Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tonight You Will Be Visited By Three Spirits!

Marley’s Ghost rattles the chain of notorious holiday-hater Ebenezer Scrooge—but since Marley is played by that kooky klutz Goofy and Scrooge is portrayed by Scrooge McDuck, this famousscene is more hilarious than haunting.

Marley may have his hands full turning Scrooge from a miserable old miser to a warmhearted merrymaker, but these classic characters offerholiday cheer every day of the year.

The Mickey's Christmas Carol Holiday Series made it's debut in July 2008 with the Open Edition releases of Mickey Mouse (as Bob Cratchit), Donald Duck (as Nephew Fred) and Scrooge McDuck (as Ebenezer Scrooge) all sculpted by Ruben Procopio. This first scene release was an instant hit with collectors! Ebenezer Scrooge was just honored with retirement last week!

As one Scrooge leaves, we're treated with a new release! The second release in the series (also sculpted by Ruben) depicts Scrooge when he first meets the ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley.

In life, Marley was the business partner of Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is described as Marley's "sole executor, his sole administrator, his sole assign, his sole residuary legatee, his sole friend, and sole mourner". He has been dead seven years by the time the story begins.

Jacob Marley preys upon Scrooge's mind in a variety of different ways. First, his face appears in place of Scrooge's doorknocker as Scrooge approaches his lodgings; secondly, Scrooge gets the impression of a "locomotive hears" ascending the stairs before him as he climbs; thirdly by making his face appear to engulph the whole design of the fireplace in Scrooge's bedroom; next by making every bell in the house ring of its own accord and then, most famously, by appearing before Scrooge in the form of a ghost himself delivering a message of the three hauntings that will help redeem Scrooge of the same punishment.

This Numbered Limited Edition (NLE of 750) is scheduled for an October 2009 release. Also included in this announcement is the release of an Opening Title, scheduled for September 2009.


dopey926 said...

Another great addition to Mickey's Christmas Carol!

Again, can't wait to see this piece in person.

Kudos to Ruben on another fine job

Matthew said...

I was so looking forward to seeing the ghosts from this film done! So glad that Goofy is the first choice for this series.

This piece is simply amazing with all the detail on the table, chair, Goofy's chains. I love the "ghostly" coloring on Goofy.

I get frustrated when people say there are no "scenes" anymore... well this is definitely a SCENE!!!! Just because it's one piece doesn't mean it's not a scene. It shows a full moment in the story. To me that's a scene.

Thank you Ruben.

Now we absolutely have to have the other ghosts, Willie (a MUST have) and Pete!

Jim said...

Soooo glad they are continuing with this series. I hope it cont. for the next few years. Very very good piece!


Behr said...

I totally agree with you Matthew, there are sooo many scenes left to do and Ruben has definitely made this now my favorite Christmas release. I truly hope that Disney completes many more pieces from this movie. Its truly a great addition to the line.

Duckman said...

Toni-I too can't wait to see this one in person. Am becoming a big fan of the opalescent paint. If in person, every bit as good as the Haunted Mansion Organist when we saw at WDW .. WHOA!

Matthew-Totally agree with you. A SCENE is anything that involves more than one character, whether individual sculpts or a single piece sculpt like Scrooge and Marley.

I'd much prefer a release like this where the characters are actually interacting with one another plus within an environment vs. static individual sculpts. JTDO.

Totally with you Matthew, they MUST do Willie!!

Jimi and Geoffrey-So glad the WDCC finally gave us a scene release last year from this holiday favorite and going forward this year with both the Scrooge and Marley sculpture and Opening Title. Can't wait to see what's next in store. Hopefully, Willie and the Party at Fezziweg's!

Kudos to Ruben for a job well done!!

Duckman said...

Not getting much done here at work between blogging and studying the images .. LOL!

A nice touch is how on the table in the Scrooge and Marley sculpture is the Candle that is part of the Jiminy Event sculpture. I nice subtle tie-in between the two sculptures.

Gregory said...

This is an AMAZING piece in pictures. I can't wait to see in person. There is so much detailing. This piece (along with the new Jiminy event sculpt) has convinced me to go back and start collecting all the Mickey's Christmas Carol pieces. I can't wait to have all the pieces to-date displayed in time for the holidays.

Herc said...

This is an amazing piece. Cannot wait. Like Don, love the interaction. Goofy reminds me of the Organist from the Haunted Mansion piece.
Yes, WDCC HAS TO DO WILLIE. We now have Jiminy as ghost of Christmas Past. Now we need the other two: Willie and Pete!!
Keep adding on to this film. It is such a winner!!

Gregory said...

I really hope to see this scene / series grow over the next few years. Maybe in the fall of 2010 we could have Scrooge and Willie (Ghost of Christmas Present) as a NLE. Then fall of 2011 Scrooge and Pete (Ghost of Christmas Future) as a NLE. Then in the Fall of 2012 we could get an open edition scene with Scrooge and the Crachit Family on Christmas Day. This would have 2 open edition scenes from the film "book ending" the limited edition "ghosts with Scrooge" pieces in the middle.

I'm excited to see where this series goes. The 2009 additions are just GREAT. The Scrooge and Marley is simply of the best WDCC pieces to come in a while. Great price point, fantastic detail and it really captures the scene PERFECTLY!

Matthew said...

I'm having these dreams of being able to add Willie as he first appears! So jolly, colorful and "spirited"! Hehe.

Would be such a detailed piece.

I missed out on getting the "Big Trouble" piece... I wanted it so badly... but getting Willie as one of the Ghosts would make up for that. A limited edition would be great too!

Gregory said...

The more I look at this piece the more thwe paint job on Goofy reminds me of the paint job on Diana from Fantasia (which is wonderfully done as well). I have not been so excited to own a WDCC piece in a long time. An expensive Fall for sure!

Duckman said...

Greg-I wouldn't mind if the two releases you suggested (Willie and Pete) both wouldn't happen in 2010. One release in the spring, the other in the fall and have all the ghosts (Marley, Past, Present and Future) ready to display come Christmas 2010!

The Cratchit Family definitely needs to be done as does Fezziweg's Party. Would love to see a young Scrooge and Daisy as Isabelle.

Looking forward to seeing Scrooge and Marley in person, something tells me as fantastic as the images are, the actual piece is going to blow us away in person!

Matthew-Like you Matthew, missed out on the Disneyana Willie, so would be more than happy to compensate with a Mickey's Christmas Carol version of that character.

Given the serious of Marley in this sculpt and how I'm envisioning Pete, would love to see Willie as you describe, so there is some balance of the ghosts/spirits. JTDO.

Bob said...

We received Scrooge & Marley today #303 from GOTL.
The opelescence paint on Marley really hits the mark.

Wow is it ever HUGE, it will go perfect with the others in the scene.
Keeping fingers crossed they will continue with the scene.

Thanks Ruben, Great job.

Anonymous said...

I'm searching for this piece as a mad man...if anyone knows someone who'd like to sell it, please contact me!! :)