Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snow White is Given a Sweet Temptation!

Lovely Snow White is about to taste an apple she believes to be a magic wishing apple that will make herdreams of love come true.

Snow White is a princess of noble birth who is forced into servitude by her jealous stepmother, the Queen. She is innocent and a bit naive, but she never loses faith that one day her wish for true love will come and take her away someday. She remains cheerful and kind, no matter how poorly her stepmother, the Queen, treats her.

When the Queen discovers that Snow White is still alive, she disguises herself as a hag and finds her in the dwarfs' cottage while they are out at the mines and offers her a poisoned apple. If only Snow White knew the apple has in realitybeen poisoned by her evil stepmother, the Queen.

Disney's first Princess, sculpted here by Margi Wray is an Open Edition release scheduled for a September 2009 release.


dopey926 said...

Beautiful piece. Anything from Snow White is a favorite/must have of mine!!!!

Jim said...

This will look good with the old hag. Being an open edition it may get added down the road.


Babette said...

Margi seems to capture faces spot on. She did a great job depicting the face of Snow here...she seems like she's a difficult character to recreate perfectly in 3D.

Herc said...

I really hope that down the line a new witch (hag) is added with a basket. Very nice piece and is such a good pose with the major component from that movie.

Duckman said...

Michelle-I agree. Snow White is a difficult character to capture in 3D and just spent some time studying the various angle images for this upcoming release and totally agree that Margi did a great job on this sculpture.

Like the softness of her face, the way her eyes were done and her hair done black as ebony as she is in the film vs. a chestnut brown.

Jeff-I too hope down the line we see another Hag. One with her holding a basket of apples with that wide-tooth grin of hers would be a perfect companion piece to this sculpture.