Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The 2012 Production Mark Makes Its Debut!

The 2012 Production Mark is making its debut! 

The Palm Frond production mark is making its debut on four of the seven Spring 2012 releases announced on Monday ... Rapunzel, Ariel & Sebastian, Captain Hook and Donald Duck.

The 2012 Production Mark (pictured at left) is the Palm Frond from Walt Disney's animated classic The Jungle Book (1967).

The Walt Disney Classics Collection features a yearly Production Mark that is incised or imprinted on the bottom of sculptures produced during the calendar year. This mark indicates the calendar year in which the piece was produced.

Update 02-20-12: Rapunzel is arriving with both production marks, 2011 (Umbrella from Mary Poppins) and 2012 (Palm Frond from The Jungle Book). Thanks Matthew for the head's up! Very Much Appreciated!

The Secondary  Guide has been updated with both markings for those keeping track.

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Gurgi said...

I really like this production mark. Years ago I made two guesses for what the production mark representing Jungle Book would be and the palm frond was one of them. The other was a banana! Let's start guessing next year's which should be from the Aristocats. I say one of the instruments from the band. Maybe a trumpet?