Monday, August 31, 2009

Skippy Rabbit & Toby Turtle are Sold Out!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection is pleased to announce the SOLD OUT status of Skippy Rabbit ("Attentive Attendant") and Toby Turtle ("Peering Page") from Disney's feature film, Robin Hood.

Skippy Rabbit and Toby Turtle were part of a new scene release from Robin Hood released in May, 2009 that also featured Robin Hood and Maid Marian ("Merry Matrimony") in their wedding attire.

Both sculptures were sculpted by Bruce Lau and Limited to Production Year 2009. Robin Hood and Maid Marian, an Open Edition release, are still available.

The scene was featured on the cover of the most recent Sketches Magazine.


Babette said...

glad I got mine as soon as they came out. Toby is such a cutie!

Duckman said...

Same here Babs! Very happy how both worked with the original Robin Hood scene release.

Hopefully these did as well as Marketing hoped and we see more characters added in 2010. There are so many great characters that are part of this scene that could be added! JTDO.

Koen said...

Very happy to hear that. Glad i got mine early. But if they were limited to production year 2009, shouldn't they still be produced for about 4 months? I always thought that it meant they would produce them the rest of the year and then they finish making them.

I think these will be a couple of pieces that will increase in value when time passes. I mean, they were gone after only a short time, many might have missed them.

Duckman said...

I too wondered how they handled items that were limited to a specific production year. Do they initiate orders that allow production to flow until the end of that year or schedule so many orders, once they're produced, that's it?

Glad also I got mine when first released. Twice have waited on pieces, thinking I had plenty of time, then had to search out. Will be interesting to watch the secondary value on these.