Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review: Dr. Facilier from 'The Princess and The Frog'

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On Tuesday, I blogged that retailers were starting to see the arrival of Dr. Facilier from The Princess and The Frog and Friar Tuck from Robin Hood.

I was so impressed by Dr. Facilier from the image supplied by Enesco, I pre-ordered him without waiting to see in person.  Dr. Facilier arrived today and am very pleased!

Even though we knew its height (11-1/4"), the sculpture is much larger than I was envisioning.  So much for shrinkage, eh? ]:)

The detail is amazing, from his bony body structure to his fingers in his outstretched left hand.  Facially, he is spot on from the purple shading of his pupils to the gap between his front teeth!  Dr. Facilier is plussed with pewter (his arm, legs, the feather in his hat and his sinister staff) and a purple glass orb atop his staff.

Kudos to sculptor, Patrick Romandy-Simmons for bringing this two-dimensional character to life in a three-dimensional sculpture! 

Dr. Facilier is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500 and the 2011 Villains Series release, bearing the Villains Series backstamp. 

When Dr. Facilier was announced, only a front view image was available.  Below are images I took this evening showing additional angles of Dr. Facilier and also with Naveen (as Frog) on Balcony and Tiana for size comparison.

Side View-Click for Larger View

Back View-Click for Larger View

I also photographed some images showing Dr. Facilier with the recently released Prince Naveen (as a Frog) on the balcony with Tiana to see the three sculptures interacting with one another and for size comparison as well. Please click each image for a larger view.


Gregory said...

GREAT PIECE. Can't wait for mine. I love that it is so large and perfectly in scale with Tiana!

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hey Greg,

The three pieces look SO great together!

Fingers crossed given these pieces are doing quite well, we'll see more from The Princess and The Frog! Love to see Mama Odie, Louis and Ray! Are you listening WDCC?? ]:)

Matthew said...

Thanks so much for your review, Don... and particularly for the additional photos.

I think that he looks even BETTER in your photos than he did on the official image.

This sculpt has such personality... he really draws you in.

I love the glass bead.

Although not a scene with Tiana and Naveen, I think he works very well with both of those other pieces... looks like he's getting ready to speak some vodoo magic to Tiana and make her transition to frog.

Great job Patrick and WDCC!

DC Pop Fanatic said...

You're welcome Matthew!

I know many collectors prefer seeing the sculpture(s) in an actual environment vs. just a cleaned-up photoshop image and/or with enhanced background.

If you think he even looks better in these photos, you should see in person!

Another thing I noticed when viewing the images again this morning on a larger monitor, how Patrick sculpted his back, showing the definition of his bony frame through his jacket. It's this attention to detail, which to me, is what sets WDCC apart from anything else.

Agree. Given he is who turned Naveen into a frog, him paired with these two figures, helps flesh out the story more in your display. JTDO.

Matthew said...

I noticed that about his back as well and really thought that was spectacular detail!

DQ said...

I cannot wait to get mine and my balcony, they look so great with Tiana.

Does he also have the Umbrella production mark?

DC Pop Fanatic said...

I think you'll be very pleased Yvonne! The balcony in itself has a lot of detail. Naveen's expression is priceless, something that is not truly captured in photos. Very pleased with how these three sculptures work together.

No, Dr. Facilier, at least from the dealer I got mine, all had the 2010 production mark.

Anonymous said...

I was able to see this piece in person. I have to agree with all of the comments :) It was stunning. However, the piece I was looking at was a bit sloppy as there were parts missing paint or a sloppy paint job like by the necklace. I know it sounds picky but $250 I would like the best haha

Anonymous said...

I know you get your pieces from the Gallery. Do you think they would mind inspecting the piece before sending it out to me? I hate to ask that but I have gotten pieces from Disney World and other retailers that just weren't up to par.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hi Justin,

Not sounding picky at all. Totally agree. Given the cost, you want to make sure something you're 100% happy with. If like me, if you accept a piece you feel doesn't meet up to your expectations, you're eye will always go to that when looking at the sculpture and you won't get the enjoyment from it as you should.

I'm very picky as well. One piece that comes to mind is the NLE Briar Rose. I passed up on some very low numbers until finding the piece that met my expectations on how it was painted and never added the Tribute Series Hunchback and Esmerelda to my collection for that reason.

I don't think Ray would mind at all. I think you should mention the piece you saw and what you didn't like about it. In the long run, saves on both you and he, if not happy returning and having a replacement sent.