Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mickey's Fire Brigade: Clarabelle

Last evening, was watching Mickey Mouse In Living Color (Volume 1) from the Walt Disney Treasures which included the 1935 animated short, Mickey's Fire Brigade which I hadn't seen in some time and had me thinking of the Walt Disney Classics Collection releases from this short.

In many discussions with fellow friends, the addition of Clarabelle Cow has been brought up. The last I saw this short was on VHS which is long gone but for some reason, seemed to recall Clarabelle with exposed udders throughout the short which were missing when I viewed on the Walt Disney Treasures tin .. hmm. Clarabelle's exposed udders (at least what I recall) always had me not giving a yes vote on seeing her added when that topic came up for discussion. Based on last night's viewing, would now jump on that campaign to see Clarabelle added :)

Here is a recap of those releases thus far from that short:

In 1999, the Walt Disney Classics Collection released Fireman Mickey ("Fireman to the Rescue") an Open Edition release sculpted by Bruce Lau with a SRP of $125.00 US.

2002 saw two more releases from this animated short plus an Opening Title. First was Donald Duck ("Duck! A Fire!") and Open Edition release sculpted by Bruce Lau with a SRP of $125.00 US and the Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release of Goofy ("All Wrapped Up") in an edition size of 2,002 (in honor of the year the sculpture was released) sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons with a SRP of $185.00 US.

Interesting Note: To date, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Opening Title have NOT been retired. Curious as to how many others would like to see Clarabelle added?


Jiminy4056 said...

Don, I would LOVE to have Clarabelle added to this scene or available in a new scene from another short. She's a classic character, right up there with Goofy and Pluto in my book!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

That would be awesome. So far I only have Donald, but I've been thinking about completing the set.

Clarabelle would be an awesome addition.

Duckman said...

She is such a great character! Given Clarabelle is the only other character in the short and the open edition pieces are not yet retired, would be nice to see her added.

Matthew, if too late to be added to Mickey's Fire Brigade, like you hope that she will be part of a new scene and/or considered as an addition to the Mickey Mouse Club scene.

Michael, Fireman Donald is one of the few Donald's I don't have, mainly because I hadn't done anything from this short. Should Clarabelle be considered/added, would definitely have me rethinking this short.

Herc said...

Would love to add Clarabelle to the collection in Mickey's Fire Brigade. I seem to remember her in the bathtub. That would be a great sculpt to have. Make it limited like Goofy. It may give a push for other collectors to get Mickey and Donald as well as raise the value of Goofy possibly.
It would be great if WDCC had a year of the Clarabelle also adding her to the Mickey Mouse Club, which by the way is such a fantastic scene and is getting better all the time.

Duckman said...

Your correct Jeff. All scenes with Clarabelle, she's in the bathtub. I can see some great plussing opportunities and would make sense given the age of the Open Edition releases, release as a Numbered Limited Edition.

I personally would have no problem seeing Clarabelle released not only for this scene but as part of the Mickey Mouse Club as well.

A Mickey's Fire Brigade could fall in the $175-$225 US range and the Mickey Mouse Club release priced like Minnie and Daisy at $99 US. JMO.

Campaign for Clarabelle!