Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet the Hatbox Ghost!

In our discussions today on the Haunted Mansion Organist, the Hatbox Ghost was mentioned as a potential release should their be more releases from the Haunted Mansion Attraction.

Who is the Hatbox Ghost you ask?

There was a character in the original Haunted Mansion attic scene which was removed almost immediately after the attraction opened to the public. The mysterious Bride has always been there, waiting for guests at the atic window, with a lonely flickering candle and eerie glowing eyes. But at one time, she had a suitor, of sorts.

Standing to the right of the Doom Buggies near the attic window, where the Bride had been standing (until she was replaced at Disneyland in 2006), was an elderly ghost in a cloak and top hat, leaning on a cane with a wavering hand and clutching a hatbox in the other. As the Bride's heart would beat, this "Hatbox Ghost's" head would disappear from his body, and appear in the hatbox he held in his hand.

Doing some research, there is a great article at that gives you a little history on the Hatbox Ghost, talks with Imagineers Tony Baxter and Chris Merritt plus a video clip of Tony Baxter talking about the original attic scene (which included the Hatbox Ghost) when the attraction first opened.

The Walt Disney Classics Collection would be a perfect medium to release a sculpture of the Hatbox Ghost as they've released lost moments and/or characters in the past .. Soup Scene and Snow White dancing with her Prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Hortense the Clock from Pinocchio. Am still hoping to see Rocky the Rhino from The Jungle Book.


Matthew said...

Doombuggies is one of my favorite sites!

They also have a picture of the actual HBG in the ride! He's SO cool!

Please WDCC, convince Disney Parks to allow you to do the HBG!

Thank you very much!

Behr said...

A great suggestion for another piece. I heard that there are now 6 pieces to be released in the Haunted Mansion series and I sure hope this comes true. I'm totally with you Matthew for this series. Please the powers that be, let this just be the beginning.

Babette said...

Definitely would love to see the Hat Box Ghost added to the line. It's a cult favorite to so many HM fans.

Geoffrey, hope your sources are correct and we do get more HM pieces added to the line. Would personally LOVE a WDCC Singing Bust sculpt...that's my favorite part of the HM ride!

Matthew said...

Michelle, The Singing Busts would have to be a "must do" as well!

Gregory said...

The HatBox ghost would be an amazing WDCC Piece. Actually, I think the Caretaker and his Dog (with a gate backdrop), Attic Bride and HatBox Ghost would all make additions to the HM WDCC collection. I’m not sure why the WDCC is holding back on doing a series for this ride. It is the 40th Anniversary and the ride is wildly popular. If the Pirates pieces sold slower than they would have liked, then simply make all the HM pieces NLEs. Just my 2 cents.

dopey926 said...

Absolutely would love to see a WDCC sculpt of the singing busts as well, Babs!!! It is one of the favorite parts of the attraction!

Haunted Mansion has so many possibilities for sculpts that would be so amazing, as evidenced by the incredible job that Dusty did with the organist!

Duckman said...

Hi Geoffrey,

Like Babs, I too hope your sources are correct. A potential Haunted Mansion Series has definitely been a topic here at the Blog plus IM's and emails yesterday and today.

So far, recapping all the posts, we have the following that many would like to see done:

Hatbox Ghost
Caretaker & Dog (Cemetery Gate Backdrop)
Attic Bride
Singing Busts

Any other suggestions??

Matthew said...

Here are some additional suggestions:

Madame Leota - don't really know how they would do her, however.

From the ballroom:
A dancing couple to go with the Organist
Duel Tableau
Celebrants hanging on chandelier
Celebrants at table

From the graveyard:
Ghostly Band
Opera Singers

I would also love to see the Hitchhiking trio redone (since it doesn't seem like I'll ever get the first release). They could be redone as a set of 3 pieces with each of them seated in a doombuggy, with their arm around the invisible guest! That would be cool!

H. B. said...

I am currently circulating a petition to be put in my place. Won't you please sign it? It can be found at:

Thank you,

H. B. Ghost

P.S. Boo.

Herc said...

I would love to have more pieces from the Haunted Mansion. All the suggestions would be great. The Hat Box Ghost would be neat, as Don said, from a lost portion of the original opening. I would love both the caretaker and dog as well as the singing busts. Even the coffin scene with someone pushing up on the lid would be neat. Keep them coming. Hopefully the rumor of six will come true. Sign me up for any and all.

Duckman said...

Great suggestions Matthew!

Keep going over the ride in my head and came up with some others:

Headless Knight (holding his head in his hand)
Opera Singers
Pop Up Ghost (behind tombstone)
Coffin with Arms and Hands Lifting up Lid (with Raven on top)-Jeff suggested this one as well.
Gargoyle Candelabra

From the Stretching Gallery:

Ballerina on Tightrope (above alligator's open mouth)
Men in Quicksand
Man on Dynamite Keg
Widow on Grave of Husband

Matthew said...

I would definitely buy them all! My favorites from your list, Don, would be the Opera Singers, the Headless Knight and the portraits from the Stretch Rooms. I would love to see how they would accomplish the ballerina!

Top pieces would still have to be the singing busts and the Hatbox Ghost. Gotta have them!

Who do I call to order?????

Duckman said...


As you and I discussed in email after I listed those from the Stretching Gallery, they could add some color to the series as most of the other releases/suggestions would be more in the opalescent coloring and could look a bit bland without some color. JTDO.

My top choice is the Hatbox Ghost followed by the Caretaker and Singing Busts.

Jessica Hickman said...

Original Bride
Little Leota (hurry back!)
and the hanging man in the stretching room

Duckman said...

Hi Jessica,

Welcome to the Blog!

Great suggestions. Who is Constance? That name escapes me. Thanks in advance!

Matthew said...

Hi Don. I believe that Constance is the name of the new bride in the attic. She's the one that has married and murdered 5 husbands...
Saw her at Disneyland and thought she was excellent. I loved the new attic scene. Wish I could see WDW's version.

Duckman said...

Thanks Matthew! Haven't seen the DL version to compare but thought they did a nice job with the WDW version. Would be cool to see the Hatbox Ghost returned.