Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WDW Update: Haunted Mansion Organist

Hard to believe it's already been 2.5 weeks since we've returned from WDW. What an amazing trip! Didn't get a chance to blog while there, we were on the go constantly and it's been nonstop busy/craziness since getting home.

Over the next week hope to recap from the trip .. DVC updates, Vinylmation and Restaurant Reviews. First up, we were very fortunate to see prototypes of the upcoming Haunted Mansion Organist. Photos truly don't do this sculpture justice. What caught my eye (and those in our group) was the attention to detail in the way the dust was depicted on the organ and base. Below are some close-up photos of the Organist and Organ:

In honor of the Haunted Mansion's upcoming 40th Anniversary, the Disneyland® Resort will be hosting a Haunted Mansion Event on 09-09-09.

The event will include the Walt Disney Classics Collection two-piece sculpture set of the Organ Player and Organ (click on image at left), presented in a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of only 500 pieces. Faithfully recreating this spirited musician and instrument from the famed ghost-bound abode attraction, Disney artists have referenced original attraction models and designs to bring to life the Organ Player and Organ sculpted by Dusty Horner.

Of the 5oo edition size, only 300 pieces will be on hand at the Disneyland
® Resort, the remaining quantity will be released at WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort to be announced at a later date.

Additional information on the upcoming event, merchandise offerings, package and itinerary offerings can be found at

Special Thanks to our photographer, Bob Fortino .. Thanks Bobbi :)


YourGhostHost said...

Hi, Thanks for the update! Where did you guys see him at? We are going to Disney soon and I really want to be able to check this one out! I guess the how & when is still anyones guess on the other 200 pieces up for grabs @WDW. Still also hoping this is not the only addition to this great ride!

Matthew said...

Hear hear! Thanks for the photos Don and Bob!

Detail is amazing and can't wait to add this to my Mansion collection.

As "YourGhostHost" said... this can't be the last!!! We need more Mansion pieces (at least as many as the Pirates got)...


Duckman said...

YourGhostHost-You're welcome and welcome to the Blog!

Haven't heard any more specifics on the 200 that will be available at WDW. We saw him in the following shops:

Art of Disney - Downtown, Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

Animation Gallery - Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Only shop we didn't see him at was Outfitters in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

YourGhostHost and Matthew - Hopefully If there is strong interest among collectors in the Organist, perhaps Disney Parks will commission WDCC to do another or several more Haunted Mansion sculptures in future years.

This year was a landmark anniversary and event but it's obvious there is interest in sculptures based on the attraction in general, not just in an anniversary year, so as Matthew said, 'this cannot be the last'.

dopey926 said...

This piece is truly amazing. The photos do not do it justice. It will definitely be a highly sought after one. Kudos to Dusty Horner for knocking it out of the park once again.

We loved seeing this with our BFFs, the Hendersons while enjoying a fabulous week at WDW!

Here's hoping that everyone is able to get this one.

Gregory said...

A must have, hands down. if you have not seen it in person then I have to say pictures DO NOT do this piece justice. I can't wait to own one. Already on wish lists on both coasts ;-)

Duckman said...

Received the following update from a fellow collector:

Just thought I would pass along the following e-mail that I just rec'd in regards to the Spirited Entertainer:

Yes, new information has just been confirmed:

The Organ Spirited Entertainer will be available beginning August 18 at the following locations in Walt Disney World:

Downtown Disney: Art of Disney
Epcot: Art of Disney
Magic Kingdom: Uptown Jewelers
Hollywood Studios: Animation Gallery

There will be a total of 200 available for sale here at Walt Disney World and it has been suggested to call the Downtown Disney Art of Disney to place an interest card. Their telephone number is: (407) 828-3929.

Thanks Chris!!

Herc said...

Hopefully I'm able to get this one. Please WDCC, make more from the Haunted Mansion. So many sculpts to portray.

Gregory said...

I failed to mention in my post above that I REALLY think the WDCC needs to produce a Graveyard Keeper and his dog as a set (possibly with the gate as a backdrop). Another great set of Haunted Mansion characters that should be brought to life in the WDCC format.

Duckman said...


Agree, if more is done from the Haunted Mansion, the Graveyard Keeper and his Dog are a must. Like your idea of also including the Gate as a backdrop.

Another interesting choice could be the Hatbox Ghost. Was unfamiliar with this character until Matthew told me who this character was and his history with the ride.

There is definitely strong interest it seems for more from the Haunted Mansion.

Gregory said...

HatBox Ghost would be a runaway hit for the WDCC.

Matthew said...

Greg, I strongly agree!

I can't even imagine that a Hatbox Ghost WDCC figurine wouldn't sell out immediately.

There is a big HM fan contingent that buys almost anything HM related. (he says sheepishly admitting that he is one of them)

The legend of the Hatbox Ghost would be an immediate lure to a new sculpt, and I think would bring tons of new collectors to the world of WDCC.

Disney Parks... bring us some more GHOSTS!! (oops, better be nice, matthew) Please??

Agree with Greg and Don above that Grave Keeper and dog would be one of many very popular sculpts. There are almost too many to mention, but Hatbox (because of his legend) would be a knock out of the park.

Please excuse my gushing! More HM please! LOL

YourGhostHost said...

I'm having a very tough time finding anyone at the Art of Disney or guest services that knows anything about an August 18th release date. I'm not doubting the email by Chris that was posted, I just do not want to make a special trip and get the typical cast memeber "deer in the headlights" look! Anyone else heard anything, August 18 is just around the corner!

Jason S. said...

Hi GhostHost,

I'm very interested in this piece myself; hoping a friend is able to get this for me on their Haunted Mansion RSP Event form. But just in case, I did inquire at one of the Art of Disney stores at WDW and was told just today that the release day has been moved to September 14th, which makes sense as the HM Event takes place on the 9th at Disneyland.

Behr said...


I was told the same thing that they would release the pieces at WDW on September 14th.

YourGhostHost said...

Thanks guys, that date made more since than August 18th. I thought it was funny that the new D23 issue had one character on the cover "glow in the dark!" I hope we see more pieces VERY SOON!

Duckman said...

Hi GhostHost,

Like Geoffrey and Jason, inquired upon reading your posting. Found the following on my inquiry when we returned from the Boardwalk this evening:

"Walt Disney World Resort can start fulfilling/shipping the WDCC Haunted Mansion Organ Player to guests on Sept 14th, after the D23 EXPO.

Collectors should not expect fulfillment through WDW before that date."

Hope this helps you in your planning!