Monday, February 13, 2012

Look Who Found His Way into the Spring Releases!

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One of Disney’s greatest villains, Captain Hook is a conniving combination of calm-sea smoothness and fearsome ferocity. 

One of Walt Disney’s directing animators liked Captain Hook because of his finesse and how he thought of himself as very refined and sophisticated. 

Two members of the Peter Pan creative team disagreed about Hook, with one seeing him as a foppish dandy, who loved all the finery, while the other saw him as a mean character who used his hook menacingly, while Walt saw something fascinating in both approaches. 

'Silver-Tongued Scoundrel,' a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500 was sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons and plussed with bronze and pewter.

Special Notes: Captain Hook is in-scale to the other Peter Pan pieces (Peter and the Mermaids, etc.)  Height a bit deceptive due to feather on his hat.  

This piece does not have the Villains Series backstamp. Lady Tremaine is the 2012 villain. Captain  Hook was previously a Villains Series release in the sculpture featuring him at the Piano with Tinker Bell.


Matthew said...

Perfect expression and pose for Captain Hook!

Justin Lopez said...

I do wish they gave Hook the environment that the Evil Hag got. However, I love villains and this pose is a must have. Now, do I go for this one or the Villains Series release (completely different price points haha). Love the subtle evil oozing from the gentle pose :)

Herc said...

What a great pose. This Captain Hook will be gone in no time. At only 500 sculptures, I'm calling today.
Look at that sinister grin. Even the finger sticking out. And the pose. Fantastic.

Duckman said...

Once again, Patrick does another outstanding job with this latest Villain release.

When I first saw the image (one included in this entry), I thought a portion of Skull Rock was part of the statue and thought how much more impact the sculpture would have had if done in an environment setting as they did with last year's Evil Hag.

My personal opinion Justin, I would go for this one. Mainly because this is Captain Hook as you envision him, a bit on the foppish side with his signature hat and sword, that you don't get in the Villains Series release.

I know you're a fan of the accessory pieces and environment settings which the Villains Series release has, so can understand it being a tough decision.

Let us know what you decide.

Gurgi said...

This is my FAVORITE pose of him to date! Love his face and the elegance of his stance. Also like having a glimpse of his clothing under his overcoat. The pinky sticking out is the finishing touch!

Justin Lopez said...

Just wanted to share that I chose to get the newer Hook! I am so PLEASED with the end result. It is a beautiful sculpture!

Duckman said...

Congratulations Justin! Sounds like you made a great choice! Glad to hear he looks as good in person!