Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: 'Braided Beauty'

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This latest announcement included Disney's newest heroine, Rapunzel from Tangled.  It's always nice when an announcement includes a character never done before and also from a more recent film.

This sculpture has such a sense of movement to it (one I think would be perfect displayed on a rotating riser). What catches your eye is the amount of detail .. from the swirl in her skirt to the amount of twists in her braid and then there are flowers in her braid. 

It's obvious these are not an applique but each flower painstakingly painted and there are were no short cuts taken, as you can see in each photo below, the detail of the flowers encompass the entire braid from top to the knot at the bottom and on both sides.

'Braided Beauty' is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750 sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales. This charming sculpture embodies the carefree spirit of Rapunzel, the young lady with the 70 feet of golden hair and an unending yearning for adventure

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Matthew said...

Thank you SO much for all the photos, Don.
This sculpture is just amazing to me. As you said, the detail on the braid and the flowers really sells this, along with her flowing movement.
I'm so happy with this piece! Thank you to Jacqueline and to the WDCC for making this possible!

(Now I have to have Flynn and Pascal to go with her!)

Duckman said...

Hi Matthew,

You're welcome! Enesco provided great full body shots, so thought when I was taking photos of my actual sculpt, I would focus on the braid and flowers plus the sense of movement that is really captured in her waist.

It truly is an awesome piece and glad I gave you another chance for a little campaigning :)

Richard said...

Hi Don,

Thanks for the pictures. You convinced me to order this one immediately. It is even better than the pictures I saw last week. I think this one is selling real fast. At my store they ordered 30 of them but are only getting 18 and I got the last one. Hope they will release a Flynn and maybe Maximus too.

Keep up the good work with your beautiful site. I always enjoy reading it and many others with me.

Duckman said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

When taking photos of mine, I tried to focus on capturing the paint detail (not just the braids and flowers, but also the upper dress). These are details you sometimes take for granted and/or miss when looking at the full view images.

Matthew said...

I'd like to campaign some more, Don! LOL

Rapunzel arrived today and she's just wonderful. The shading on her face gives her look so much depth. And of course the flowers are as beautiful as they were in the film.

Duckman said...

Campaign away Matthew! LOL! Enesco is reading, especially right now, so no better time to get your campaigning in ;)

Glad to hear yours arrived and you're so pleased with her. She truly is a beauty!

Matthew said...

Rapunzel looks SO lonely and wants to be joined by Flynn and Pascal!

An_D said...

This one is GOOOD!!
i got one with the umbrella mark someone here with the palm?

I got one with a number under the 100 from wich number is the palm?

Duckman said...

Hello An_D,

The dealer I ordered mine from said he received both production marks. As of right now, most I've spoken to received the 2011 production mark. I received #134.

Haven't heard how many of the edition size have the 2011 mark vs. 2012.

An_D said...

well thnx! i received #95

Herc said...

How can you not love this sculpture? She is breathtaking. The movement is wonderful. The detail in the flowers is great. I agree with Matthew and we need to add Flynn and Pascal. Oh you might as well throw in Mother Gothel. Future Villains release? Please!

Timon said...

Okay, I'm watching Tangled on Encore right now(Yes, even though I have it on Blu-ray), and I'm going to add to the WDCC Wishlist for Tangled pieces.

After we get Flynn, Mother Gothel and Maximus (and Flynn on Max!), I'd love to see the scene with Rapunzel and Flynn in the boat when they are looking at the lanterns. There are so many different poses in this sequence that lend themselves to porcelain slip and the storytelling that we've come to expect from WDCC.

Besides, it would match Prince Eric and Ariel in their boat!!!

Timon said...

Update from me: I just received my Rapunzel piece and she is fantastic! I placed her in the middle of my "Disney Babes" shelf. (I hope I don't get in trouble for calling it that!

Great job, Jacqueline and WDCC!

Duckman said...

Hey Tim,

Jacqueline has added another great sculpture to her list of WDCC sculpts.

Rapunzel was one that Mary was most looking forward too from the Spring Announcement.

We have her displayed by herself. Would love to see the Villain added.

Cindy Dy said...

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