Friday, May 6, 2011

Peter Pan, Wendy & Tinker Bell: I'm So Happy, I Think I'll Give You a Kiss

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When Peter Pan declares he’s taking Wendy Darling to Never Land, the entranced young girl is so overjoyed that she decides she will give Peter a kiss — and tiny but temperamental Tinker Bell is having none of it. As for Peter, he doesn’t know what a kiss is but he’s thrown off
balance at the prospect of receiving one…a rare occurrence for the bold boy from the realm of enchantment.

Plussed with a pewter feather in Peter’s
hat, pewter legs for Wendy, and
a bronze Tinker Bell, this dynamic
sculpture — bringing together the
three most treasured figures from the
spellbinding tale of Never Land —
reflects Walt Disney’s words: “All the characters in Peter Pan are in some way touched with magic,”even, as Walt described her, “beloved Wendy.”

"I'm So Happy, I Think I'll Give You a Kiss" sculpted by Dusty Horner is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 1,500 and the second time the Nursery Scene has been visited by the Walt Disney Classics Collection.  

The first scene included Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael and Nana (all sculpted by Kent Melton), a Bed Base and Window Base (sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons) which included a Tinker Bell miniature (sculpted by Chris Peterson).  From this particular scene, I only did Nana and looking forward to displaying her with this sculpture slated for Summer 2011.


Matthew said...

This has so much whimsy and personality. I love Wendy's pose and Pan's reaction. The miniature (life size LOL) Tinker Bell is wonderful. Sure to please all Pan fans!

Gregory said...

This is probably my second favorite release of this batch of sculptures. The Tink is awesome!!! Great movement and really helps tell the story of the Wendy / Tink rivalry.

This piece has inspired me to add Nana, Bed base and John/Michael to my collection to create my own Bedroom Scene from Peter Pan.

Herc said...

Cutest piece ever!! Love this one. This is one of my favorites. The look on Peter's face is classic. Just a wonderful piece. Dusty has outdone himself yet again. Truly magical.

Anthony said...

Another great piece. My 1st release from Peter Pan. Might look for the older nursery pieces too.

Duckman said...

Am such a fan of this film and was totally surprised with this release. Yes, we got a hint in the Disney Geek episode when a panned shot of some WDCC showed (from the knees down) what was a Peter Pan and Wendy sculpt.

Their facial expressions are priceless! From the images, might be my favorite sculpts of Peter and Wendy to date and love the inclusion of Tinker Bell. This piece has so much emotion going for it .. love, shock, jealousy.

As mentioned in my blog entry, I passed on the original Nursery Scene, only picking up Nana at the time. I think this new release is going to make a great companion piece for Nana!

Anonymous said...

As I stated in an earlier post about Baloo, I love the characters interacting with one another in this piece. I love your idea about Nana. I was even thinking about the bed scene with the boys but they are impossible to find :) I wonder if we will ever get the Darling children or even Hook represented in the collection again some day.

Duckman said...

I think if this release was done as individual sculptures, it would not have captured the moment as it has, being done as a single sculpt.

I'm really looking forward to displaying this piece with Nana. A friend of mine has already begun looking for the Bed Base and John and Michael and mentioned none were to be found.

Good question. This is the 4th time that Wendy has been represented, John and Michael only done twice.

I think John & Michael, marching with the Lost Boys ("Follow the Leader" sequence) on the log would be a great piece. Captain Hook, have always hoped they would do him when he's straddling Croc's mouth.

Thea said...

where can you buy this figurine?

Duckman said...

It was available thru authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection retailers at the time of its release.

Unsure of its availability at this time.

Monisha Gagneja said...

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