Monday, February 13, 2012

WDCC Spring Premiere Event Sculpture: Tinker Bell

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What’s a pretty little pixie to do when the raindrops of a spring shower start to splash down on her delicate beauty? Why, use a dainty daisy as an umbrella, naturally. 

The sixth in the Disney Artist Series (third release in the Tinker Bell Seasons Series), this fresh-as-a-daisy sculpture is delightfully plussed with pewter grass, water drops, and hair ribbon, and a bronze daisy stem. 

Specially designed by Disney Master Artist David Pacheco, Tinker Bell is the centerpiece of the Walt Disney Classic Collection’s 2012 Spring Premiere Event. 

Aglow with the magic of one of Walt Disney’s most beloved characters, this pixie-dusted piece perfectly captures the sprightly spirit of Tinker Bell as the playful pal of Peter Pan celebrates spring as only she can.

'A Splash of Spring,' sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 1,500.

Tinker Bell will be available through all participating Walt Disney Classics Collection Retailers, May 4-6, 2012 (in U.S. and Canada, other International Events Weekends may vary).   


Timon said...

Since I have the other two Tinker Bells in this series, it was a must to order this one as well! It will be great once I have all four seasons so I can rotate them accordingly in the curio.

Matthew said...

I love the coloring and the detail on Tink's base... the leaves of grass and the rain droplets bouncing off the puddles...

Justin Lopez said...

Bummer. I had commented on all the pieces but never signed in so my comments have been lost in cyber space: )

So here is round two.

I have to be honest. The first Tink in this series caught my eye and I bought it immediately. However, over time I lost interest in it and passed on the winter Tink too. However, this Tink is a must have. Like previous comments, I love the lighter coloring of the piece as a whole. It just exudes Spring to me. I will be getting this piece ASAP once it's released!

Mary said...

Being a big Tinker Bell fan, I am very excited about the latest release in this series. I think it totally captures the feel of Spring. It’s such a beautiful and delicate piece. I look forward to what Summer will bring in the 4th and final piece of the series.

Koen said...

I love this new Tink. Will be adding her to my collection

Duckman said...

I knew this piece (site unseen) would be a given for us, as Mary is a huge Tinker Bell fan :)

What struck me about this piece, compared to the others in the series, was how delicate the feel of this sculpture is and the level of detail.

A couple things that caught my eye, which I'd like to point out are the following:

1.) The Base. Love the texture chosen for the overall base plus the detail of the rain hitting the ground, forming the raindrops.

2.) Also, did you notice Tink's wings? We're used to her wings up, whereas in this sculpt, the rain seems to have weighed them down.

Herc said...

All I have to say is that this is another that two will be coming home. My daughter is going to love this one too. The winter tink is too big to keep out but this one will be great next to the fall tink on the leaf.
As Don pointed out, love the rain drops on the ground. Didn't notice the wings until you pointed that out Don. Wonderful detail like this is what make WDCC so special and dear to me. Can't wait to see what the summer Tink will be.

Mary said...

We, too, are getting to the point that lack of display space is an issue...but we have set aside a shelf in our newest curio just for this series. Once the summer Tink comes out, I'm hoping to arrange them in some sort of seasonal order. Jeff, I'm so glad that we don't have to wait long to see what the summer Tink will be!

Gregory said...

WOW - I wasn't sure Tinkerbell on the Poinsettia could be topped in this "Tinkbell through the seasons" series. But I love this one. The umbrella effect with Tink holding the flower is really clever. Another wonderful piece for the Tink fans. Will certainly be picking this one up and this is certain to be popular with collectors and Tinkerbell fans.

Gurgi said...

Absolutely beautiful! From the pictures I think this one is my favorite of the "seasons series" so far. Love, love, love the splashing raindrops! The detail is so cool! There's a softness to this Tinker Bell's face that is so appealing. I usually buy two of the Seasons Tinker Bells - one for myself and one as a Christmas gift for my sister. Looks like another two will be coming home again! So looking forward to the Summer Tinker Bell to complete the series!