Friday, May 13, 2011

Maquettes & Artwork from Cars 2

It's been a perfect weekend to be at Walt Disney World. In addition to D23's Scavenger Hunt and Destination D, it's been a Cars 2 weekend as well. Friend and fellow collector Brent told me about the 4" Cars vinyl display at Villains Vogue in Disney Hollywood Studios, so was cool to finally see in person.

After checking the vinyl display and unable to figure a way to get it home :(, headed to the Animation Gallery to check out the maquettes and artwork (pictured below) from the upcoming Cars 2 film.

Holly Shiftwell


Finn McMissile

Lightning McQueen


jmbunkyjr said...


they still going to be down there in july? oh man if wdcc did those! traci u listening!? u already have models to work off of! fire up the kiln!


Duckman said...

Hey Jimi!

Given the movie premieres in theaters on June 24th, very possible they will still be on display when you're down in July. If so, definitely check it out!

Would definitely like to see WDCC do something from Cars. I know Mattel had done a great job with the diecast but being a WDCC collector too, would love to see them do something from this film.