Friday, May 6, 2011

'Get Grumpy': WDCC 2011 Premiere Event Sculpture!

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Of all Snow White’s seven little men, Grumpy has perhaps the most complex personality. Wearing his cantankerous heart on his well-worn sleeve, this diminutive diamond miner claims to dislike “wimmin,” but he gradually comes to love the little princess.

“Grumpy wears dull magenta colored jerkin,”noted Walt Disney, “which somehow seems to brand him as an irritable old ‘wet blanket.’ You’ve no idea how crotchety he can be, and yet, much to his own disgust, he has a very soft heart under this exterior crustiness.”

Capturing all of Grumpy’s grouchy personality, this humorously expressive sculpture shows why this lovable
crank is the most memorable of the Seven Dwarfs.

"Cantankerous Curmudgeon" sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 2,500 and is the 2011 'Get Grumpy' Premiere Event Sculpture (October 21-23, 2011) and Fifth Release in the Disney Artist Series.


Matthew said...

Patrick's sculpting on this piece is wonderful and the coloring is spot on. I really love this Grump!

A Snow White Sanctum said...

This is a really nice rendition. You see Grumpy all over the place on sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and such so sometimes it's too much. But this piece is very fresh and enticing.

Herc said...

What a great companion to Dopey holding the diamonds. A great Grump!! I know one Grumpy in New Jersey that will be very happy indeed. I'm sure he will call soon to get on the list. LOL Reaaly nice job done by Patrick. This is really one great set of releases this time.

steph said...

Hi, Grumpy is great. He will go perfect with Dopey. I hope you make the whole set!

Duckman said...

Hi Steph,

I was able to see the upcoming Grumpy event sculpture in person this past weekend. The sculpture is quite large and definitely a stand alone release.

In comparison to Dopey holding the diamonds and previous Snow White releases (original scene release, mine scene, Dopey with diamonds and membership gift Dopey) this Grumpy dwarfs them all. FYI.

Disney Showcase Key said...

Yes, I have seen it too and I must say that it is bigger than the previous dwarfs releases.

I had the opportunity to buy the number 2 !
Lucky I am :-).

Duckman said...