Monday, September 28, 2009

Maleficent's Transformation: Concept Drawings & Film Capture

Ruben Procopio has just updated his blog, Masked Avenger Studios with Concept Drawings of the upcoming Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of Maleficent transforming into the Dragon. The entry also includes film strip stills of the moment as well.

Plussed with glass and pewter, this magnificent piece, one of the most unusual and elaborate sculptures ever crafted by the Walt Disney Classics Collection, captures every fearsome detail of Maleficent’s terrifying transformation, reflecting the sublime artistry of Walt Disney’s animated classic Sleeping Beauty.

Maleficent's Transformation, a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500 was sculpted by Ruben Procopio. This marks the Dragon's second appearance in the collection.


Koen said...

Nice to see the other ideas. Liked them too. And nice to see the comparison to the actual movie, so one can see that it's just a real representation of how it was in the movie and not something that looks wrong. I'm not sure i'll get it, since the size is huge, but if space wasn't an issue, i would get it.

Babette said...

Love the ribs in the dragon, that detail really helps make the piece, gives the dragon that bat-like effect. Ruben did an amazing job with this sculpt. Not a collector of SB pieces, but this one would be a great one to add to any collection.

jmbunkyjr said...

I really love to see Ruben's sketches! They are always so awesome. Also look at the date. 12/07 wow 2 years in the making plus that's when he did it prob not when it was decided to be done more than 2 years later. There is so much time and effort that goes into all of this collection!


Duckman said...

Koen-Agree. Was nice to see the concept drawing for the finalized sculpture plus the other possibilities. Each concept looked cool but like the different approach they went with what was chosen. Watching the YouTube clip, a cool moment from the film. Like you, size/space is an issue but look forward to seeing this one in person to see how it truly translated in person.

Michelle-I really like all the detail seen from the back view of the Dragon's wings. From this angle, you see where the wings are transformed from Maleficent's cape. It appears the purple and black of the wings/cape are two layers.

Jimi-I appreciate Ruben including these on his blog. Thanks for pointing out the date Jimi, I think this gives people a better idea of how long a piece is in process before completion.