Friday, September 25, 2009

Spirit of the Season Premiere Event (09/25-09/27)

The Spirit of the Season Premiere Event, featuring Jiminy Cricket from Mickey's Christmas Carol starts today!

Jiminy Cricket will be available through all participating Walt Disney Classics Collection Authorized Dealers and the Walt Disney Theme Parks, September 25-27, 2009.

Jiminy Cricket, sculpted by Ruben Procopio is plussed with a resin umbrella and resin flame.


jmbunkyjr said...

i got mine a few weeks go, Don. What a great piece. Great size and I love the candle holder how it was done. I can't wait to put it out this holiday!


DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hey Jimi,

Same here. Such an amazing sculpture and another great addition to the Mickey's Christmas Carol Series.

Really like the attention paid to detail on both the candleholder and candle.

This might be my favorite Jiminy in the line!

Gregory said...

This piece made my head tuen the second I saw it announced on your site with the new release for Quarter 3. The sculpt is even more impressive than the pictures. This *IS* my favorite Jiminy and I cant wait to display it with Marley and Scrooge coming in a few weeks.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hey Greg,

This was my favorite release from the 3rd Qtr. releases. Photos just don't capture all the detail in this sculpt.

I like how WDCC took the candle from the Scrooge & Marley piece and did it full size as they've done. Look forward to displaying the two pieces together. Now just need to get my Scrooge and Marley on pre-order!

Unknown said...

We still have 4 available, ,call us for your!

Herc said...

Love it.
It is larger than I thought. So much detail. Glad I was able to get it.

Herc said...

Surprise your presales didn't sell this one out. Every store I've talked to are completely out with waiting lists.

jmbunkyjr said...


Deff my favorite!


Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

We still have 3 left that we now pulled from storage.. FREE Domestic shipping on ALL!!

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Mark-Have to agree with Jeff, kinda surprised you didn't sell this one out in pre-sales.

Jimi-Definitely my favorite Jiminy! Can't wait for in little over a week from now to finally release this amazing sculpture from the confines of it's green box .. LOL!