Wednesday, June 6, 2007

WDCC Pirates of the Caribbean Collection!

Unveiled during the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon Event were exciting new sculptures from the Walt Disney Classics Collection from Pirates of the Caribbean!

Unveiled were the following: Pirate on the Archway Bridge, Pirate on Canon, Jail Scene, Barbosa and Jack Sparrow. Pirate on the Archway Bridge is slated for Fall 2007, Pirate on Canon was the Special Wish List Release from the event slated for Sept./Oct. 2007, Jail Scene slated for Winter 2007/2008, Barbosa (2007 Fall Event Sculpture) and Jack Sparrow slated for Dec. 2007.

Official images will be available soon but in the meantime concept drawings (Jack Sparrow, Barbosa, Pirate on Archway Bridge, Jail Scene and Pirate on Canon) and unpainted resin prototype (Pirate on Archway Bridge and Pirate on Canon) images are available at Masked Avenger Studios.


Timon said...

These are such great images!

I hope they make that available as a litho when you buy the pieces. That would be great to display together.

Duckman said...

That is an awesome idea Tim!

Gregory said...

The pieces are very cool too. Even the rough "first draft" prototypes that were on display at WDW in late May during the Pirates event.

Babette said...

I wonder if they will release a new title scroll for the PotC movies to go along with these pieces?? or at least a PotC Curse of the Black Pearl to correspond to these sculpts.

Jason S. said...

I also like Tim's idea of making the concept drawings available, perhaps as gifts with the purchase of the sculpts.

While I hadn't really thought of a scroll to go along with the Pirate films, had been wondering about one for the ride releases. I know there was the convention scroll, but it's not readily available to everyone and it's not specifically geared towards the ride per se. I was thinking possibly some type of title could be done with the talking skull and crossed swords that you see as you take the plunge into the ride.

If a title is done for the films, the Black Pearl would definitely need to be on it.