Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New WDCC Arrivals Arriving at Retailers This Week!

More of the Spring 2011 Releases have begun to arrive at retailers!  Showing up this week are Dr. Facilier from The Princess and The Frog and Friar Tuck from Robin Hood.

Oozing with Southern charm and deceptive promises, magical, mystical Dr. Facilier is the deceitful voodoo man who masks his dark purposes with an underhanded pledge to make dreams come true.

“He’s musical, he’s threatening, he’s tall, he’s lean, he’s thin,” observes supervising animator Bruce Smith of this versatile villain. “He can be very sweet. He’s handsome. He’s graceful. And I think all that stuff is, in very contemporary animation anyway, rare to see in that type of villain.”

Sinister Shadow Man sculpted by Patrick Romandy Simmons is plussed with pewter and a glass bead topping his sinister staff. This shadowy figure is being a honored as a truly classic baddie and is the 2011 release in the scary-but-sought-after Disney Villains Series.

Dr. Facilier is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500.

Oo-de-lally golly — what a day for a wedding! Jolly Friar Tuck was starting to think England didn’t have a prayer in the greedy paws of Prince John but now that heroic Robin Hood has triumphed, this ebullient cleric has the last chuckle as brave Robin weds beautiful Maid Marian.

Bemused Badger sculpted by Bruce Lau, joins the previously released Wedding Scene (consisting of Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Skippy the Rabbit and Toby the Turtle) from Robin Hood marking his Walt Disney Classics Collection debut!  Friar Tuck is Limited to Production Year 2011.


Matthew said...

Great news, Don!
Keep them coming WDCC.

Duckman said...

It's been an awesome year for WDCC, great sculpts keep coming and coming!

My Dr. Facilier is on the way .. SO can't wait!

Anxiously (ok, impatiently) waiting for the Summer 2011 line up to hit retailers!

Matthew said...

Will be awaiting your review when you receive him!

Duckman said...

Will try to take some photos of him with Tiana and Naveen and post!

Bob said...

We recieved our Dr. Facilier and Friar Tuck from GOL yesterday.

Great, Great pieces!!!!! Dr. Facilier is much larger than I thought. But given his size I feel he fits well with the Tiana and Naveen sculpts. Just a great piece!! Patrick as usually did an amazing job with him!!!!!

Friar Tuck is really large in girth and is one of those pieces when you look at it,it brings a smile to your face.....:)Great job Bruce!!!

Both have the SITS production mark.

WDCC keep up the great job!!!!!!!!

Duckman said...

Hi Bob,

My Dr. Facilier arrived yesterday, simply Amazing! Patrick did an awesome job!

Didn't get Friar Tuck. Sadly, lack of space, my Robin Hood pieces are packed away. On the fence getting him and Alan-A-Dale just in case at some point I could actually display them and and don't want to regret not getting either of these pieces.

Justin said...

Oh you must get at least Friar Tuck :) This is probably (most likely) the only time we will see this character in 3D form! I am on the fence with Alan-A-Dale bc he is not a character that jumps into my head when I think "Robin Hood".

Duckman said...

I keep hearing great reviews on Friar Tuck and think the Robin Hood releases have all been done quite well but sadly due to lack of space am unable to display them. Hate having pieces in boxes and unable to enjoy :(

Hopefully I won't regret down the line passing on both he and Alan-A-Dale. Funny, that character comes to mind immediately for me but then again, my daughter watched this movie continuously when younger and recall him narrating (and singing) throughout the film.