Friday, June 15, 2007

Gruesome Gathering: New Scene from Nightmare Before Christmas!

Part of the 3rd Quarter announcements was a new scene from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The scene depicted is from the beginning of the film when Jack enters as the Pumpkin King made of wicker on top of his wicker horse being pulled by the Behemoth. Jack jumps into the fountain and emerges as the Jack Skellington we are most familiar with. The denizens of Halloweentown surround Jack in the town square.

Jack Skellington: "Accolades for All" (8-5/8"), Corpse Child: "Ghoulish Glee" (3-1/4") and the Fountain: " Frightful Fountain" (13") are Open Edition releases. The Werewolf: "Howling Horror" (5-3/4") is Limited to Production Year 2007. All four pieces were sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons.

Scheduled Release Date: August 2007.


Jiminy4056 said...

This is the START of a TERRIFIC new scene! I'm really pleased with all of these pieces, and I really like the idea of the time-limited Wolfman...

As I said, this is a start... we've gotta have the witches, the vampires, the mer-creature (don't know his/her proper name), the melting boy, the behemoth, the corpse boy's mother, the 3-piece band, there are so many this scene could wind up being HUGE!

(I can't post without still getting in my wish that someday we would have a Lock, Shock and Barrell in the walking bathtub, a Christmastown scene, and Santa Claus! LOL)

Herc said...

Never thought I would enjoy the NBC pieces, but I have grown to appreciate them. There is alot of detail in the pieces. This scene can grow and grow. I think it is a great idea to have a scene that can be added to in the next few years. Sorta like the old Christmas scenes. Patrick has done a fantastic job. I'm loving the werewolf. That is going to go like gangbusters.

Behr said...

So Duckman

Wondering if these pieces will bear the special backstamp of Jack's head like all the previous years except 2006. The first 600 from the Disney Stores carried it then when they disappeared they did it for a year through the catalog division. Any thoughts?

Duckman said...

Specific information is not available at this time regarding specially backstamped versions of the upcoming new Nightmare Before Christmas releases.