Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer 2011 Releases Announced!

Click Image for Summer 2011 Announcement
Yesterday the Walt Disney Classics Collection announced the Summer 2011 releases scheduled for an August-September release.

In addition to the blog entries today, updated the following sections of the website this evening:


Gurgi said...

Once again WDCC has hit a home run and I want (and will get) every new release!

Love the Wendy, Peter & Tink piece - I think this is the best Wendy yet!

Personally, I didn't care that much for Up as a movie, but LOVE the Carl and Russell piece! So cute and touching!

Love the personality portrayed in the Grumpy event piece - definitely another sell out!

Was hoping and wondering if that Baloo & Mowgli moment was going to be done - and I got my wish - thank you, thank you, thank you! I bet the piece will look good with last year's King Louie!

Brer Bear and Lily of the Valley Fairy are wonderful additions to those scenes/series! We need nore Song of the South and Fantasia Fairies! Really like how this Fairy is kneeling instead of flying - adds variety to the series. Love Brer Bear's pose - so funny!

And since Ruben did the Hag I'm sure the detail is phenomenal! I'm sure for me it will be hard to pick which Hag I like best - this one or the first event piece.

Can't wait to see them all in person. I ordered every piece from 2010 and so far every piece from 2011. Two stellar years in a row!

Gurgi (Carl)

Anthony said...

Great selection of pieces. One of the best announcements in a while. Found your blog through the fanzone website. Great job and will be checking back in for sure!

Wicked Sairah said...

I do like all of the new figures.. but I would love to see different characters. Most of these characters have been made by the WDCC in the past.. I would love to see some less seen characters. For example, one of my fav films from my childhood was Oliver & Co. I have waited YEARS for them to make anything from this film. They did Fox & The Hound, Great Mouse Detective.. but I've seen nothing from Oliver. Makes me sad. Not saying these are bad figures, I love the Peter and Wendy one.. would just love to see different characters.

Duckman said...

I personally think a great assortment, other than the release from Up, all falling into the original premise of the Walt Disney Classics Collection when first introduced, only films during Walt Disney's lifetime.

I understand what you're saying Wicked Sairah but collecting this line since the charter year, it's the more recognizable characters that seem to do well. I've seen many requests/campaigns over the years for the more esoteric characters not being supported by the collector when released.

I applaud WDCC for taking the chances and trying to include new and different characters in each announcement. I think if collectors embrace these characters more, hopefully we'll see new more characters never done before.

So far this year (based on arrival to retailers) we've gotten Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove, Pegasus Family from Fantasia and Naveen (as a frog) from The Princess and The Frog and soon to arrive Alan-A-Dale and Friar Tuck from Robin Hood and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and The Frog and now the announcement of Carl and Russell from Up.

Matthew said...

I'm sometimes disappointed when my favorite film or character isn't represented. There are LOTS of pieces that I've long wanted done, but haven't seen yet.

However, I also understand the need for the pieces to actually SELL... for the long term viability of the line. And I want the line to last a LONG time. So, sometimes there are announcements that don't include any pieces that I want... I just look forward to the next announcement.

Wicked Sairah said...

Oh, I understand the need for them to sell. I would just like to see different characters from time to time. Which they sometimes do, and that always makes me happy to see. I love the WDCC, I hope they stick around for a long time.

I would also love to see more theme park characters (aside from Figment) Can't tell ya how long I have waited to see some Country Bears or Tiki Room. I don't believe they have done anything from those attractions yet.

Anyway, not trying to put down these awesome new figures, because they are all wonderful! Just voicing my thoughts. ;)

Herc said...

Hey Wickey Sairah, I think we all would love more theme park sculptures besides figment, but in reality, it is the theme parks who commission WDCC to create the pieces. I think the theme parks too a hit when they came out with so many Pirates of the Carribean pieces so close together, especially at such high price points. Figment is such a huge hit for the theme parks. Don't see that stopping for a while (well I hope not).

Would also love to see more esoteric pieces, but reality is reality and Tinkerbell sells. The line has to stay alive. Many dealers and the theme parks are the ones that encourage more Tinkerbells, Jiminy Crickets, Mickey Mouses, etc.

Still great to see so many new characters in the last year or two.

Herc said...

Ok, after looking over all the releases for this year, it is nice to see that we have every decade represented. Wonder if that has happened before? We should check out Don's site to find out. Here are the films/attractions we have represented this year (with some holdovers from last year): 1930s Snow White; 1940s Fantasia, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Song of the South; 1950s Cinderella, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp; 1960s Jungle Book; 1970s Robin Hood; 1980s Mickey's Christmas Carol (Nephews were delayed, but maybe another will come out at end of this year, too{please}), Figment(Epcot opened in 1982); 1990s Beauty and the Beast; 2000s Up, Emperor's New Groove (technically last year, but delivered this year); 2010s Princess and the Frog.
This is just very exciting to see. Either by fluke or planned, it is something that is pleasantly surprising. Here's hoping we get another announcement for releases before the end of the year.