Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Princess Tiana Makes Her WDCC Debut at D23 Expo!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection is pleased to celebrate the return of hand-drawn animation and the historic debut of a new Disney Princess with a beautiful sculpture, Tiana ("Wishing on the Evening Star") as portrayed in Disney's upcoming feature film, The Princess and the Frog.

Limited quantities of the sculpture will premiere as an early release to collectors attending Disney's D23 Expo, September 10 - 13, 2009 in Anaheim, California. Additional details including artist signings at the Expo will be announced through www.D23EXPO.com as they are finalized. The sculpture will be available at authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection retailers later this fall.

The Princess and the Frog film is scheduled to open on November 25, 2009 in New York and Los Angeles and nationwide on December 11, 2009. Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection retailers will be able to order this sculpture when the fourth quarter releases are announced in the next two weeks and it will begin shipping to retailers in late October.

The elegant sculpture is 8-1/2" tall. Tiana's dress is plussed with opalescent paint, her hair features pewter curls and her necklace includes a sparkling crystal. An Open Edition release, she was sculpted by artist Kent Melton and has a SRP of $125.00 US.

Special Note: Additional angles (back and side view) of Princess Tiana have been added. Please click on image of Princess Tiana for sculpture information and additional angles.


Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

Fantastic and Taking orders now for anyone who wants it.. Free shipping as always

Leonard said...

I'm so excited about D23. I can't wait to see what Disney has in store for us, especially in regards to this movie. I've seen the trailer and I'm still unsure on where they're taking the story! :)

Matthew said...

Don, the piece is beautiful and at a surprising price point!

I'm looking forward to the story of Tiana and this is just another nudge of excitement!

Nice to see a sneak preview of the 4th quarter.

Babette said...

The piece really looks pretty and the dress almost glistens or shimmers. Love the tiara!!

Duckman said...

Leonard-I know very little of the story, other than the few trailers I've seen. Since seeing the sculpture, even more interested now in the story and can't wait to see the film. Please be sure to report back what else is unveiled from this film at D23.

Matthew-Was a nice surprise/diversion yesterday to a rather busy day. I think the sculpture is stunning, another awesome job by Kent!

Michelle-Have always been a fan of the opalescent paint but it really "shines" on this sculpture. Such an awesome shade of blue. Like the pose, overall coloring of the sculpture and the plussing. So looking forward to this one ;)

Gregory said...

My excitement for this movie is only building the more I hear and read about it. I feel like it's really going to be a huge success. I have high hopes for Disney and the success of this film.

Seeing this piece only makes me that much more excited for the theatrical release of Princess and the frog. Even without seeing the movie yet, this piece is hard to resist. I love the paint job on her dress and the price point can't be beat either. I think Tiana will certainly be in my collection at some point in the near future.

Very excited. Looks like another winner from the WDCC - no doubt 2009 is going down as a banner year for the WDCC.

dopey926 said...

This piece looks totaly irresitible! It looks amazing on the pictures you did, Don, I can only imagine how spectacular it will be in person.

The colors are amazing and, as Babs said, so is her tiara!

Once again, WDCC is knocking it out of the park!

Duckman said...

Greg & Toni-WDCC is really on a roll this year with release choices. This piece is absolutely stunning! Both Mary & I love the coloring of her dress and the effects using opalescent paint give it.

Looking forward to this film VERY much! When I heard Anika Noni Rose was voicing Tiana, couldn't have been more happier!

Bob said...

What else can be said, this is a great piece and such a surprise from WDCC. Thanks for a great year of releases, and we still have the remainder of the fourth quarter announcements, can't wait.

I am also looking forward to this film.
As Don said I was excited also to hear Anika Noni Rose
was voicing Tiana. I'm been a fan of her's since I started watching #1 Ladies Detective Agency on HBO. She has a comical supporting role in the series and does such a great job with the role.