Friday, May 6, 2011

Brer Bear: A Hankering for Hare

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Galumphing and a bit bumbling, Brer Bear is Brer Fox’s bosom buddy, so when the crafty fox is ready to roast Brer Rabbit for dinner, the burly big guy is more than ready to dig in. 

"The charm of animation is simplicity and pantomime,” noted Eric Larson, one of the animal trio’s directing animators. “Where could you find three more clearly defined characters getting into strange predicaments than in [the tales of Brer Rabbit]? The characters were especially fun to animate because they showed a lot of thinking going on behind them.” 

Brer Bear (plussed with a pewter knife and fork) completes this classic scene between the clever rabbit, the sly fox and the dim-witted bruin, showing the rich and colorful chemistry Walt Disney and his artists crafted for the “three Brers.”

"A Hankering for Hare" sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons is Limited to Production Year 2011.


Matthew said...

I've been looking forward to the possibility of a new Brer Bear since last year's release of the new scene. I'm so happy that he's been added this year and I've already pre-ordered. So glad to have the trio of "brers" (love that) together again. Thank you for adding him WDCC!

Gregory said...

Cute piece - I really like it. But will probably pass simply because I am so in love with the original WDCC SotS set.

Herc said...

In discussions in our group, we've been talking about the possibility of adding brer bear and like Matthew said, glad the third brer was added. Would love to have had the table but this big lug plopped on the log is a perfect rerpresentation. Cannot wait to get him to finish out the scene. Patrick did another wonderful job. Thanks WDCC for finishing the scene. Love it!!

Anonymous said...

When Brer Rabbit and Fox were announced last year, I was interested at first but then had to pass for movies I was more familiar with. However, this piece did me in :) I called Gallery of the Lakes and ordered them all yesterday! I cannot wait to add this scene to my collection.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

It truly did turn out to be a great scene. Had I not the original scene (and not experiencing limited space), I too would have added these pieces to my collection as well!