculpt.

Duckman said...

Thanks Chadwick! Much Appreciated!

My Under the Sea Scene is displayed in our curio in the same room, not far from where I have the new Ariel displayed. Size-wise, the new Ariel is in scale to that Ariel (with just a more, elaborate rock) and I think it would work perfectly with that scene or if you wanted to take a few pieces from that scene and display with the new Ariel, that would work too.

If just doing major dusting, will 1.) usually wear soft, cloth gloves to handle the pieces (which also double as a soft cloth to wipe them), 2.) a soft paint brush to get in the tighter areas and 3.) blow on them.

I've heard some have used the canned air used to spray computers to remove dust but have always worried it would leave a residue and affect the finish. Hope that helps!

Duckman said...

Hey Matthew,

I also like on the base, in the areas that are a deep purple in coloring, it appears to have a wet look to it, giving it a more realistic under the sea feel.

Agree 100%, Jacqueline did an amazing job in capturing Ariel's likeness.

An_D said...

Heya Duckman,

I need to say THANKS!!! ur blog is amazing and ur site stunning!!!

I liked the pictures and guess what i got rapunzel today! (they are arived in holland today!)

Well last thing im curious about ur collection do u have pics somewhere???


Duckman said...

Hi Andy,

Thanks very much! Sincerelly appreciate the kind words.

Congratulations! Have the other 3 that have arrived here in the US (Ariel, Donald and Captain Hook) arrived in Holland as well?

I don't have my collection on a specific page of the site, it's more sprinkled throughout the blog through my blog entries.

An_D said...

ur Welcome!

YES, the other 3 arrived as well.
I guess that i gonna pick up ariel this week from my dealer! I CANT WAIT after i see ur pictures!


An_D said...

well i have another thing :P sorry for that.

I just asking myself, how many retailers are in ur direct environment because here in holland are there i guess a lot retailers i can go to 4/5 retailers and i now America is BIG but i wanna now it! :p

And my retailers have a lot retired and sold out WDCC!!!

An_D said...

Im back home with ARIEL and i LOVE this piece! it looks amazing everything on this piece is stunning!

Ariel's hear, tail, flowers, rock and sebastian! AMAZING!!!
Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales its a 10+++++

One of my favorites!!!!

Duckman said...

Hi Andy,

During the height of WDCC, there were 3 dealers 45-60 minutes away and 1 dealer about 30 minutes. They've since closed. Unfortunately, have no retailers very close to me at this time. Miss the convenience of having a store nearby to just stop in and see the new releases.

Congratulations! Jacqueline really knocked this out of the park! It's become one of my favorites also plus my favorite Ariel sculpture to date!