Friday, September 18, 2009

WDCC Product Update (Sold Out, Suspensions & On Alert)

The Walt Disney Classics Collection announces the following:

Sold Out
  • Sorcerer Mickey ("Impatient Apprentice")-Limited to Production Year 2009 from Fantasia, 2nd release in Disney Artist Series
  • Scrooge and Marley ("Tonight You Will Be Visited By Three Spirits")-NLE of 750 from Mickey's Christmas Carol
  • Witches ("Enamored Enchantresses")-Limited to Production Year 2008 from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Stitch in Elvis Costume ("Long Live the King")-Open Edtion from Quintessentially Disney (Spotlight Collection)
  • Pinocchio ("He's My Conscience")-Open Edition from Pinocchio ( Pool Table Scene)
On Alert
  • Bat Kid ("Terrifying Tyke")-Limited to Production Year 2009 from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Sheriff Donald & Nephews ("The Sheriff of Bullet Valley")-Limited to Production Year 2009, 2nd release Classic Comics Series
  • Dr. Frankenollie ("Mad Monkey")-NLE of 750 from Runaway Brain
  • Mulan and Father ("When it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all")-NLE of 500 from Mulan
Please check with your Authorized WDCC Dealer for Availability.


Herc said...

Never thought Dr. Frankenollie would be on the list so fast. Also need to fit in Sheriff of Bullet Valley.

As usual, the NBC pieces are cleaning up. They never seem to last.

Another hit for Ruben with the Scrooge and Marley. I hope with the recent pre-event sellout of Jiminy on the candle and Scrooge and Marley, we will see much more from this holiday classic.

Herc said...

I also forgot to mention that WDCC had another successful addition to the Disney Artist Series. With Tinkerbell on the leaf selling out very quickly around the event and now Impatient Apprentice selling out before the end of the year, I have high hopes for the third release in this series. Seems to be "the series to have". Wonderful sculptures.