Friday, May 6, 2011

The Evil Witch: Poisonous Plot

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Disguised as an old peddler woman, the sinister Queen stealthily steers her boat through the tall reeds of the swampy water. The epitome of evil, this wicked witch has a precious but poisonous cargo aboard: a cursed apple intended to destroy innocent Snow White. 

Of this striking scene animation historian Al Kilgore declared that, “the Witch’s trip from her castle to the forest in the fog-shrouded dawn is the most underrated scene in the entire film. It is the most subtle use of multiplane, color, and realistic animation.” 

A truly dramatic sculpture, this powerfully crafted piece (plussed with a pewter basket handle, pewter hands, wooden oar and resin reeds), conveys the darkness of animation’s most wicked villain, as well as the passion and grandeur of Walt Disney’s first full-length animated masterpiece.

"Poisonous Plot" sculpted by Ruben Procopio is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750.

Update: Received footprint information. "Poisonous Plot" measures 7-1/2” H x 13-7/8” L x 7-5/8” W (at widest point).


Matthew said...

Two words: simply amazing!
This piece really blew me away. I'm one for environments and this piece really has it all. The reeds, the boat, the basket and apples. And the witch's expression is pure evil.
Out of the park!

Snow White Archive said...

Fantastic! This is a beaut! Can never have enough of the Old Witch :)

Gregory said...

This piece is simply SCARY and the Hag just exudes EVIL. This really catches the dark side of the Snow White film. Love it. Favorite pieceof this wave of releases.

Herc said...

I for one love this very scary piece. Ruben simply has outdone himself with this one. Love the cat tails and the movement of the water, too. She is one evil hag. This is one of the best.

Anthony said...

What an amazing piece. One of my favorite villains. Do you know when approximately in Summer 2011 it's scheduled for release? Really looking forward to this one.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Amazing! As many discussions we've had about Snow White, don't recall anyone mentioning this particular moment in the film.

The Witch (aka Hag) is spot on and love all the elements included .. reeds, cattails, basket of apples and the color palette used. Definitely looking forward to seeing this one in person.

Anthony - Retailers were told to expect an August/September arrival for all the Summer 2011 releases.

jvaldez said...

Love love love this piece. I've been hoping we'd see a new release of the old hag and here we have something that far exceeds my expectations. Will definitely be adding to my villains collection.

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love this piece. I have the Hag scene from the Villains Series. This piece, especially the face, blows that piece out of the water! I love when darker scenes from the movies are represented. While Disney is very family friendly, Walt Disney and more recent movies have had some very serious and dark moments that would translate well into this form. For instance, the hyenas during the moment Simba and Nala stumble upon the Elephant Graveyard would be great!

DC Pop Fanatic said...

jvaldez and Justin - When someone mentioned the Hag was included in the announcement in the boat, wasn't sure what to expect but like you both, was totally blown away, not what I was envisioning. As mentioned in earlier comments, really like how the dark moment of this sequence was captured so perfectly in this sculpture!

Definitely adding this one to my collection!

Chadwick Land said...

Why does Ruben have to do such great work? After Ray from The Gallery told me of his work, I'm always drawn directly to his pieces. With minimal scenery, the tone of the piece is set. She looks like she's slipping in through the tall reeds like a snake.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Ruben does amazing work! This piece reminds me of his Scrooge and Marley from Mickey's Christmas Carol, just enough setting to set the scene between the two characters.

Really looking forward to the release of the new Hag, quite possibly replacing the Event Hag as my favorite Hag done to date!