Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: 'Wiki Wiki Waterfowl'

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It felt like Christmas! Yesterday three (3) of the seven (7) new releases from the Spring 2012 Announcement arrived!  I will review each one separately over the weekend.

First up, Donald Duck ('Wiki Wiki Waterfowl') from Disney's animated short Hawaiian Holiday (1937).

When this piece was announced, I was on the fence whether to order or not.  I had previously bought the Hawaiian Holiday Scene released in February, 2009 and kept hoping the scene would be completed with the addition of Pluto plus an Opening Title. I asked myself, 'Do you need another Donald from the same scene?' ::after some deliberation:: Answer: It's Donald, how could I not? :)  

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After pre-ordering, the additional angle ('tush shot' as my one friend calls it) was made available.  Getting a feel now of the overall sculpt, felt I made the right choice.

This piece is adorable and fun!  There is such a sense of movement to this piece and you can't help but smile when you look at it! The base stayed consistent with the original scene release and the seashells here and there on the base are a nice touch.

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Next Question: 'Where do I display it?'  I currently have the original scene displayed with the giclee done my Trevor Carlton (pictured at right) and didn't think a second Donald in the scene was going to look right, so decided to redo my boat display and think I found the perfect spot!

I decided to display Donald with the Tiki Hut accessory from Finding Nemo in my canoe-shaped display stand I purchased in 2008 at Lowe's.  The Tiki Hut accessory is a perfect backdrop for the sculpt and almost replicates the scene in the giclee.

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Here is an updated photo of my Boat Display. Turned out to be such a cool way to display the water/tropical themed pieces plus is a great conversation piece with family and friends.

As much as I like this new Donald, am still not giving up hope we'll yet see Pluto and an Opening Title added at some point in the future!

Hawaiian Holiday Donald is a NLE of 750, sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.


Navyne said...

Just wanted to let you know I liked this write up. It is just "so you".

Duckman said...

Thanks Navyne! :)

Disney Showcase Key said...

They're very well exposed :-) .

I have a got a quite similar "Display Boat" at home, but no WDCC on it.
Beautifull staging ;-) .

Duckman said...

Thanks very much! Appreciate the feedback!