Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Latest Figment Sculpture from WDCC Unveiled!

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Join Figment on an expedition into breathtaking wonder and towering imagination!  Creativity is a never-ending adventure, and this intrepid, little dragon is the personification of that all-too-human quest to push the boundaries of the possible and discover uncharted territories of magic and dreams.  

Recreating the memorable moment in “Heights of Imagination” in which Figment scales the summit of a snow-capped peak,  this new numbered, limited edition of 500 Walt Disney Classics Collection sculpture captures the daring mountaineer at the apex of his  creative powers.

Based on original attraction reference, Figment is hand-crafted of fine porcelain, hand-painted, kiln-fired and provisioned with real rope, metal flag pole and flag, and metallic paint on the pick axe.  

Sculpted by Bruce Lau with creative direction from Disney Master Artist David Pacheco, 

Please visit The Art of Disney Parks web site for information about the event and how to order, information should be posted by February 27, 2012:

Conquer the heights of imagination with Figment as your guide! 

Special Note:   A limited number of Figment Heights of Imagination will be made available at Disneyland® Resort following the Epcot® premiere, subject to availability.


kissynose said...

OMG nicest figment yet!!!

Gregory said...

Agreed. This might be my 2nd favorite Figment Wdcc piece!

Disney Showcase Key said...

We don't know Figment a lot in Europe, but he is a funny character!
Thank you for the information :-) .

disneynorth said...

Awesome piece! But is it me, or does the flag pole look bent?

Duckman said...

Hi James,

After reading your comment, went back and looked at the images again and the pole does have a slight bend to it.

I posted another entry last evening showing the whiteware of the piece (not available for resale) and it has a slight bend there as well. Obviously the way in which the sculpture was intended. I will follow up with Enesco to confirm.

Timon said...

I am so excited that we're getting another Figment! Since I have all the others, this one is a must. Very cute!

Bob said...

Love this Figment!!! So hard to pick a favorite they are all great. Many more to do, keep them coming!!!!!!!!!
Maybe Dreamfinder and his Dream Catcher Vehicle??????

Duckman said...

Hey Tim & Bob,

It seems collectors have come to look forward to the annual Figment releases. They've really done a great job with them, year after year. It really is hard to pick a favorite!

Duckman said...

Hi James,

Heard the following back from Enesco regarding the bend in the pole that Figment is holding:

The prototype has probably a touch more of a “bend” than the final will be but the pieces in production will have a distinct arch, he’s grabbing the pole and it curves up from the bottom to his hand and then goes backwards a bit, it’s not straight up and down.

Hope this helps!

Herc said...

Wow gotta love this mountaineer Figment. Great detail. Cannot wait to order.
And yes, Bob, I agree, how about a Dreamfinder, Figment, on the Dream Catcher balloon vehicle. Would love it.

Timon said...

Bob and Jeff,

Can you imagine that as a Signature Series piece? Wow! :-)

Timon said...

Hi Everyone,

Just a follow up on the Figment piece. I just got off the phone with WDW Event Services and ordered my two pieces! (No, I'm not selling the other one on eBay. I have purchased all the other Figments for a dear friend of mine for his birthday and Christmas gifts)

Anyway, the Figment information isn't out on the website, but you are able to order. Credit cards will not be charged until April 20th and you can expect your Figment in six to eight weeks thereafter.

I'm thrilled to add to my WDCC Figment collection!

Duckman said...

Thanks Tim for this very important update .. Much Appreciated!!

Timon said...

You're more than welcome. With only 500 pieces made, we have to make sure all collectors who have been collecting the series gets their piece! I just love that this is one of the few WDCC series, out of the many, I collect where I have every piece signed.

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