Sunday, September 27, 2009

A New Scene Grouping from Beauty and the Beast

Last week, the Walt Disney Classics Collection announced a new scene release from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. This new scene features a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release of Belle and Beast along with the Enchanted Objects (Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts & Chip and Babette) , designed to be in exact scale to Belle and Beast.

The above grouping depicts the new scene release with three (3) previously released Enchanted Objects that were done in full scale and work perfectly with this new scene .. the Hatrack ("
Hospitable Hat Rack"), Dog Footstool ("Frisky Footstool") and Wardrobe ("You'll Look Ravishing in This One").


Bob said...

Don, great job as usual with the grouping.
It seems the previously released pieces do work well,
with the new.

We are really looking forward to these new pieces.
Especially since we don't have a Beast in our collection now.

Matthew said...

This scene just looks awesome! I do love how you can pull in the other pieces released earlier to fill it out.

Such a warm, inviting scene... I can hear the fireplace crackling in the background!

Gregory said...

Don - you read my mind. The three older Enchanted Objects pieces (already in scale) look great with the new scale appropriate Enchnated Objects. May need to hunt for these older pieces now.

Duckman said...

Bob - Thanks! Still amazed you don't have a Beast sculpt in your collection yet. The Dancing Beast and Fury Unleashed are 2 other Beasts that you should seriously consider ]:)

Matthew - I really like how the grouping looks together. Jason had suggested also in an earlier posting how a fireplace addition would make a cool backdrop for this scene. Let's hope Enesco is reading :)

Greg - If nothing else Greg, hightly recommend the Wardrobe. Such an incredible piece. My favorite of the Enchanted Objects!

jmbunkyjr said...


Looks good. Great for those who never got the old ones!


Herc said...

Looks great Don.
Now this is a great display. I wonder how it would work with the Dancing Couple also?

And Bob, no Beast in your collection yet? What?