Monday, February 13, 2012

Latest 'Classic Comics Series' Release Announced!

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As for Donald’s fabulously wealthy uncle, Scrooge McDuck, the legendary artist behind the top-hatted tycoon noted that this character is  undoubtedly the richest in the land of fiction, but also the most miserly. 

Uncle Scrooge would never spend his money on a vacation in Hawaii— he’s too busy getting his kicks by cleaning his cash. 

'Laundry Day' (2-piece set) sculpted by Bruce Lau is the fifth release in the Classic Comics Series and Limited to Production Year 2012.

Scrooge is plussed with pewter money and eyeglass frames and inspired by a classic comic book cover.


Matthew said...

I really like the set up of this piece with the money on the line behind Scrooge. Perfectly represents the comic cover!

Justin Lopez said...

I am a sucker for accessory pieces. I have passed on the past Comic releases but I will definitely be buying this one!

Disney Showcase Key said...

This one is very funny!

But it appears to be quite little, isn't it ?

Duckman said...

I wish space hasn't become such a premium, as this might well be my favorite of the Classic Comics Series. Like you Justin, am a sucker for accessory pieces. I feel they really help flesh out a scene.

I like the detail of the wash tub ( wood effect seems to translate so well in porcelain), Scrooge's expression and the overall feel of this sculpt.

I like also, as with each release, they've stayed 100% true to the comic book cover.

Duckman said...


I checked the sizing of the previous Classic Comics Series releases. This one is the height of the 1st release (Donald and Yellowbeak).

The 2nd release (Sheriff of Bullet Valley) and the 3rd release (Scrooge at Cash Register) are taller but took into account in the 2nd one, Donald is standing on a rock and wearing a tall hat (which gives added height) and in the 3rd release, you have the height of the register.

Last year's release seems tall in comparison to all of them, based on both Mickey & Donald sitting. Would be interesting to see them all displayed together, probably giving us a better overall sizing of them when all displayed together.

For the most part, WDCC has been pretty consistent in sizing within a series.

Herc said...

This scrooge is one of my favorites. And I too am a sucker for accessories. Fantastic.

Gurgi said...

OK, not including the Mickey's Christmas Carol Scrooge's, this is my favorite rendition of Scrooge McDuck. Have to admit I'm not a Scrooge fan (except in Mickey's Christmas Carol), but the last version (with the cash regsiter) changed my mind and this piece may have just turned me into a fan. This one is so cool and I'm amazed at the exactness to the comic book cover!