Friday, February 10, 2012

'Heights of Imagination' in Whiteware!

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Part of the process in creating memorable Walt Disney Classics Collection sculptures is creating whiteware.

The final clay sculpt is cut into pieces and a plaster mold of each piece is made. The more complex and delicate the sculpture, the more pieces are needed.

Liquid clay called 'slip' is poured into the molds and partially air dried into 'greenware' pieces, which are then re-assembled using more slip. The greenware is sprayed with a translucent glaze and fired in a brick kiln, creating a glazed whiteware. The whiteware is then painted with a yellow dye to pick up any flaws within the whiteware.

Figment ("Heights of Imagination"), a Numbered Limited Edition of 500 to be released April 21st is plussed with real rope, metal flag pole and flag and metallic paint on the pick axe.

If you click on the image above, you will be able to see and study the amazing detail that went into this sculpture, sculpted by Bruce Lau with the creative direction from Disney Master Artist, David Pacheco.

Special Note: The whiteware version of the Figment is not available for sale. The image has been made available as a behind the scenes look into the production of this sculpture. 


Babette said...

I always love the white ware pieces!!! Very cool to see the details and the plussing.

Duckman said...

Hey Michelle,

When Traci sent the whiteware image, I immediately thought of you! It's always nice to see the whiteware to see the actual plussing that makes up the sculpture.

Timon said...

I wish they would make this one available for purchase. But of course I'm happy with the finished product too!

Bob said...

Agree Tim wish they they would offer this along with the painted piece. Love whiteware.

Herc said...

I want this one. This would have been a nice one to make available.

Gurgi said...

All I can say is WAAAAAAAHHHHH! I want this whiteware! It is so cool! I am a HUGE Figment fan and have every piece in the series and this would have been the pinnacle (pun intended!) of my collection. Maybe I'll win the lottery and will be able to convince Traci to part with it! :-)