Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fiendish Fans and a Terrifying Tyke!

Here come more comically creepy creatures, busily scaring up somescreams. The Vampire Quartet really knows how to sink their teeth into a tomb-ful song. Hovering nearby is the fantastical Bat Kid, always ready to fly in the face of holiday fun.

The latest offerings from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas come from the Fountain Scene. The Vampire Quartet, a Numbered Limited Edition of 750 and the Bat Kid, Limited to Production Year 2009 were both sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons.

Patrick sculpted the first scene release from the Fountain Scene, released in August 2007 which consisted of Jack Skellington, the Corpse Child, Fountain (all Open Edition releases) and the Werewolf (Limited to Production Year 2007). They were joined in July 2008 by the Mummy Boy and Witches (both Limited to Production Year 2008).

The Corpse Child was retired in August 2008 and the Fountain was suspended in May 2009. The Vampire Quartet and Bat Kid are scheduled for a September 2009 release.


Matthew said...

Such a great film, and I'm so happy that these pieces continue to add to a great scene!

The Vampires are just perfect! The Bat Kid looks so playful!

Keep going on this scene, please, WDCC! I'm still looking forward to the Mermaid Girl (Ghoul)!

Behr said...

Wonder if these pieces will have jacks head on them? Last year they didn't do it and with these being LTD and Production year only they may not.

Babette said...

Love the Vampires!! Angel, Twilight, Moonlight, NBC...they are all great!

Duckman said...

Matthew-Yet to do anything from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas but agree, WDCC continues to do some great releases from this film.

Geoffrey-Will inquire if there is a possibility that these pieces will have the special backstamp. Looked over the NBC releases on the Secondary Guide and it appears the Clown with the Tearaway Face was the last release with the special backstamp. I recall Scary Teddy and Killer Duck did not have the backstamp due to the size of their respective bases.

Could you (or anyone else) confirm if none of the Fountain Scene releases had the special backstamp?

Michelle-A novice when it comes to Nightmare Before Christmas, are those the names of the Vampire Quartet?

dopey926 said...

Though not an NBC fan, these sculpts are amazing. They, too, come to life just from the pictures.

Another fantastic job by Patrick!

Babette said...

Don = They are vampire TV shows and movies that have been 'hot' lately or have had a lot of popularity. Next will be the return of Dark Shadows w/ Johnny Depp!

Duckman said...

Babs-Duh! LOL!

You know how much I'm waiting for that one!! Can totally see Johnny Depp pulling off Barnabas Collins!!

Herc said...

Wow, my Halloween displays are going to get bigger.

Behr said...

All four pieces from the Fountain Scene have special backstamps. They were only available at the event they had in Disneyland. Scary Teddy and Killer Duck were the first pieces that didn't carry the backstamp and then the witches last year didn't either.

JohnA said...

I am so happy to see WDCC continue the NBC pieces! Vampires and the Bat Boy are terrific! Now if we can get the Undersea Gal, the Musicans and the Corpse Mom in the Fountain series, that would be awesome. And....what about dear old "Sandy Claws" where is he????

Duckman said...

Geoffrey-Thanks for the confirmation. Much appreciated! How about the Mummy Boy that was released with the Witches?

Inquired if the upcoming releases (Vampire Quartet and Bat Kid) will have the backstamp or not. Will report back once I hear something.

Duckman said...

John-Welcome to the Blog!

Only seeing this film once, it appears there are still quite a few characters that could yet be added to the Fountain Scene.

Am quite surprised that Sandy Claws has not been added as of yet.

Look forward to future postings!

MizRobin said...

With Vampires having a limited run of only 750 I'm already nervous about acquiring it.

I'm really excited to have some great figures come out in this series - but I still have to wonder when they will give us Sandy Claws. With my luck he will come out as a theme park only release (there goes my vacation budget ;o) )

BTW - none of my figures from the fountain scene have any special backstamps.

Duckman said...

MizRobin-Have done some research since we discussed the special backstamp yesterday.

At the time of the Fountain Scene release, the following blog entry was made-

Jack Skellington, the Corpse Child, Werewolf and Fountain all had the special backstamp but in limited quantities available at a Nightmare Before Christmas Event held at Disneyland in 2007. At that time, how many were allocated was not available. Did you purchase yours through Disneyland or an Authorized Dealer? If the latter, yours would not have the special backstamp.

In my research, it was confirmed the complete edition size of Jack and the Behemoth (edition size of 500) did contain the special backstamp.

As Geoffrey stated, last year's releases (the Witches and Mummy Boy) did contain the special backstamp.

Like last years releases, the Vampire Quartet and Bat Kid will not release with a special backstamp edition :(

MizRobin said...

Unfortunately I couldn't make it down to Disneyland in 2007 so my figures came from an Authorized Dealer - hence, no special backstamp.

I'm okay with no special backstamp. NBC is my favorite movie, I'm a huge fan, I just want the figures, all of them. :o)

Behr said...


Thanks for the update and it is disappointing that they aren't releasing any. I have all the pieces that have been released with the special backstamp in the NBC set. I guess on the positive side, one less hunt to have to pursue =)