Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A New Chapter Begins!

As Belle, dressed in her wintertime finery, and the Beast pause by the cozy fire, their friends smile as a new and warm relationship between their cursed master and his beautiful visitor blossoms.

Belle & Beast, a Numbered Limited Edition of 1,500 is sculpted by Dusty Horner. The Enchanted Objects (Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts & Chip, Lumiere and Babette) are Open Edition and sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

The Enchanted Objects are plussed with pewter, bronze and wire and specially designed to be in exact scale to Belle and Beast.

For your viewing pleasure (courtesy of YouTube.com) is the sequence from the film the sculptures were chosen:

Beauty and the Beast ©Disney


Koen said...

This is my favourite this quarter, and possibly this year. Already ordered mine.

Babette said...

A must have for me! 2nd favorite piece of the year.....Great faces on Belle and Beast which is always the trickiest part of these characters to capture, I think. And, my 3rd Babette!! whoo hoo!

jmbunkyjr said...

I like this one also. On the fence though. I have pretty much everything from this movie. It would go nice just on it's own with the rest of the movie pieces even if I didn't get the new Enchanted objects to go with it. Actually I know I won't get the new enchanted objects. I have the old ones and these are pretty much the same. Well Lumiere and Cogsworth are diff but Babette and Mrs Potts with Chip are the same. Not WDCC's fault cause I mean how many poses can you get out of a broom and tea pot with a cup.

Belle and Beast might just be one of those I wait on and get it later if it's around.


Matthew said...

Belle and Beast are wonderful, but I'm just thrilled with the Objects.

The size of the original Objects always bothered me, and I disliked putting them with any other pieces because they were such a different scale.

These will be a must-have. Dare I say they are cute?

Gregory said...

The size of the original Enchanted Objects in relation to the other pieces BatB WDCC pieces always bothered me as well Matthew. So I never bought them. I will be getting these Enchanted Objects though to go with my older BatB piece. Probably going to pass on the Belle/Beast piece. Simply because space and money are an issue at this point. The piece itself is quite well done and I am sure BatB collectors will be thrilled.

Jason S. said...

Of the 4th quarter releases, I'd definitely say this is my favorite. As both Matthew and Gregory mentioned, I am loving the in-scale size of the Enchanted Objects. Glad to see they are being made open edition as they will work just as well with prior B&B releases. Being on the smaller side, I think Jacqueline did an amazing job with the detailing so they do not look inferior to their larger counterparts at all.

And kudos once again to Dusty for an amazing job with Belle and the Beast! Never did get the original dancing pair, so am really liking this new sculpting for my collection. You can just see the affection passing between these two as they gaze at each other.

Since the write-up mentioned the "cozy fire," took a look at the scene and wouldn't mind seeing the fireplace added as an accessory to this scene. It looks quite daunting at first as the scene begins, but looking at it in the background in relation to Belle & the Beast when the Enchanted Objects appear, I think it could be doable as a sculpt. They did release Snow White's hearth after all, so it's within the realm of possibility.

Herc said...

How could anyone not like these pieces. They are absolutely wonderful. It will look great next to my "He didn't Shudder at my Paw" piece.
The objects are wonderful. Babs must be thrilled. I can see them working with the original Belle and Beast dancing couple as well as Holiday Belle.
They are all wonderful.

Tink302 said...

I love Belle and Beast. This is one of my favorite parts of the movie and I think it was captured beautifully. The enchanted objects are just great. I've always loved miniatures and these look adorable. I think we will have to get this set!

Bob said...

Dusty is right on with this piece. The facial features of both Belle and the Beast are amazing.

No question this piece will be added to our collection.

Duckman said...

This scene is both a favorite of Mary's and mine. When I first saw the sculpture, when I see Belle with a book with Beast, I immediately thought of her in the green dress, so immediately did some searching on YouTube and found the moment. It's just a quick instance but this is what I like about WDCC, when they capture that quick second moment from a film, something not overdone like other mediums.

I was always disappointed in the Shudder at my Paw sculpt, both in the way Belle's face was done and her overall coloring. Dusty captured this one spot on! My favorite pieces many times are those that capture that sense of movement (not a static pose), and you can see this sense of movement in the back view in both Belle and Beast.

The Enchanted Objects done in scale is a nice added touch as well. I have the original Enchanted Objects done in full size but will be doing them in the smaller scale as well. This reminds me of the Birds and Mice from Cinderella where their actual size in relation to the Dress were captured in miniatures and then a larger size version were made available as well in the Birds and Mice Scene.

Duckman said...

Special Note: I updated the presentation page with detailed plussing information for Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts & Chip and Babette. FYI.