Saturday, June 20, 2009

Allillanchu from Peru!

The “happiest cruise that ever sailed” is now a little happier with this little charmer from Peru. Wearing the traditional brightly colored and multi-layered petticoats known as polleras, this festively outfitted youngster is a SouthAmerican must-have.

Accompanied by a lovable llama, this winsome Peruvian miss is all set to join the Small World pageant of international harmony and joyful song-and-dance.

The latest release in the Disney's It's a Small Series is the Peruvian Girl and her Llama. Scheduled for release in September 2009, it will retail for $99.00 for the set.

As Matthew pointed out, this is a great value given the Llama accessory is a 3D sculpture and not flat like the traditional accessory item that comes with the doll-like child.


Matthew said...

I was so surprised that the Llama was 3D... yes, a great value!

She's so cute and I love her doll.

Duckman said...

Matthew-Assuming that the Llama is resin (will get confirmed). Even if resin, as you said, a great value!

Very cute set!

Gregory said...

I need to find a picture of her INSIDE the ride. Its driving me crazy.

Herc said...

Very cute. Need to add her.

Greg, when you find out where she is, let me know.

Duckman said...

Greg-Like you, can't recall her in the ride but the doll strangely looks familiar. Guess just need to revisit the park to investigate this further .. LOL!