Friday, May 6, 2011

Lily of the Valley Fairy: The Gentle Glow of a Luminous Lily

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As Walt Disney and his artists created Fantasia’s ethereal Fairies, director Sam Armstrong suggested that “The Fairies can
dart around like a hummingbird, then stay poised, still in the air with their wings humming; then dart again.” 

Even when still, as in this sculpted portrayal of the Lily of the Valley Fairy, the dainty sprite conveys a spirit of motion. The fantastical Fairy motif is one of the most fanciful of the many entrancing elements that
make up “The Nutcracker Suite” for, while many of the characters are nature’s own flora and fauna, the gossamer fairies are beings of pure fantasy. 

Richly plussed with bronze details including the flower stem and the glistening Fairy herself, this exquisite sculpture embodies all the enchantment of Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece and makes the ideal complement for the other dazzling Fantasia Fairy pieces from the Walt Disney Classics Collection.

"The Gentle Glow of a Luminous Lily" sculpted by Kent Melton is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500.


Matthew said...

So grateful for another Fantasia Fairy, and the Lilly of the Valley Fairy is beautiful.
I absolutely love the delicate hint of light inside each blossom. This piece will look spectacular next to the Dew Drop Fairy from several years ago.

Matthew said...

Here's to even more Fantasia in the future from WDCC!

(I'll even take time to suggest a few more... LOL)

Snowflake Fairy
Russian Dance
Arabian Dance (fish)


Gregory said...

The FANTASTIC fairies of Fantasia's Nutcracker Ballet continue! Kent does simply stunning work on these sculpts.

I have them displayed by themselves at my home. When people come to visit most don't even know they are Disney as pieces until I point it out. They are always amazed with the artistry of these pieces.

DisneyPixarFanatics said...

The Fantasia fairies are always some of the most intricate! This one is beautiful.

Herc said...

Wow, this one is gorgeous! Cannot wait to add her to the ever-growing Fantasia Fairies. Gotta call and order this one soon. I agree Matthew that we need the snowflake fairies added.
Keep them coming WDCC. In my best Field of Dreams reference, "If you create them, we will buy."

Anthony said...

Beautiful! Like the suggestion of displaying with the Dewdrop Fairy.

Duckman said...

Am a late bloomer to Fantasia, I want to thank my friends Greg, Matthew and Tim in realizing what a great film I was missing out on!

Since the beginning of the collection, purchased a few of the releases but over the past two years have gone back and picked up many of the earlier releases and the Fantasia Fairies are some of the most beautiful sculpts they've done. I'm really looking forward to the release of the Lily of the Valley Fairy. I think she's going to look amazing displayed near the Dewdrop Fairy (2002 NLE 10th Anniversary release).