Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's Return to 'Under the Sea' with Upcoming WDCC Release!

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As Ariel daydreams about her true love, who just happens to be a forbidden human, Sebastian the crab attempts to talk the in-over-her-head little mermaid into staying under the sea.

One directing animator revealed his love of developing characters with strong desires in overcoming seemingly impossible feats and that’s Ariel who dreams of walking on land, becoming human and marrying the man of her dreams, a human Prince, no less, the kind of longings that make a character really appealing.

Flashes of another diminutive sidekick, Jiminy Cricket, crossed the mind of one supervising animator who sensed reluctance in Sebastian when it came to his unsung duty of keeping tabs on Ariel. 

'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...' a Numbered Limited Edition of 1,500 was sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales and plussed with four pewter flowers and a bronze Sebastian.

This colorful sculpture details the delightful dynamic between the undersea princess and her exasperated musical mentor.


Matthew said...

I love the environment in this piece...
Ariel's hair and tail are really well done and the miniature of Sebastian is really cute (his expression makes me laugh)!

dopey926 said...

Ariel just makes me smile!! She is so beautifully captured in a heartfelt moment of the film. It flows seamlessly as though she were truly "under the sea".

Another must have!!!!

Justin Lopez said...

I only have the Ariel with Prince Eric. I agree with the previous comments that the environment in this piece is beautiful. Cannot wait to add this to my collection.

Mary said...

There is so much beauty to this piece besides Ariel. There is so much detail in the base with the tiny Sebastian, in the rocks and in the flowers. I agree that the feel takes you "under the sea" and to Ariel's excitement at findng love.

Koen said...

yet another winner. realy love this piece

Herc said...

FAVORITE OF THE NEW RELEASES!! This is the pose I have wanted forever. I have the cel and always thought it would make a wonderful WDCC piece.
Jacqueline did a wonderful job.
Did I mention I love this piece!?!

Duckman said...

As many know, I didn't grow up on Disney and got into Disney once we had Amanda and discovered all these films for the very first time through her.

The film that began it all was The Little Mermaid. We watched this film, over and over to the point I could recite the entire film word for word. To this day, this is Amanda's favorite and will always hold a sentimental spot for me.

Yes, through past releases, we have Ariel Under the Sea and her on a rock (both above and below the sea) but something about this piece stands out over the others.

This sculpture has more of an artistic look to it. I especially like the beauty of the tail fins, how Jacqueline captured the movement in her hair under water and all the environment incorporated into the piece. There is a nice sense of movement to this piece.

The addition of Sebastian (her own Jiminy Cricket) was a very nice addition and finishing touch.

Gregory said...

This is a GREAT stand alone Ariel piece. Perfect scene form the movie to showcase the dreamy and romantic undersea heroine! And LOL at Sebastian's worried face. Really reminds you of his stressed out personality from the film!

Gurgi said...

Another home run! I have the sericel of this scene and this will make an excellent companion piece. Love Ariel's dreamy eyes and Sebastian's expression! The floating hair effect is exceptional!

Bob said...

Came home to a package on the front porch last night!!!!!
It was pretty exciting to see Green Boxes again!!!

The best way to describe Ariel is exquisite!!!!! The piece gives the impression Ariel is truly under the sea with her flowing hair. The expression on Ariel's face brings you back to the moment in the film and Sebastian's expression is priceless, as if to say to Ariel,"oh no here we go again".....

The paint that was used both iridescent and flat really hit the mark. Just a wonderful piece overall!!!

If anyone was on the fence about this one you need to go for it I don't think it will last long.

Mary said...

Bob, you've got me even more excited for the mailman's arrival today! Ariel holds such a sentimental place in our heart. How could we not love this piece?

Duckman said...


Thanks SO much for the review! I was one on the fence after seeing the initial image, then ordered (as Mary said) on sentiment and really liked the lines of the piece and overall effect (Ariel's signature hair captured so well)!

Then I received the additional angles and upon careful review, was SO glad I ordered it and now your review (as I feel we're always on the same page in what we look for in pieces) can't wait for the work day to end, to get home and ::fingers crossed:: ours arrived today.

It will be SO nice to find green boxes waiting on the front porch again!

Thanks Again for the Great Review!