Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Waltz Upon The Wind

Waltzing through the air, the wondrous Milkweed Ballerinas enchant all onlookers with their light-as-air charm and graceful colors. Though its beautiful members have neither face nor features, this quaint corps deballet is among nature’s most expressive and delightful dancers.

Plussedwith pewter and bronze, this exquisite sculpture reflectsall the delicate beauty of Walt Disney’s Fantasia.

"A Waltz Upon the Wind" is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500 and sculpted by Kent Melton.

For your viewing pleasure (courtesy of YouTube.com) is the sequence from the film the sculpture was chosen:

Fantasia ©Disney


Koen said...

I like it alot. Nice complement to the other Fantasia fairies pieces.

Babette said...

Definitely my favorite of the quarter, and maybe the whole year. Lovely, just absolutely lovely. Another great job by Kent!
Will look fantastic with all my other Fantasia fairy collection.

jmbunkyjr said...

What a great looking piece. I love it. It is done so well. I love these floating pieces. When people are at our house they always comment on Crush and Squirt, Belle and the rose, and tink in the Lantern on how they look like they aren't attached. These pieces make great conversation to show how this collection separates itself from anything else out there.

I'm not a big Fantasia fan so I'll pass, but it's a real winner and the won't need me to sell this one out.


Matthew said...

I've been thinking about this piece for years (as you know)... and in my mind's eye it was always pretty static. I guess I'm just not that imaginative. I couldn't think of a way that the piece would be able to contain all of the magic that this sequence has for me.

Imagine my utter surprise at how Kent precisely captured the floating... drifting quality of this sequence perfectly. How can you convey the word "gentle" in porcelain? Well, this piece does that with perfection.

It's also spectacular looking for any angle! (Thanks for the alternate views.)

I'm amazed at this piece. It actually made me gasp, then sigh at its simple beauty.

I can't adequately express my thanks to Traci, Kent and the team for providing the highlight of my WDCC year.

Gregory said...

LOVE THIS PIECE. My favorite piece of the 4th quarter. A great way to end a spectacular year for the WDCC. Kent really captured the grace and beauty of this scene perfectly. The effect of the milkweeds floating in done by stacking them delicately on top of each other but making them small as if coming in from the distance - PERFECT. I can't wait to add this to the other Nutcracker Suite Fairies.

Now is we could just get the flowers from the Russian Dance segment (Hint, Hint Disney!)

Jason S. said...

While I have not been collecting the Fantasia fairy releases, I can certainly appreciate the artistry inherent in them. Kent has once again done an outstanding job in bringing to life such a delicate moment. I almost wonder if Kent did all these pieces at once, and they are just slowly releasing them over the years.

It is sure to be a quick sell-out at only 500 pieces, just as its predecessor the Frost Fairies was, with those owning the prior Fairy pieces wanting to add this new Ballet to their set. Once again, this is the type of piece that can easily appeal to both the Disney and non-Disney fan for diplay in their homes.

Herc said...

I have already called to place my pre-order for this one. Love it. Very delicate looking. They look like they are floating. The Fantasia Fairy collection has added another winner via Kent. His artistry is beautiful.

Duckman said...

This is my favorite release of the 4th Qtr. As always, Kent has done an amazing job. The sense of movement (floating effect) and coloring is what grabbed me with this sculpture.

Look forward to adding this one to my collection. A perfect companion to the Autumn, Dewdrop and Blossom Fairy releases. I passed on the Frost Fairies (something about the flat execution of the sculpture didn't appeal to me), so given the coloring of the Milkweed Ballerinas, will substitute this one as my 'winter fairy.'

I was told the photos don't do it justice because there's a bit of purple/lilac to them that just isn't translating in film. If you look closely at the images on the presentation page, you can see a hint of purple/lilac.

Greg, your assessment describes them perfectly:

The effect of the milkweeds floating in done by stacking them delicately on top of each other but making them small as if coming in from the distance - PERFECT.

Jason, I think that is another appeal to me about the Fairy releases, they're something that doesn't scream Disney, simply artistic and appreciated for their beauty. It's my understanding the Blossom Fairy and Milkweed Ballerinas were recent sculpts by Kent.

Not a hardcore fan of this film but love the releases done from this film. Matthew, are you referring to the Russian Ballet as the next release that you would like to see done? Regarding releases from Fantasia, I say keep 'em coming! :)

Matthew said...

Hi Don! I don't want to take anything away from the breathtaking Milkweed Ballerinas (thank you again WDCC!!), but I'd be glad to give you a list of the rest of the pieces I'd love to see from Fantasia.

Admittedly, this list is only from the Nutcracker Suite (I'll list a few from other segments in a moment) and is in order of my preference for release:

Arabian Ballet (Fish)
Snowflake Fairy (in any form, ornament or full sculpt - with the snowflake tutus)
Russian Ballet (very dynamic poses with awesome colors)

I'd also like to see the following:
Elephant (Dance of The Hours)
Pegasus Family (Pastoral Symphony)
Nubian (Pastoral Symphony)

I would also like to see something done to reflect the "sacred" side of Fantasia to go with the "profane" Chernagbog.

Thanks for this opportunity to plug for more Fantasia. I'm sure others will have more suggestions!

Waiting not-so-anxiously for my Milkweed Ballerinas! LOL


Duckman said...

Hi Matthew,

On the contrary, now that we're getting the Milkweed Ballerinas, time to campaign for more releases! LOL!

From your list, my personal favorites would be the following:

Arabian Fish
Nubian Centaurette
Snowflake Fairy
Russian Ballet

I like your idea/suggestion of something representing the 'sacred' side of Fantasia to compliment Chernabog.