Thursday, September 10, 2009

D23 Expo Debut of WDCC Princess Tiana!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection premiered limited quantities as an early release to collectors attending Disney's D23 Expo, September 10 - 13, 2009 in Anaheim, California. I'd like to thank Mark Maron from Art Partners Collectibles Inc., Gallery for taking this photo at the D23 Expo to share with everyone. Thanks Mark!

The elegant sculpture is 8-1/2" tall. Tiana's dress is plussed with opalescent paint, her hair features pewter curls and her necklace includes a sparkling crystal. An Open Edition release, she was sculpted by artist Kent Melton and has a SRP of $125.00 US.

The Princess and the Frog film is scheduled to open on November 25, 2009 in New York and Los Angeles and nationwide on December 11, 2009.


Koen said...

She looks gorgeous...

do you expect a 4th quarter announcement at D23?

Duckman said...

Agree Koen, such a stunning piece!

Have not heard anything regarding a 4th quarter announcement at D23 :(

Bob said...

Thanks for the update Don. Kent as always, did a great job with her.

I love her expression, so innocent.

I think this will be our first Princess piece.

Herc said...

Wow I really like this one. Very delicate. Bob, I cannot believe you don't have any other princesses. Does anyone know if there was a special D23 stamp if picked up at the Expo? Wonder how it was received at the Expo? Also, Is Tiana part of the 4th quarter? Cannot wait to get this one for Emily. She's already stoked about the movie from what she saw in DisneyWorld last week.

Jason S. said...

Hey Jeff,
Yes, she is part of the 4th quarter. And, no, there was no special D23 backstamp for the Expo early release. From what I heard, the decision to release Tiana at the Expo came too late to allow for a special backstamp to be included. Like you, I'm also interested in hearing how well she is going over.

Duckman said...

Hey Bob,

Mark Maron posted the following today from the D23 Expo:

Smaller than we thought & not so glazed. Far better than the pic. Then again Disney never seems to be able to take a good pic.

Can't wait to see this one in person. Was surprised this could be your first princess sculpture. What gives? :)

Duckman said...

Hey Jeff,

No, there wasn't a special backstamp for those who purchased at the Expo. Those in attendance were given the opportunity to purchase in advance.

Princess Tiana is part of the 4th Qtr. releases. Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection retailers will be able to order this sculpture when the fourth quarter releases are announced and it will begin shipping to retailers in late October.

From conversations I had last night, she was very well received. Quite a few teal boxes were spotted around the Expo and there were a lot of questions about the sculpture, so there appears to be a healthy interest. I have no quantitative information, just this kind of feedback so far.

Herc said...

Glad to hear the good news Don.
Thanks to Don and Jason for the D23 update on the "no backstamp". Saves me from calling friends in attendance to pick one up.
Wonder if the fourth quarter wil be announced at D23. Everything else seems to be. LOL

Jason S. said...

Thanks Don for all the angles and information on this release (thanks to Mark, too, for the additional frontal view). Looks like a wonderful piece; of course, Kent always seems to do a fantastic job with the ladies. I think I actually like the original side angle best. Can't wait till the film opens in December!

Jeff & Koen, from what I heard about the 4th quarter, no announcement is planned for the Expo, likely because Enesco doesn't have their own booth there. Disney Consumer Products was offered 4th quarter pieces to place on display, but it would depend on how they were arranging/theming their booth on whether or not they would actually use them. Given we haven't heard anything, good chance they decided not to display them.

Babette said...

Love the full view of the piece! Great photo!! She really is very very pretty. Another amazing job by Kent!