Saturday, September 12, 2009

Authorized Dealer Portion of Walt & Oswald has Sold Out!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection has announced the Authorized Dealer portion (General Edition of 1,100) of Walt and Oswald ("True Originals") has Sold Out!

Sculpted by renowned Disney artist Ruben Procopio, the sculpture is a General Limited Edition of 1,500. 400 of the General Limited Edition was produced with an exclusive Walt Disney Archives Collection/D23 backstamp.

Please Note: Only the Authorized Dealer portion of 1,100 has sold out. The remaing portion of 400 with the special backstamp is still available to D23 members on the Disney Shopping website.

Before Mickey came to be, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit hopped to animated stardom from the pen and ink of the early Disney Brothers Studio. This dapper Walt Disney sculpture celebrates his seminal success with the happy-go-lucky hare. Plussed with pewter ears, it is presented on custom hardwood base with inlaid porcelain plaque commemorating "Walt Disney and Oswald'' in a vintage art font. The sculpture can be removed from its base.

Please check with Authorized WDCC Dealers for availability.


Herc said...

Surprised that the D23 portion didn't sell out. Only 400. I myself usually try for the backstamps. Gives it a special touch.
Glad to hear that another wonderful sculpt is sold out (well through dealers).

Bob said...

More good news for WDCC!!!!!
What a great year for all at
Classics Headquarters.

Jeff, I do the same in trying for any special backstamps. It is suprising the D23 portion didn't sell out yet. I'm sure it's only a matter of time and they will be gone too.

Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

we still have 8 in stock NOW for anyone who is looking,.