Friday, February 10, 2012

Additional Angle Added!

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Yesterday, the Walt Disney Classics Collection announced the latest Figment release ("Heights of Imagination") slated for an April 21, 2012 release at the Art of Disney. Epcot®.  

Today a back view was made available that shows his wings, tail, scarf and the hat he wears over his horns. 

Based on original attraction reference, Figment is hand-crafted of fine porcelain, hand-painted, kiln-fired and provisioned with real rope, metal flag pole and flag, and metallic paint on the pick axe.  

Sculpted by Bruce Lau with creative direction from Disney Master Artist David Pacheco, 

Please visit The Art of Disney Parks web site for information about the event and how to order, information should be posted by February 27, 2012:

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